Mogo is Displeased


Welcome back to “Inconceivable!”, the show that tests two teams’ knowledge of the nerdy, the useless, and the obscure. As ever, host Dan Moren and scorekeeper/announcer Lex Friedman are on hand to oversee the proceedings, doling out points where appropriate.

Our fantastic panelists this month are Christa Mrgan, Guy English, Maddy Myers, David Loehr, Liz Myles, and Tony Sindelar, and we test them on knowledge of bizarre jargon, Game of Thrones deaths, and monstrous movie puns. Ghostbusters’s lasting impact, Sean Bean impressions, and the unlikely members of the Green Lantern Corps are just a few of the highlights of our latest episode, against a backdrop of laughter…and learning.

Inconceivable! Dan Moren and Lex Friedman with Christa Mrgan, Guy English, Maddy Myers, David J. Loehr, Lizbeth Myles and Tony Sindelar

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