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Incomparable Radio Theater #0.3 December 22, 2013
Season 0, Episode 3

The Spooky Twist; The Fog

A roller-derby champion discovers what it means to be a legend; Canadian separatists threaten a ship on New Year’s Eve, and only The Fog and Margo can stop them. Brought to you by Cornet Blue Disposable Facial Tissue and Chock Full Of Coffee.

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Show Notes

Written by David J. Loehr

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Produced and edited by Jason Snell

Original music by Christopher Breen


  • Lex Friedman as FQN Announcer

THE SPOOKY TWIST: “Gifts of the Maggie”

  • David J. Loehr as Announcer
  • Philip Michaels as Nicky Meredith
  • Serenity Caldwell as Roxy Crusher/Bernadette Cardiff
  • Lex Friedman as Cornet Blue Announcer
  • John Siracusa as Angelic P.A. Announcer
  • Lisa Schmeiser as Mags Malone

THE FOG: “They Shoot Horuses, Don’t They?”

  • Steve Lutz as The Fog Announcer
  • Dan Moren as Simeon St. Clair / The Fog
  • Serenity Caldwell as Margo Drummond
  • Jason Snell as Winston Wold-Newton
  • Jessie Char as Fleur de Maisonneuve
  • Scott Simpson as Dav Charest
  • Philip Michaels as Canadian Truck Driver
  • Lisa Schmeiser as Canadian Waitress
  • John Siracusa as French Henchman
  • and the Spoiler Horn as The Foghorn