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Incomparable Radio Theater #0.2 May 1, 2013
Season 0, Episode 2

Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla; Jenny Lane

Tesla and Dot meet Jules Verne and Georges Seurat; Jenny Lane tries to sort through a series of red herrings in order to find a murderer. Plus, Melkot Elevators and Grantham Manor Tea Biscuits.

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Show Notes

Written by David J. Loehr

Directed by Serenity Caldwell

Produced and edited by Jason Snell

Original music by Christopher Breen


  • Lex Friedman as FQN Announcer

TWO-FISTED TALES OF TESLA: “Mr. Verne and the Clockwork Zeppelin”

  • Jason Snell as Announcer
  • Serenity Caldwell as Dot
  • Glenn Fleishman as Nikola Tesla
  • Scott McNulty as Guard
  • Andy Ihnatko as Georges Seurat
  • Lex Friedman as Elevator Salesman
  • John Moltz as Jules Verne
  • Lex Friedman as Ned
  • Sarah Barbour as Mysterious Woman

JENNY LANE, GIRL DETECTIVE: “The Secret of the Red Herring Murder Clue”

  • Lex Friedman as Announcer
  • Andy Ihnatko as Gerald Hopcock
  • Serenity Caldwell as Jenny Lane
  • Lisa Schmeiser as Trudy
  • Scott McNulty as Percival Lane
  • Greg Knauss as Officer Murphy
  • Steve Lutz as Detective McNulty
  • John Siracusa as Butler
  • Dan Moren as Lord
  • Steve Lutz as Lady
  • Jason Snell as Dowager
  • Monty Ashley as Reed Harriman
  • Lisa Schmeiser as Rita Hopcock
  • Dan Moren as Rodney Harrigan