Blight Maple Syrup

Dog & Pony Show

The gang fights another evil tree, an… Aspen Assassin Balsa wood baddie Coniferous Cad Dogwood devil Evergreen evildoer Fearsome Fir Gruesome grove Hemlock horror Ignoble Ironwood Jungle jackal Kumquat kanji Loathsome larch Maple malefactor Nasty Needle Oak Offender Pugnacious Palm Quick Quince Redwood rascal sylvan scoundrel Truculunt Teak Uncouth Undulate Vulgar Vine Wicked willow Extreme xerophyte Yowling Yucca Zany Zebrawood

Dog & Pony Show Tony Sindelar with Aleen Simms, Dan Moren, Jane Ritt, Mikah Sargent and Erika Ensign

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