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The Incomparable Mothership #547 January 1, 2021
2020 favorites and clip show

Catching Up On Stuff - The Best of 2020

It’s time for our annual look back at the year gone by, and what a year it was! Still, we managed to watch, read, and listen to some great stuff this year. As is our custom, our panelists and listeners pick favorite Incomparable episodes and moments. This year, a panelist gets stuck inside a clip, and then Jason has to explain the Skeletor Clip Loop to a first-time Clip Show panelist who is not sure it really exists. It does—and 2021 is the year we fight back.

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Show Notes

Favorite Episodes

Favorite Stuff

  • Kelly: “Ted Lasso”
  • Monty: “Birds of Prey”
  • Dan: “Stargirl”
  • Steve: Reaction Videos
  • Erika: Agents of SMOOCH holiday movie bingo card
  • Moises: Racer Trash Mashups
  • David: “Sherman’s Showcase”
  • John: “The Queen’s Gambit”
  • Jason: “A Memory Called Empire” by Arkady Martine