The Incomparable Mothership #405 May 6, 2018
Childhood canon, part 2

That’s Definitely You

It’s time for the second episode in our series on “childhood canon”—the works we encountered as children that set us on the pop-cultural path we walk to this day. For the purposes of this discussion, “works” may also include furniture.

Listen to this episode (1 hour, 31 minutes)

Show Notes

  • Quinn: Harry Potter
  • Kathy: Disney
  • Lisa: The Phantom Tollbooth
  • Shannon: Battle of the Planets
  • Chip: 1970s anime
  • David: Channel 44 in Florida
  • Brian: Pink Floyd’s The Wall
  • Dan: Heir to the Empire
  • Quinn: Discworld
  • Kathy: Redwall
  • Lisa: Lord of the Rings and Return of the King
  • Shannon: D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
  • Chip: Walt Simonson’s Thor
  • David: Grandfather’s chair
  • Brian: Super Mario 64
  • Dan: Sherlock Holmes

Bring out your dead

  • Quinn: Runaways, In the Heights
  • Kathy: Reading Rainbow, My Little Pony, Little House on the Prairie
  • Lisa: Wrinkle in Time series, The Bagthorpe Saga, Animal Farm, 3-2-1 Contact
  • Shannon: The Superfriends, Books about witches, MTV
  • Chip: Nerdcyclopedias
  • David: Old radio shows, Star Trek playset, Paddington Bear
  • Brian: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Jumanji, Edward Scissorhands, Powerpuff Girls
  • Dan: The Great Brain, The Three Investigators, The Dark is Rising, Prydain, Narnia, Little House on the Prairie, Discworld, Marx Brothers, Radio dramas, Stan Freberg, Might & Magic II, D&D