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The Incomparable Mothership #265 September 26, 2015
So it’s come to this

Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

Our pointless search for the best superhero concludes. In these final rounds, we challenge our heroes (and their advocates) with devilish scenarios suggested by Incomparable listeners! Our advocates face a jury of their peers, leading to a final confrontation with our two remaining heroic contestants.

Our final pairings are:

(1) Spider-Man vs. (2) Captain America
(5) Doctor Strange vs. (3) The Flash
(1) Batman vs. (2) Wonder Woman
(12) The Thing vs. (2) Wolverine

Listen to this episode (1 hour, 17 minutes)

Show Notes

What are the chances that this episode would be released on Batman Day? That Batman, always thinking ahead.