The Incomparable Mothership #370 September 9, 2017
“Star Wars: Episode IX” Director Draft

Someone We’ve Never Heard Of

This week we learned that Lucasfilm has parted ways with Colin Trevorrow, who was previously slated to write and direct 2019’s installment in the “Star Wars” saga, and realized that the absolutely dumbest way to react to the news would be to draft a bunch of possible replacements. So in this episode we present our suggestions to fill that director’s chair, from the real to the ridiculous to the ones from beyond the grave! Along the way we take time to discuss the challenges of finding ways for creative people to mesh with big studio-controlled franchises. And all without a single “Star Wars” spoiler!

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Show Notes

Round One

  • Patty Jenkins (Ren)
  • Yuen Woo-ping (Monty)
  • Lexi Alexander (Dan)
  • Jonathan Frakes (Guy)
  • Ava DuVernay (Loehr)
  • Edgar Wright (Brian)
  • The Wachowskis (Jason)

Round Two

  • Michelle MacLaren (Ren)
  • Lynn Shelton (Monty)
  • Joe Johnston (Dan)
  • Nicolas Winding Refn (Guy)
  • Andrew Stanton (Loehr)
  • Jeremy Saulnier (Brian)
  • Kathryn Bigelow (Jason)

Round Three

  • Reed Morano (Ren)
  • Luc Besson (Monty)
  • Spike Lee (Dan)
  • Ryan Coogler (Guy)
  • Anson Williams (Loehr)
  • Shane Carruth (Brian)
  • Denis Villeneuve (Jason)

Round Four

  • Dorothy Arzner (Ren)
  • Ray Harryhausen (Monty)
  • David Lean (Dan)
  • Brad Bird (Guy)
  • Akira Kurosawa (Loehr)
  • Luigi Cozzi (Brian)
  • Sofia Coppola (Jason)

Bring Out Your Directors

Rian Johnson, JJ Abrams, Jodie Foster, Jake Kasdan, Anton Fuqua, Phil Alden Robinson, Rachel Talalay, John Singleton, Christopher McQuarrie, Shane Black, Paul Feig, Robert Rodriguez, David Mamet, George Miller, Hayao Miyazaki, Billy Wilder, John Huston, Howard Hawks, George Roy Hill, Alfred Hitchcock, Duncan Jones, Nicholas Meyer, Michael Moore, Steven Soderbergh, The Coen Brothers, Orson Welles, Preston Sturges, Wes Anderson, Guy Ritchie, John Sayles, Roger Corman, Christopher Nolan, John Woo, George Clooney, Terence Malick, Irvin Kershner, Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Ken Burns, and Someone We’ve Never Heard Of.

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