The Incomparable Mothership #435 December 2, 2018
Board Game Draft II

Fun Facts!

Break the shrink wrap and lift off the lid! It’s time to get together with friends and family to play some games. In this second Incomparable Board Game Draft, we’re allowing all sorts of tabletop (non-roleplaying) games. The result: 21 more games you might want to consider playing this holiday season—some classics, some brand new.

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Show Notes

  1. SolarQuest (Erika)
  2. Codenames (Dan)
  3. Nay Jay! (Quinn)
  4. Pandemic Legacy (Tony)
  5. Magic: The Gathering (Monty)
  6. Love Letter (Brian)
  7. Ticket to Ride (Jason)
  8. The Starfarers of Catan (Erika)
  9. Secret Hitler (Dan)
  10. Bezzerwizzer (Quinn)
  11. Mysterium (Tony)
  12. Diplomacy (Monty)
  13. Forbidden Desert (Brian)
  14. Telestrations (Jason)
  15. Lord of the Rings (2000) (Erika)
  16. Captain Sonar (Dan)
  17. Scene It? (Quinn)
  18. Dominion (Tony)
  19. Family Business (Monty)
  20. Say Anything (Brian)
  21. Chinese Checkers (Jason)

Moises recommends “AlphaGo” and “The Surrounding Game” on Netflix.

Bring out your games

Erika: Aggravation, Wizard’s Quest, Life, Fireball Island

Dan: Imhotep, 7 Wonders Duel, Scotland Yard, Game of Thrones, Sushi Go, Space Alert, Lords of Waterdeep, Mastermind, Last Night on Earth, Colt Express, Qwirkle, Star Wars Rebellion, Balderdash

Quinn: Talisman, Bananagrams, Authors, Clue, Catan

Tony: Cash N Guns, Chrononauts, Power Grid

Monty: Cineplexity, Illuminati, Strat-o-Matic Baseball, Checkers, Myth-Fortunes, Car Wars, Pit Deluxe

Brian: Cards Against Humanity, Mage Knight, Mindtrap, The Quiet Year, Trouble, Zombie Dice, Catan: Cities and Knights

Jason: King of Tokyo, Uno

Our previous 18 choices, selected in episode 184:

  1. Trivial Pursuit (Monty)
  2. Careers (Erika)
  3. Monopoly (David)
  4. HeroQuest (Tony)
  5. Clue - Master Detective (Dan)
  6. Carcassonne (Jason)
  7. Family Feud 1977 edition (Monty)
  8. Betrayal at House on the Hill (Erika)
  9. Poetryslam Magnetic Word Game (David)
  10. Race For The Galaxy (Tony)
  11. 7 Wonders (Dan)
  12. Castle Panic (Jason)
  13. Risk 2210 A.D. (Monty)
  14. Arkham Horror (Erika)
  15. Kill Shakespeare (David)
  16. The Settlers of Catan (Tony)
  17. Risk Legacy (Dan)
  18. Sorry! (Jason)