The Incomparable Mothership #259 August 15, 2015
You’re Three Feet from a Spider

Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round 2

Our ridiculous celebration of superheroes continues in round 2, in which 32 heroes enter and 16 depart! This round incorporates your comments and votes, which we solicited after our last round. This also marks the final round for judges Lutz and Michaels, who assure you that absolutely no cash has changed hands in exchange for their votes. We’ve also added some new advocates and shuffled the deck a little bit. Join us on the next segment of our journey to discover which superhero reigns supreme.

The match-ups:

(1) Spider-Man vs. (8) Aquaman
(5) Silver Surfer vs. (4) Kitty Pryde
(11) Beta Ray Bill vs. (14) Kate Bishop/Hawkeye
(10) Wally West/The Flash vs. (2) Captain America

(1) Superman vs. (9) The Falcon
(5) Doctor Strange vs. (4) The Tick
(11) Invisible Woman vs. (3) Barry Allen/The Flash
(7) Ghost Rider vs. (2) The Hulk

(1) Batman vs. (8) Black Widow
(5) Daredevil vs. (13) Moon Knight
(6) Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle vs. (3) Green Arrow
(7) Deadpool vs. (2) Wonder Woman

(1) Iron Man vs. (9) Gambit
(12) The Thing vs. (13) Big Barda
(6) Rorschach vs. (14) Invincible
(10) Nightcrawler vs. (2) Wolverine

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