The Incomparable Mothership #261 August 29, 2015
Taco Paradox

Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round Three

Our summertime superhero tournament continues, as 16 champions are reduced to eight. This round brings new judges and a requirement to argue against the opposite opponent! Who will withstand the withering assaults? Only time will tell.

The match-ups:

(1) Spider-Man vs. (4) Kitty Pryde
(11) Beta Ray Bill vs. (2) Captain America

(1) Superman vs. (5) Doctor Strange
(3) Barry Allen/The Flash vs. (2) The Hulk

(1) Batman vs. (13) Moon Knight
(6) Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle vs. (2) Wonder Woman

(1) Iron Man vs. (12) The Thing
(6) Rorschach vs. (2) Wolverine

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