Dan Moren

Dan’s a freelance writer, podcaster, and author of the upcoming sci-fi novel The Aleph Extraction, as well as The Bayern Agenda and The Caledonian Gambit. On The Incomparable network, he co-hosts Not Playing with Lex and Dan and Biff!, and is the writer and host of Inconceivable!. He’s also a frequent panelist on The Incomparable and Total Party Kill and co-hosts Clockwise on Relay FM and The Rebound. His writing has appeared in Macworld, The Boston Globe, Popular Science, The Magazine, and Tom’s Guide, among others.

Podcasts hosted by Dan Moren

A Complicated Profession
A Complicated Profession


Not Playing with Lex and Dan
Not Playing with Lex and Dan

Guest Host

The Incomparable

602: The Show You Think You Saw

564: The Millennial Falcon

465: Camus With a Smiley Face

405: That's Definitely You

127: Walking and Talking

29: Magic Fridge

26: Hitler Was a Rules Lawyer

14: There's Guacamole on the Holodeck


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595: The Mandalorian S1E3 Review: "Chapter 3: The Sin"

593: The Mandalorian S1E2 Review: "Chapter 2: The Child"

591: The Mandalorian S1E1 Review: "Chapter 1"

589: Gargoyles: Awakening, Parts I-V

568: Arrow S7E22 Review: "You Have Saved This City"

565: Arrow S7E21 Review: "Living Proof"

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524: Arrow S7E10 Review: "My Name Is Emiko Queen"

511: Review: "Elseworlds"

504: Arrow S7E7-8 Review: "The Slabside Redemption/Unmasked"

498: Arrow S7E6 Review: "Due Process"

494: Arrow S7E5 Review: "The Demon"

489: Arrow S7E3-4 Review: "Crossing Lines/Level Two"

481: Arrow S7E2 Review: "The Longbow Hunters"

477: Arrow S7E1 Review: "Inmate 4587"

430: Arrow S6E23 Review: "Life Sentence"

426: Arrow S6E22 Review: "The Ties That Bind"

421: Arrow S6E21 Review: "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"

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403: Arrow S6E15 Review: "Doppelgänger"

399: Arrow S6E14 Review: "Collision Course"

395: Arrow S6E12-13 Review: "All For Nothing/The Devil's Greatest Trick"

381: Arrow S6E11 Review: "We Fall"

376: Arrow S6E10 Review: "Divided"

361: Arrow S6E9 Review: "Irreconcilable Differences"

354: Arrow S6E8 Review: "Crisis on Earth-X"

352: Arrow S6E7 Review: "Thanksgiving"

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345: Arrow S6E5 Review: "Deathstroke Returns"

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333: Arrow S6E3 Review: "Next of Kin"

326: Arrow S6E2 Review: "Tribute"

318: Arrow S6E1 Review: "Fallout"

310: Arrow Flashback S1E21-23: "The Undertaking", "Darkness on the Edge of Town", and "Sacrifice"

303: Arrow Flashback S1E19-20: "Unfinished Business" and "Home Invasion"

298: Arrow Flashback S1E17-18: "The Huntress Returns" and "Salvation"

296: Arrow Flashback S1E15-16: "Dodger" and "Dead to Rights"

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162: Arrow S4E21 Review: "Monument Point"

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65: Arrow S3E19-20 Review: "Broken Arrow," "The Fallen"

56: Arrow S3E18 Review: "Public Enemy"

55: Arrow S3E17 Review: "Suicidal Tendencies"

53: Arrow S3E16 Review: "The Offer"

51: Arrow S3E15 Review: "Nanda Parbat"

50: Arrow S3E14 Review: "The Return"

47: Arrow S3E13 Review: "Canaries"

Total Party Kill

318: Gloom, Part 3

317: Gloom, Part 2

315: Gloom, Part 1

314: The Cult of Dusk, Part 3

313: The Cult of Dusk, Part 2

312: The Cult of Dusk, Part 1

311: The Queen of Red Water, Part 4

310: The Queen of Red Water, Part 3

309: The Queen of Red Water, Part 2

308: The Queen of Red Water, Part 1

264: My Favorite Flavor is 'Combination'

263: I Wish For Fewer Bones

262: The Pizza Rolls Argument

211: Drugs are Good

210: The Ghost in the Gazebo

209: Cool Ranch Blood

208: A Light Tinge of Evil

207: That's Not Billy

181: Dragon vs. Octopus

180: Tenser's Floating Dog

179: I Don't Trust This Table

178: What Do You Smell Besides Corpses?

177: The Room Really Ties the Rug Together

176: Wight Privilege

175: All Orc Poetry is Slam Poetry

174: Rope Me Once, Shame on Me...

173: Hell Bent for Orc Leather

172: Stalag-fight!

171: Mr. Roper

170: The Secret of the Ooze

169: Bop, Don't Boop!

168: Tunnel Pragmatism

167: Sprinklebard!

166: We Deserve This

165: Don't Eat Strange Bees!

164: This Party Is Complicated

163: Dog and Pony Show

162: Our Monk Is Missing

159: A Dog, a Priest, and a Brain Surgeon

158: Ichor Cole Slaw

157: AirDND

156: Send Me an Angel to Kill

155: I'm a Bard!

122: Batsbatsbatsbatsbatsbats

121: United States v. Dracula

120: Orbs McQuarrie

119: The Mirror Has Two Faces

118: Please Roll Clockwork Bird

112: This Is Turning Into a Death House

111: Fake Cult News

110: Not My Centipedes, Not My Circus

109: The Legendary Hugging Wall

108: Tugging on the Orb

107: Paladins Crying Uncontrollably

106: A Little Dust-Up

105: All Children Are Creepy

92: Science and Other Sciences

91: Brain Genie

90: Toxic Vomit

89: If You Build It, Bats Will Come

64: Have You Seen Billy?

63: Root of the Problem

62: Jam Cabinet

61: Knee Deep in Bat Guano

42: Turn the Slug Around

41: Scorpion Rodeo

40: There's Always a Lesser Goblin

39: A Slug and a Nice Mint Julep

38: International House of Kobolds

37: This Guy's From Grand Rapids!

36: That Ship Has Sailed to Winch Town

35: Undermountain Thanksgiving

34: Time is a Flat Rat

33: Should My Orb Still Be Glowing?

32: One Rat Deep

31: Blinded by Kobold Science

30: Bone Throne

29: Don't Trust the Bugbear

28: 2 Legit 2 Hit

27: Rat Burrito

26: Wiggle the Something-or-Others

25: Death to All Statues

24: Garage Band of Heroes

Bonus Track

gs4: And Then Dan Died

Game Show

172: National Bola Association

167: As Wrong As Possible

166: My Step-Dad is Aquaman

159: Lex Explains Xylophones

153: I Knew I Ate It Before 1970

150: Can I Have A Ding Ding?

144: Contestants Are Angry

142: Great For Baseball

138: Quinoa Car

132: One of Those Great Cities With an Umlaut

129: The Meatball is a Relic

123: Three of the Four Have Been to Space

111: If Only We'd Ever Read a Book

107: I Solved a Question From the Future

103: Don't Give Me Any Grife

93: The Whole Hasperat

90: Random Tolkien Table

85: Always Trust Mr. Peanut

83: I'm Hungry and I Like Cake

78: There Are No Hamburgers in the Phantom Zone

71: The Count Of Monte Brisco County

68: It's Not All Horrible Childhood Memories

61: Inclined To Go For The Liquor

57: Spies, Pies, and Electronics

48: Don't Read the Creepy Old Book

46: Dang, I Wish We Were Physicists

40: Sorcerel Realism

36: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

32: Intangibility is a Serious Problem

29: Laser Cars are Really Sweet

25: Counterclockwise: Order of the University of Phoenix

22: Cabaret of Fire

18: Harry Potter and the Odor of the Weasel

15: Vampire Or Not

14: Counterclockwise: Zombie King

12: Twelve Angry Clowns

11: Counterclockwise: All-Father Knows Best

9: Mogo is Displeased

6: Counterclockwise: Long TARDIS Nights

4: Counterclockwise: Lost in Stars

3: Mansplained to Doom!

2: Counterclockwise: Space Minivan

1: Serious Nerdery

Recently Read

10: "The Flowers of Vashnoi" by Lois McMaster Bujold


134: Moon Knight E3: "The Friendly Type"

114: Legends of Tomorrow S7E5: "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist"

Football is Life

21: "Midnight Train to Royston" (S2E11)

19: "Beard After Hours" (S2E9)

11: "Goodbye Earl" (S2E1)

8: "The Diamond Dogs" Rewatch (S1E8)

2: "Biscuits" Rewatch (S1E2)

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

612: YABM: Yet Another Batman Movie

607: I Regret So Many Great Movies

603: Witness for the Airship

601: The Most Holden Move

600: The Machine Was a Vampire

599: Have You Tried This Arrow?

597: Get Me Pictures of Seven Spider-Men!

595: I Didn't Have a Tab - The Best of 2021

594: Money in His Underwear

586: Discotheques in Disused Churches

584: Window and Chill

575: You're Going to Your Sister's? I'm Going to Space!

573: Evil Helicarrier

560: Gaseous Anomaly Platform

557: You Like Witches? Name Three

554: Don't Split the Party

547: Catching Up On Stuff - The Best of 2020

546: Cracks In His Armor

542: Don't Open the Cthulhu Box

541: The Incomparable Life Day Special

540: Too Good to Live

537: Roast Me, Amigo!

528: To Quantity!

525: Sorry, Ocean

516: Like a Fruit Salad

515: Guitar Riff for Grandma

514: You Can't Pants a Heist

513: Hats Off

510: Failure Is Not an Option

507b: Pandemic Bonus: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" commentary track

507: No More Death Stars

506b: Pandemic Bonus: "Star Wars" commentary track

505: It's Always Overcast In Berlin

500: Amalgamated Zeppelin Monocle Company

498: That Puppet Has an Agent

497: A Concerning Amount of Tootsie Rolls

495: Congratulations, You're All Pregnant - The Best of 2019

492: The Sith You've Dated

490: Treat It Like the Bible

489: He Likes Your Lemonade

482: A Problematic Hen

480: The Whole McCoy

463: West of Westeros

462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

459: Next Up: The Ronan Movie

455: Ewokalypse

453: Turn Left at the Asteroid

452: Parties for Time Travelers

450: A Surprising Number of Spider-Meetings

449: An Onion of a Movie

448: A Bank the Size of a Planet

443: Right Off the Bat

442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

441: Evil Dukes Are the Worst

440: Full Disclosure - The Best of 2018

435: Fun Facts!

430: We're the Magnificent Seven

428: Sour and Smells Like Feet

426: Up to the Puppies

423: Weird Alien Jiminy Cricket

422: The Inevitable Moon Knight Movie

420: A Painting on a Van

417: Ultimate Frisbee

415: Congratulations to the Flat Earthers

413: How Ironic, Tony!

409: Marshmallow Traitors

408: Sometimes You Need a Wookiee

404: Thoughts About Thanos

402: His Planet Is Terrible

400: Snellology

388: Lyrics Are for Losers

387: Good Job, Jerks - The Best of 2017

384: An Old Sock Full of Diamonds

377: Kids Love the Kaiser (An Autumn Reading List)

374: Just Give Me 35 Years

372: Jedi Inflation is a Serious Problem

370: Someone We've Never Heard Of

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

354: Sons of Caledonia

347: I Tore My Pants

343: Billy Campbell's Soup

342: Sad Superman

332: She's the Han Solo

329: He's More Man than Puppet

326: Likeable Jerkability

325: The Monster Mash

322: Tastes Like College

318: Creepy Hug

317: You Broke Your Little Ships

315: Show Some Respect for the Chimp

308: Is Winter Coming?

304: Law of Diminishing Ninja Returns

300: The Incomparable Is People

296: The Official Batman

295: A History of Things That Never Happened

292: I Have an Appointment with the Tholian Ambassador

281: I Love a Lot of Awful People - The Best of 2015

278: Fake Jedi Boy

277: Stormtroopers Are People

276: Don't Drink the Bacta Tea

275: Comprehensive Tapestry Policy

271: Nostalgia Bomb

269: Crazy Ivan

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

261: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round Three

260: High Five

259: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round 2

257: Raptor Sipping Tea

255: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round One

253: Ignoring the Movie Completely

252: Three Shames and a Ding

249: Critical Batman Deficit

245: Incomparable, Assemble!

243: Find My Lightsaber

239: The Colour Blue

238: Caucus with the Dark Side

237: Force Denier

235: Plot Advancement Tribune

234: The Only Way Out Is In

228: It's Not a Draft: Our 2014 Favorites

226: Stop Circulating the Tapes

222: Forcegiving

221: Do the Hand-Wavy Thing

218: Three Dads and a Superfast Baby

216: Maps of London

214: Fun is Underrated

200: Butter Zone

195: Peak Crate

193: Don't Worry, We Got This

191: They Don't Make Them Anymore

190: The Cloud is Run by Hydra

188: Game Show II

184: Genius Edition

183: How I Sold Your Mother

182: Full-Fledged Force Mullet

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

179: Thief-Based Economy

174b: Behind the Christmas Spectacular

176: Solo Adventures (Our 2013 Favorites)

175: War on Christmas

170: Let Zygons Be Zygons

168: A Different Kind of Sleeper Agent

166: I Assume Everyone is Awful

165: Grieving for My Left Thumb

164: Put In the Zom and Out Comes Com

161: Southern Skeleton

159: Full Shatner

158: Peak Clooney

157: Bros and Arrows

156: Airline of Snitches

155: The Cat Who Listened to Podcasts

154: Seahorse on Line One

151: Not Technically Incest

150: I Look Forward to Ignoring Your Criticism

149: Gleekless (A Superhero Draft)

148: Between Two Obelisks

147: Space Fish

146: Bashing Two Action Figures Together

145: He Lives By a Stupid Code

143: The Best "Star Wars" Movie In Years

142: Free Public WiFi

138: All Hail the Lion!

137: Go Wash a Droid

136: We Waited 16 Years For This?

135: Total Party Kill

133b: Behind the Incomparable Radio Drama

133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air

128: Bureaucracy Is Her Superpower

125: Kiss the Elf

124: Hobbit Hanukkah

122: Recursive Clip Loop: Our 2012 Favorites

121: Ice Mary Poppins

120: A Horse with a Hat

118: The Incomparable Holiday Vault 2

117: Intergalactic FedEx

116: Very Well-Read Hobos

115: For Dunces, By Dunces, To Dunces

114: When You Wish Upon a Star Wars

113: Indiana Jones is Immortal Now!

110: Cyborg Cowboy

108: Then We Touched, Then We Sang

106: Dance With a Dalek in the Pale Moonlight

105: That Mr. Hitler Seems Nice

100: Who Cares What We Think?

99: Convenience Store Clerk of Dune (A Summer Reading List)

95: Don't Take the Cinnamon Challenge

94: If You Think It's Funny, That's Fine, You're Wrong

92: Nick Fury's Google Hangout

90: A Suspiciously Efficient Morgue

89: Also Known as Endor

88: Skywalker's Eleven

86: Like "Catcher in the Rye," Except Crappier

85: Game Show

81: McRibs and Bacon Martinis

80: Khan Film Festival

79: Everything Sounds Beautiful in German

77: Women's Libber

76: Robert Redford's Foot

73: Ugh - A 2011 Clip Show

72: The Screams of Trees

69: Love Conquers All, But So Do Guns

68: Jedi Weekend

67: Darth Vader's Office is Really Weird

66: Regular People Like Us

65: Maine is Purgatory

64: Ghosts Cause Cancer

63: Like a Good Book Exploded

62: The Pig is Chekhov's Gun

60: Thanks For Everything... Now Go Die

59: Flitting is in (TV Fantasy Pitches)

58: Greyskull Anonymous (TV Fantasy Draft)

57: Weird Subplots About Fondue

56: Let Me in the Frickin' TARDIS!

55: If a Show Never Airs, Can It Be Cancelled?

53: Let's Quilt Hitler

52: A Cthuluesque Vomiting of Ideas

51: Zombie Marmaduke (Hugo Awards 2011)

48: Can I Get Some Extra Dragons on That, Please?

47: Death Star University

46: I Like My Coffee Like My Evil Sith Lords

45: Lesbian, Silurian, Victorian

43: Mulder and Pacey in "The F-Files"

41: ...But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It

39: Bigger on the Inside

37: Shadow War of the Night Dragons

38: Curse of the Bad Plot

36: Impossible Astronauts

35: The Only Way to Win the Game of Thrones is Not to Play

34: The Wrath of James Caan

33: "I Drank What?"

31: Supernatural

30: Let Me Show You My Warp Bubble

25: Studied His Agrippa

24: My Word as Vorkosigan

22: Stephen Fry (Does Not Appear)

18: Christmas with the Doctor

17: We're Going to Need Some More Christmas Movies, I Guess

16: If You Love an Autobot, Set it Free

15: My Computer is Powered by Frisbees

13: Harry Potter and the Picasso P.I.

12: He Who Controls Mr. Peanut Controls the World

11: To Be Continued?

8: Top Men

7: Law & Order: Atlantis

5: Shakespeare is a Hack!

4: This Film Presented in Mummy-Vision

3: Doctor Sherlock vs. The Melty Man

1: We'll Always Have Zeppelins

Random Trek

227: "Sons and Daughters" (DS9) with Dan Moren

219: "Encounter at Farpoint" (TNG) with Dan Moren

197: "Concerning Flight" (VOY) with Dan Moren

149: "Fair Haven" (VOY) with Dan Moren

103: "Accession" (DS9) with Dan Moren

2: "By Any Other Name" (TOS) with Dan Moren


658: Perry Mason S1E4 review: "Chapter 4"

552: Star Trek: Discovery S2E12 Review: "Through The Valley of Shadows"

518: Voltron: Legendary Defender S8 review

515: Doctor Who 2019 New Year's Day Review: "Resolution"

510: Legends of Tomorrow S4E8 Review: "Legends of To-Meow-Meow"

505: Legends of Tomorrow S4E7 Review: "Hell No, Dolly!"

485: Legends of Tomorrow S4E2 Review: "Witch Hunt"

482: Legends of Tomorrow S4E1 Review: "The Virgin Gary"

461: The Good Place Rewind: S1E3-4

355: Voltron: Legendary Defender S4 review

313: Star Trek: Discovery S1E4 Review: "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For the Lamb's Cry"

255: Doctor Who S10E6 Review: "Extremis"

244: The Expanse Season 2 wrap-up

231: The Expanse Season 2 Midterm Check-In

218: The Expanse S2E1-2 Review: "Safe" and "Doors and Corners"

194: "Mr. Robot" Season 2 wrap-up review

183: Mr. Robot review: "eps2.0_unm4sk.tc" (part 1 and 2)

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142: Legends of Tomorrow: Failure Analysis

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76: Daredevil Rewind: Episodes 10-12

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64: Daredevil Rewind: Episodes 4-6

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43: Doctor Who review: "Last Christmas"

30: Doctor Who S8E8 review: "Mummy on the Orient Express"

26: Doctor Who S8E6 review: "The Caretaker"

21: Doctor Who S8E3 review: "Robot of Sherwood"

Total Party Kill

344: Murder, She Spun

343: A Starter Castle

342: Scarecrow Carnies

341: Goodbye Plunging Torrents!

340: Three Mimics in a Trenchcoat

339: Four Halflings in a Robe

338: Everybody Hurts

337: Soul Proprietorship

336: Shaggy Kank Story

335: Follow That Carlos!

334: We've Been Everywhere--and Done Very Little

333: Grells, Grells, Grells

332: Step Three Prophet

331: Frosted Demon

330: Regdar's Demons

329: Invisible Flying Ooze

328: We're Specter Inspectors!

327: He Stole My Hat!

326: Gargoyles Gonna Gargoyle

325: New Plan, Kill Everyone

324: Lich, Please!

323: I Open the Door

322: It Was Like This When We Got Here

321: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 3

320: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 2

319: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 1

305: The Wild Sheep Chase

304: The Crashed Palace

300: Rosethorn, Part 4

299: Rosethorn, Part 3

298: Rosethorn, Part 2

297: Rosethorn, Part 1

296: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 3

295: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 2

294: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 1

291: The Night Blade, Part 3

290: The Night Blade, Part 2

289: The Night Blade, Part 1

288: Silence Has Fallen

287: Oh No! Bad Vibes!

286: Dancing with Corpses

285: The Worst Piñata Party

284: The Last Temptation of Goats

283: Maybe She's Friendly

282: Scarecrow Dance-off

281: Were There Ever Chads in Barovia?

280: How Steep Is this Hill?

279: A Vampire Onion

278: Blight Maple Syrup

277: The Wicker Strahd

276: Strahd von Zarovich: Dreamboat

275: The Hill I'm About to Die On

274: The Last Wine in All of Barovia

273: Dungeon Buddies!

272: I Used to Like Nature

271: A Really Aggressive Salad

270: Mummy Corps of Engineers

269: Horse Law

268: Moon Jerks

267: Wolfageddon

266: A Face Is a Map of a Person

265: Skeletal Cats

250: Ask the Dungeon Masters!

249: Very Special Holiday Episode

248: Backgammon in the Wine Gazebo

247: Minotaur Maul

246: The Bag Holder

245: #hagfact

244: Spooky Money

243: Follow Me To Great Deals!

242: Non-Fatal Arm Wrestling

241: Rictavio!

240: An Octopus Holding a Bag

239: A Most Interesting Bone Ghost

238: Little Joys in Big Barovia

237: Sad, Unfortunate, and On Fire

236: Better Dead than Undead

235: Non-Union Ghosts

234: Big Trouble In Little Barovia

233: Let's Bury the Burgermeister

202: Snakes in a Turtleneck

200: Sewer Vide

198: I Think Your Elf is Broken

190: Tepanyaki Vampire

189: A Hug in the Darkness

188: Golem Storage Area

187: Too Many Orbs