Turn Left at the Asteroid

Rocket Surgery

It’s the Rocket Surgery Film Festival! In this episode, we’re watching something that proves that computer-game film adaptations were a bad idea from the very beginning! Based on a late 1970s Atari game, it’s the ill-fated “Star Raiders.” There’s a not-dashing star pilot, a sullen space princess, an annoying robot, and is that Sheriff Lobo in a tight-fitting jumpsuit? If you’re looking for a cross between “Star Wars” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, are you in for some disappointment. Once again, we watched the movie so you don’t have to.

Correction: Due to a clerical error, none of these movies actually exist. This episode was entirely improvised.

Rocket Surgery Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Dan Moren, Steve Lutz, Monty Ashley and Philip Michaels

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