The Count Of Monte Brisco County


Welcome back to “Inconceivable!”, the show that tests two teams’ knowledge of the nerdy, the useless, and the obscure.

The show picks up a few new voices this week, who are immediately put to the test with their knowledge of time travel movies, a round of “what doesn’t fit?”, and finally decipher some strange books trying to ride on the coattails of a popular novel. Kathy Campbell, Antony Johnston, and Quinn Rose face off against Kelly Guimont, Glenn Fleishman, and Liz Myles, while host Dan Moren and scorekeeper Lex Friedman mediate.

Inconceivable! Dan Moren and Lex Friedman with Kathy Campbell, Antony Johnston, Quinn Rose, Kelly Guimont, Glenn Fleishman and Lizbeth Myles

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