“Fair Haven” (VOY) with Dan Moren


Dan Moren, promising young novelist, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Fair Haven” (S6E11) Topics include Dan’s first novel (“The Caledonian Gambit,” which you should buy), how Irish caricatures are offensive (Top o’ the morning to ya!), and the questionable choice of the Doctor to perform religious ceremonies.


“Critical Care” (VOY) with Jason Snell


Jason Snell, head honcho of the Incomparable network, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Critical Care” (S7E5). Topics include the fact that neither Jason nor Scott had seen this episode before, healthcare, if the Doctor is a robot (or not), and Tuvok’s poor job performance.


“The Royale” (TNG) with David J. Loehr


David J. Loehr, playwright about The Incomparable network joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The Royale” (S2E12) Topics include the many ways this episode could have been better, the large number of, “hey, it is that guy” actors in this show, and the NASA logo.


“Treachery, Faith and the Great River” (DS9) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashley, man about The Incomparable network joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Treachery, Faith and the Great River” (S7E6) Topics include Odo’s face and fingers, Nog’s work ethic, and the dreamy Colin Firth.


“Eye of the Needle” (VOY) with Ron Bronson


Ron Bronson, strategic designer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Eye of the Needle” (S1E7). Topics include Finnish baseball, DS9, and the narrow wormhole problems we encounter in everyday life.


“Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (DS9) with Guy English


Guy English, frequent guest on the show, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (S7E4). Topics include baseball (so much baseball!), Vulcan racists, and the United Federation of Planets anthem.


“Hatchery” (ENT) with Aaron Reynolds


Aaron Reynolds, the man behind Swear Trek and Bat Labels, joins Scott to discuss ENT’s “Hatchery” (S3E17). Topics include Star Trek movies, the Xindi, and the best Enterprise characters.


“Marauders” (ENT) with Kelly Guimont


Kelly Guimont, writer, AppCamp4Girls cheerleader, and Incomparable panelist joins Scott to discuss ENT’s “Marauders” (S2E6). Topics include what to wear while on an away team, bumbling Klingons, and Vulcan ninjas.


“If Wishes Were Horses” (DS9) with Andi


Andi from Women at Warp joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “If Wishes Were Horses” (S1E16). Topics include sex kitten Dax, why bad Trek is still fun trek, and the future of baseball.


“The Omega Directive” (VOY) with Mikayla Micomonaco


Mikayla Micomonaco, co-host of The Web of Queer, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Omega Directive” (S4E21). Topics include Starfleet’s continuing, and shocking, lack of security, Janeway’s management style, and poor old Harry Kim.


“Maneuvers” (VOY) with Lisa Granshaw


Lisa Granshaw, freelance writer, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “Maneuvers” (S2E11). Topics include favorite captains (sorry, Archer), least favorite characters (I’m looking at you, Harry Kim), and Seska: awesome or not?


“Imperfection” (VOY) with L.M. Myles


L.M. Myles writer, podcaster, and Dr. Who fan, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “Imperfection” (S7E2). Topics include Romulans (who don’t appear in the episode), Klingons (who also do not appear in the episode), and strong woman characters (which do appear in this episode).

Here’s a link to Liz’s very impressive win of our Star Trek trivia game.


“Civil Defense” (DS9) with Jess Fink


Jess Fink, illustrator and comic maker, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Civil Defense (S3E7). Topics covered include the distinct lack of making out on Star Trek, Gul Dukat’s appeal (of course), Bashir and Garak’s lunches.

Just a note that this episode features some adult language and topics. Plus making out.


“Power Play” (TNG) with Anne Zander


Anne Zander, actor, writer, and improviser, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Power Play (S5E15). On this episode we talk about how creepy it is for familiar characters to act very differently, we question Riker’s leg placement, a doorbell rings, and glittery convicts gather in a cylinder.


“Transfigurations” (TNG) with Len Webb


Len Weeb, creator and producer of the Black Tribbles, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Transfigurations (S3E25). Geordi talks a woman, O’Brien kayaks, and another energy blob leaves the ship.

Special thanks to Radio Theater’s David J. Loehr for the use of his silky smooth radio guy voice.


“A Man Alone” (DS9) with Kennedy Allen


Kennedy Allen, producer of the Black Tribbles, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s A Man Alone (S1E4). We talk Voyager, going to Mars, and clone killing.


“Faces” (VOY) with Duncan Barrett


Duncan Barrett, author and actor, joins Scott to talk about VOY’s Faces (S1E14). An early episode of Voyager means the bad guys are the Vidiians. Body horror, coming to grips with what makes you you, and that poor red shirt are all discussed


“Emergence” (TNG) with Sue Kaye


Sue Kaye, co-host of Women at Warp and Anomaly Supplemental, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Emergence (S7E23). One of the final episodes of TNG and it is a holodeck episode! Really? Really! Topics include trainers, Picard’s personal life, and Dr. Crusher.


“The Muse” (DS9) with Andrew Cunningham


Andrew Cunningham, Senior Products Editor/reviewer at ArsTechnica and co-host of Appointment Television! and Overdue, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s The Muse (S4E21). An inspiration vampire visits the station to make Jake write a novel and suck the novel juice out of his head. And the perfect side dish to this tale? Lwaxana Troi shows up preggers and asks Odo to help her get out of her marriage.


“Breaking the Ice” (ENT) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashley, man about The Incomparable network and TV lover, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s Breaking the Ice (S1E8). Lots of MAS*H talk, Monty tells us how Enterprise should have ended, and are Vulcans secret vampires?


“Progress” (DS9) with Guy English


Guy English, fan of the show and man of the world, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Progress (S1E15). A season one episode of Deep Space Nine that is worth watching! Kira solves problems, a grumpy man makes a kiln, self sealing stembolts are purchased, and the rest of the cast is present.


“Barge of the Dead” (VOY) with Aleen Simms


Aleen Simms, incomparablist, host of Less Than of Equal, and more, joins Scott to talk about VOY’s Barge of the Dead (S6E3). The boat to Klingon hell is just what you think it might be: dark, full of fire, and contains grumpy Klingons. We talk about spirituality, if this is all in B’ELanna’s head plus Tuvok.


“Ship in a Bottle” (TNG) with Steven Schapansky


Steven Schapansky, Dr. Who fan and podcast producer, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Ship in a Bottle (S6E12). This episode begs the question: why are holodecks allowed on starships? At least Reg is there to help realign some stuff.


“The Inner Light” (TNG) with Gerry Canavan


Gerry Canavan, prof at Marquette University, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s The Inner Light (S5E25). Another episode considered one of the best ever, but does it hold up? Yes, it does. Does the probe make any sense? Not so much. Does that matter? Listen and find out!


“The Game” (TNG) with Chip Sudderth


Chip Sudderth, Incomparable panelist and Babylon 5 enthusiast joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The Game” (S5E6). What’s up with Risa? Why does the Game not look like much fun at all? And whatever happened to that Ashley Judd?


“The Return of the Archons” (TOS) with Dan Wearsch


Dan Wearsch, host of Random Sterling, co-host of Microphone Talking, Spousal Privilege and more, joins Scott to discuss “The Return of the Archons” (TOS, S1E22). Are we of the body? Also, is twirling like a maniac in the street really that much fun? And why does Kirk hate computers so much?


“The City on the Edge of Forever” (TOS) with Tiffany Arment


Tiffany Arment, Incomparable panelist and ranker of things joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “The City on the Edge of Forever” (S1E28). Widely hailed as the best episode of Star Trek ever, does it hold up? Yes, yes it does. We also list our top four Star Trek characters, the horrible user interface of the Guardian, and why the past is in black and white.


“Future Imperfect” (TNG) with Adam Teterus


Adam Teterus, Comic Book Junto co-host, Indy Hall booster, and writer, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Future Imperfect” (S4E8). Birthday cake, manthings, and the shockingly long time it takes Starfleet officers to advance in the ranks are all discussed.


“Covenant” (DS9) with David J. Loehr


David J. Loehr, man of stage and podcast joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Covenant_ (S7E9). Topics include the most iconic Star Trek villain vs. the best, whether Bajorans are space Jews or space Catholics, and the crazy number of episodes the last two seasons of DS9 include in multi-part stories.


“The Vengeance Factor” (TNG) with Glenn Fleishman


Glenn Fleishman, tech journalist and Incomparable panelist, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Vengeance Factor (S3E9). A big mystery! Which is solved very quickly. Riker puts it on pretty heavily (though respectfully). And Scott and Glenn talk a lot (too much?) about how the replicators work.


“Bliss” (VOY) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp for Girls, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Bliss (S5E14). Topics include the perils of watching a show in random order, how Gene Roddenberry might have been a jerk, and how this episode is a kind of throwback to TOS.

Jean’s favorite podcasts include:


“Soldiers of the Empire” (DS9) with Susana Polo


Susana Polo, writer at Polygon and founder of The Mary Sue, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Soldiers of the Empire (S5E21). Topics include starting your Star Trek viewing experience with Voyager, the Federation assimilating cultures, and how Worf isn’t really good at his Klingon job.


“The Forgotten” (ENT) with Ben Harrison


Ben Harrison, film maker and The Greatest Generation podcaster, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s The Forgotten (S3E20). Topics include the ins and outs of hosting a Star Trek podcast, Trip taking a long time to write a crappy letter, and the massive amount of things that happen in this very boring episode of Enterprise.


“Similitude” (ENT) with Michael Lopp


Michael Lopp, that’s Rands to you, blogger, author, and speaker, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s Similitude (S3E10). Topics include the captain you’d want to manage your startup, Enterprise’s awful theme song (yes, it is still awful), and the wondrous scientific discoveries in this episode that no one seems to care about.


“Melora” (DS9) with Erika Ensign


Erika Ensign, Dr. Who podcaster, Incomprable panelist, and Babylon 5 podcaster (and more!) joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Melora (S2E06). Topics include Dr. Who companions, disability, and the average gravity on Federation planets. Also, check out Outside In Boldly Goes to read Erika’s essay.


“Parallels” (TNG) with John Roderick


John Roderick, singer of The Long Winters, man on the line, and Road Worker, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Parallels (S7E11). Topics include the optimal cake slice size, spoilers, Riker/Troi and Worf/Troi, and the overall misuse of Troi.


“The Man Trap” (TOS) with Marisa McClellan


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the very first broadcast of the very first episode of the very first Star Trek series. To celebrate Scott has thrown aside the random nature of this podcast and invited Marisa McClellan, canning expert, to discuss TOS’s The Man Trap (S1E5). Topics include how this isn’t technically the first episode of Star Trek, the delicious nature of salt, and just what the heck a yeoman does anyway.

Next on Random Trek, and this time Scott means it, TNG’s Parallels.


“Half a Life” (TNG) with John Gruber


John Gruber, the most daring of fireballs, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Half a Life (S4E220). Topics cover what to order at a steakhouse, what to order at a specific steakhouse (Barclay Prime), Picard’s odd behaviour, and our thoughts about Lwaxana and why no one ever says to her, “You sound an awful lot like the computer.”

Next on Random Trek TNG’s Parallels.


“The Q and the Grey” (VOY) with Max Temkin


Max Temkin, box maker, game designer, and Star Trek enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s The Q and the Grey (S3E11). Topics include Max’s thoughts on why Voyager has some of the best episodes in all of Trek, how this episode is a great argument against that view point, how the 90’s were a very different time, and how much this episode upsets Civil War buffs.


“Prophet Motive” (DS9) with Joe Rosensteel


Joe Rosensteel, Defocused and Unhelpful, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Prophet Motive (S3E16). Rub your ears and count your latinum because this is a Ferengi episode. Topics covered include energy whips, strange medical award ceremonies, and Scott’s Wallace Shawn impression (briefly).


“Homefront” and “Paradise Lost” (DS9) with Tony Sindelar


Tony Sindelar, Batman enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s two parter composed of Homefront and Paradise Lost (S4E11/12). Most of these episodes take place on Earth, which leads to a discussion about just what the heck people living on Earth do with their time. And why do any of them work in a restaurant? Though it seems access to transporters have really made traveling much nicer.


“Hippocratic Oath” (DS9) with Shannon Sudderth


Shannon Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and frequent Incomparable panelist, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Hippocratic Oath (S4E4). Another DS9 episode! This episode includes discussions about whether or not it is cool to be a geek in highschool these days, pondering whether Bashir is a hottie or annoying (why not both?), the well portrayed friendship between Bashir and O’Brien, and more.


“Prodigal Daughter” (DS9) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, senior editor at Mobile Nations and podcaster (Integrate, Cartoon Cast, and Disruption joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Prodigal Daughter (S7E11). During the final season of a complicated arc driven show it makes sense to pause and examine the home life of Ezri Dax, right? Scott speculates that the entire Star Trek universe economy revolves around mining, and the brief moments of seeing the rest of the cast are discussed, as is the disturbing lack of Australians in this episode.


“Blaze of Glory” (DS9) with Caroline Siede


Caroline Siede, eclectic nerd and writer, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Blaze of Glory” (S5E23). Topics include whether Bashir is annoying or cute (could be be both?), the joys of Nog and Jake, and what’s the deal with that one guy’s wife?


“The Swarm” (VOY) with Marisa McClellan


Marisa McClellan, canner and cookbook author (three times over), joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Swarm” (S3E4). Lots of tiny spaceships, a disapproving Vulcan, and very little Harry Kim.


“Elementary, Dear Data” (TNG) with Marshall Honorof


Marshall Honorof, tech writer, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Elementary, Dear Data” (S2E3). Topics include why Capt. Picard doesn’t just shutdown the holodeck, if Geordi sees everything upside down, and The Nanny.

Read about Marshall’s binging every Star Trek episode and movie and then learn how to do it yourself.


“Accession” (DS9) with Dan Moren


Dan Moren, novelist and host of many podcasts (The Rebound, Clockwise, and Inconceivable!) joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Accession” (S4E17), which Scott fails to pronounce properly. Topics discussed include Bashir (better when taken with another character, like O’Brien or Garak), the Prophets disregard for linear time, and the Bajoran’s eagerness to please some fishy new Emissary.


Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (DS9) with Chris Ullrich


Chris Ullrich, co-host of the Flickcast joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (S6E17). Comfort women, the Orb of Time, and Kira’s amazing definition of “just observing” are all discussed on this episode. Plus, Gul Dukat.


Requiem for Methuselah (TOS) with Jason Snell


Jason Snell, Incomparable head honcho, master of the Six Colors, and Chief UpGradian joins Scott to discuss TOS’s Requiem for Methuselah (S3E21). Composers’ handwriting, squeeze bottles full of Science Juice, and the shocking ending of this episode are all covered.

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100 Episode Celebration


Scott is joined by a number of listeners to celebration the 100th episode of Random Trek. This super sized episode features Scott answering questions, people commenting on the show, and a glimpse into Scott’s childhood (plus the answer to why the Animated Series isn’t included in the random lineup).

Next on Random Trek: Requiem for Methuselah.


“The High Ground” (TNG) with Darren Franich


Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly writer and co-host of the Vidiots Video Store Show, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The High Ground (S3E12). A lot of time is spent talking about the Trek movies, books, video games, and not so much time talking about The High Ground.

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“Proving Ground” (ENT) with Stuart Wellington


Stuart Wellington, Star Wars fan and one of the Flophouse peaches, joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s “Proving Ground” (S3E13). Topics discussed include the Star Trek movies, the Xindi, Capt. Archer, and the majesty of Jeffrey Combs.

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“Twisted” (VOY) with Michael Fisher


Michael Fisher, mobile tech enthusiast, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s “Twisted” (S2E6). Things discussed include virtual reality, the Amazon Echo, the Star Trek movies, and many things other than Twisted (which isn’t good).

Want to appear on Random Trek’s 100th episode? Upload a recording of yourself asking Scott a question, or just making a comment and maybe you’ll be featured. You can also tweet your questions/comments using the hashtag #RandomQ.


“Skin of Evil” (TNG) with Pete the Retailer


Pete the Retailer, co-host of AlphaBeatical and Star Wars Minute, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Skin of Evil (S1E23). Shed a tear for Tasha Yar, watch out for mobile oil slicks, and don’t worry about the shuttle pilot (no one on the episode does!).

Next on Random Trek… more surprises!


“Suspicions” (TNG) with Adam Rakunas


Adam Rakunas, novelist (buy his first book and pre-order his second!) joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Suspicions (S6E22). Everyone thinks Dr. Crusher is crazy… again. There’s a nice Ferengi scientist, lots of casual racism directed toward said scientist, and an alien with a soft, touchable face.

Next on Random Trek: What’s life without a little mystery?


“The Next Phase” (TNG) with Justin Michael


Justin Michael, Star Trek fan, editor of Less than or Equal, and problem solver, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Next Phase (S5E24). Romulans, being out of phase, not thinking too hard about science, close talkers, and Ensign Ro are just a few of the topics covered in this episode.

Next on Random Trek… another surprise!


“Rules of Acquisition” (DS9) with Jordan Miller


Jordan Miller, Star Trek fan and husband of another Random Trek guest, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Rules of Acquisition (S2E7). Topics include Tiny Ron, the lovely german language, the problematic nature of the Ferengi, and Morn.

Next on Random Trek… a surprise!


“Angel One” (TNG) with Alan R. C. Raventree


Alan R. C. Raventree, clockmaker and Trek fan, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Angel One (S1E14). Topics include misplaced freighters, what makes a grandfather clock tick, Riker’s chest hair, and lots and lots of ship talk.

Next on Random Trek DS9’s Rules of Acquisition (S2E7).


“Tuvix” (VOY) with Ken Gagne


Ken Gagne, gamer, youtuber, and polygamer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s Tuvix (S2E24). Tuvok and Neelix: two great tastes that taste great together? Well.. at least Tuvix isn’t as annoying as Neelix. Topics discussed include the Apple II, inviting your parents onto your podcast (while you can), where you’d like to live in the Star Trek universe, and some Voyager episode.

Next on Random Trek… something!


Joan McNulty


My mom, Joan McNulty, died on Sunday, March 6th, 2016. I thought it a fitting tribute to re-post her Random Trek appearance, so I hope you enjoy it (again or for the first time!).

You can read a bit more about my mom on my blog.


“Author, Author” (VOY) with Anna Tarkov


Anna Tarkov, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s Author, Author (S7E20). Topics include the fact that a holonovel is really a video game, how Tom Paris is kind of a jerk, and the parallels that this episode draws with slavery make some of us a little uncomfortable.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Tuvix (S2E24).


“The Andorian Incident” with Carrie Miller


Carrie Miller, chemistry professor and knitter, joins Scott to discuss ENT’s The Andorian Incident (S1E7). Topics include shifty Vulcans, how cool the Andorians look, Archer’s lack of patience, how cute Porthos is, and Star Trek cat trees.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Author, Author (S7E20).


“The Emissary” (TNG) with Maia Weinstock


Maia Weinstock, editor, writer, and LEGO enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Emissary (S2E20). Topics include admirals’ uniforms, Klingon mating rituals, Khelyr’s wardrobe, and ridiculous birdmen.

Next on Random Trek ENT’s The Andorian Incident (S1E7).


“Time’s Arrow Part 1 and 2” (TNG) with David Gian-Cursio


David Gian-Cursio, 3D artist, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Time’s Arrow Parts 1 and 2 (S5E26, S6E1). Topics include the 2016 Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar (in which David is the artist of February’s ship!), the fan art community, our favorite Star Trek movies, favorite characters, and also Time’s Arrow.

Next on Random Trek TNG’s The Emissary (S2E20).


“One” (VOY) with Jim Metzendorf


Jim Metzendorf, author of “The Professional’s Guide to Audio Podcast Production” and editor of Random Trek, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s One (S4E25). How weird it is to talk to Scott, watching Star Trek: TNG a week early thanks to a sweet satellite dish, and the logistics of stasis tubes, and Riker’s beard are all discussed on this week’s episode.

Next on Random Trek TNG’s Time’s Arrow (Parts 1 & 2) (S5E26 and S6E1).


“The Wire” (DS9) with Sabriel Mastin


Sabriel Mastin, freelance writer and games critic joins Scott to discuss DS9’s The Wire (S2E22). This is a Garak focused episode, so how could it be anything other than good? Topics include: do we learn anything about Garak in this episode? Do you need to watch every episode after this episode to truly appreciate it? Why does Bashir annoy Scott so much? And more!

Next on Random Trek VOY’s One (S4E25).


“Elogium” (VOY) with Rachel Donner


Rachel Donner, podcaster and hockey enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s Elogium (S2E4). Procreation. That’s the theme of this episode and it revolves around Neelix and Kes. Yuck. That’s right, some space aliens make Kes enter her species’ mating phase and it is now or never if she wants to have a baby. Neelix is awful.

Next on Random Trek DS9’s The Wire (S2E4).


“The Omega Glory” (TOS) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, tech enthusiast and co-host of Integrate and the Incomparable’s own Cartoon Cast, joins Scott to discuss The Original Series’ “The Omega Glory” (S2E25). We learn why Star Trek is suitable entertainment for the very religious, despite the skimpy costumes and the devilish Spock, casual racism is explored, and we ponder why Kirk would know the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Elogium (S2E4).


“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” with David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar, and Jason Snell


David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar, and Jason Snell join Scott to discuss “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. That’s right, our first movie and it is a good one! You know the one, with the whales and the time travel and the colorful metaphors. Topics discussed include movies that start with the characters watching the previous movie, the shocking overlap between Vulcan and elven fashions, and why doesn’t Sulu do anything in this movie?

Next on Random Trek: The Omega Glory (TOS S2E25).


“Playing God” (DS9) with Warren Frey


Warren Frey, writer, editor, and podcaster (Radio Free Skaro) joins Scott to discuss “Playing God” (DS9 S217). Topics include ranking the Star Trek movies, Dr. Who, and voles. Oh, the voles.

Next on Random Trek: a hiatus until 2016. Enjoy the rest of 2015!


“Message in a Bottle” (VOY) with Joel Mathis


Joel Mathis, associate editor at Philly Mag, and all around fun guy joins Scott to discuss Voyagers’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14). Andy Dick, holographic genitalia, and cool ships of Star Trek are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s “Playing God” (S2E17).


“Dear Doctor” (ENT) with Dan Sturm


Dan Sturm, podcaster and director, joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13). Mistranslation hijinks, casual racism, and the Prime Directive before there was a Prime Directive are just some of the topics discussed.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14).


“Parallax” (VOY) with Shawn Blanc


Shawn Blanc, writer, Sweet Setuper, and focused individual, joins Scott to discuss “Parallax” (VOY S1E3). Blending a crew, black holes, poorly aging special effects, and the troubling relationship between Neelix and Kes are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: ENT’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13).


“Muse” (VOY) with Becky Sweger


Becky Sweger, federal data enthusiast and bendystraw lover blogger joins Scott to talk about “Muse” (VOY S6E22). Topics include Star Trek captain’s hair, the distinct lack of space in this episode, and how Scott actually likes Harry Kim in episode. Plus there are some cool looking masks.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Parallax” (S1E3).


“The Forsaken” (DS9) with Eric Smith


Eric Smith, novelist, blogger, and all around geek, joins Scott to talk about “The Forsaken” (DS9 S1E17). Topics include what exactly was forsaken in this episode, Lwaxana Troi, the writers’ questionable grasp on how computers actually work, and pup.

Don’t forget to buy Eric’s book “Inked.”

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Muse” (S6E22).


“Distant Origin” (VOY) with Josh de Lioncourt


Josh de Lioncourt, blogger, novelist, and podcaster (Maccessibility and Masters Cast) joins Scott to discuss Distant Origin (VOY S3E23). This episode introduces the truly awesome alien race the “Voth.” This episode is also the only appearance of the Voth in Voyager frowny face. Also discussed on the episode: Josh’s shocking thoughts on TNG, the odd structure of this episode, and did we mention how cool the Voth are? Because they’re cool.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Forsaken (S1E17).


“Time and Again” (VOY) with Dan Koeppel


Dan Koeppel, freelance writer, banana expert, and Star Trek: TNG screenwriter (!), joins Scott to discuss “Time and Again” (VOY S1E4). Topics include the perils of having your episode share a name with a fantastic book, how the Voyager crew is like Hitler, 90’s child actors, guns that looks like guns, and tales of writing a Star Trek episode (specifically Inheritance which was covered in Random Trek episode 33).

Next on Random Trek: VOY S3E23 Distant Origin.


“The Corbomite Maneuver” (TOS) with Clayton Morris


Clayton Morris, news guy, podcaster, and speaker, joins Scott to discuss the classic Original Series episode The Corbomite Maneuver (TOS S1E2). Topics discussed include the evolution of space exercise equipment, the ton of interesting shots used in this episode, space salads, and the horrible fate of Dave Bailey. Plus salient points on how odd looking, but well cast, Clint Howard is (we say it with love, Clint).

Next on Random Trek: VOY S1E4 Time and Again.


“Prime Factors” (VOY) with Alyssa Favreau


Alyssa Favreau, writer, designer, proofreader, fact checker, and copy editor, joins Scott to discuss Prime Factors (VOY S1E10). Though, to be honest, they don’t spend that much time talking about the episode. Topics include space bros, ranking Vulcans, and the many outfits of Star Trek. Plus Harry Kim and erotic breezes.

Next on Random Trek: The TOS classic The Corbomite Maneuver.


“Vis A Vis” (VOY) with Brian Hamilton


Brian Hamilton, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to discuss Vis a Vis (VOY S4E20). Tom Paris meets a crazy alien who steals ships and people’s DNA! Hilarity ensues. And what’s the deal with everyone in the future being obsessed with pop culture from about our current time period? Hmm? Also discussed the pleasures of working on holographic automobiles.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Prime Factors (S1E10).


“Shattered” (VOY) with Philip Mozolak


Philip Mozolak, podcaster and TeeVee enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss Shattered (VOY S7E10). Chakotay visits Voyager’s past and future to find a way to unshatter the ship he loves. Or something. A stop in the holodeck, with ensuing hilarity, and the amazing skills of the Doctor round out this episode.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Vis à Vis


“Whispers” (DS9) with Sarah Grey


Sarah Grey, editor and writer, joins Scott to discuss Whispers (DS9 S2E14). Bad things happen to Miles O’Brien, but this episode has a twist (which, of course, makes it even worse for Miles). Topics discussed include the ethics of sleeping with a clone of your spouse, what 70’s show most closely maps to DS9, and Chakotay even gets some love.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Shattered.


“Tears of the Prophets” (DS9) with Lisa Schmeiser


Lisa Schmeiser, reporter, podcaster, and newsletter producer (subscribe to So What, Who Cares?), joins Scott to discuss Tears of the Prophets (DS9 S6E26). The discussion includes whether DS9 feels dated, if the Bajorns are a cargo cult, the finer details of Dukat’s charm, and the fate of Jadzia Dax.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s Whispers.


“The Haunting of Deck Twelve” (VOY) with Joan McNulty


Joan McNulty, retiree, reader, and Scott’s mom, joins Scott to discuss The Haunting of Deck Twelve (VOY S6E25). The Original Series, how Scott got into Star Trek, whether Neelix is annoying, and the merits of Capt. Janeway are discussed. The merits of being able to fly and which Star Trek tech you wish was real (transporters vs. replicators) are also mentioned.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Tears of the Prophets.


“Mirror, Mirror” (TOS) with David Chartier


David Chartier, freelance content strategist and thinker, joins Scott to discuss Mirror, Mirror (TOS S2E4). Agonizers, golden belts, and Uhura’s alternate uniform are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s The Haunting on Deck Twelve.


“Singularity” (ENT) with Manu Saadia


Manu Saadia, author of the forthcoming book Trekonomics, joins Scott to discuss Singularity (ENT S2E9). The economics of the Star Trek universe are discussed, as is why so many Enterprise episodes feature scenes in the bathroom, the merits of T’Pal, and whether or not Capt. Archer is a good captain (spoiler: he isn’t).

Apologies for some of the audio in this episode, it would seem Skype isn’t a fan of Enterprise.

Next on Random Trek: TOS’s Mirror, Mirror.


“A Night in Sickbay” (ENT) with Aleen Simms


Aleen Simms, host of Less Than or Equal, joins Scott to discuss A Night in Sickbay (ENT S2E5). Porthos is sick, and it is all Archer’s fault. Plus thoughts on the theme song (yes, again), how Archer isn’t all that great at his job, and some problematic usage of T’Pol.

Next on Random Trek: Enterprise’s Singularity.


“The Sword of Kahless” (DS9) with James Callan


James Callan, content strategist and trivia master, joins Scott to discuss The Sword of Kahless (DS9 S4E9). Topics discussed include the details of Klingon archeology, how finding the sword isn’t the point of this episode, and many observations about Klingon society (or the lack thereof).

Next on Random Trek: Enterprise’s A Night in Sickbay.


“Man of the People” (TNG) with Marcos Huerta


Marcos Huerta, astronomer, latino, and huge Trek/Sci-fi fan, joins Scott to discuss Man of the People (TNG S6E3). This episode is all Troi all the time (well, it is a lot of Troi, a lot of the time). Topics include how Troi’s character is largely defined by her relationships with other characters, the problematic nature of telepathy, 24th century medaitaror’s shocking lack of prepration for their jobs, and the astounding fact that Star Trek III isn’t as bad as you remember it.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Sword of Kahless.


“Symbiosis” (TNG) with Courtney Wilburn


Courtney Wilburn, web developer and Levar Burton fan, joins Scott to discuss Symbiosis (TNG S1E22). This is a very special episode of TNG where we learn about the perils of addiction and the questionable tactic of having your entire planet’s economy depend on one crop. Interesting fashion, the allure of TNG, and questions about Dr. Crusher’s medical acumen are all discussed as is the Prime Directive and how Capt. Picard seems to apply it capriciously in this episode.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Man of the People.


“The Search Part 1 and 2” (DS9) with Shareef Jackson


Shareef Jackson, STEM enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss “The Search, Part 1 and Part 2” (DS9 S3E1&2). This episode has everything: the revealing of the Founders, the introduction of the Defiant, and Odo turns into a rock. What more can you ask for? Topics include Star Trek captain’s surprising lack of family, how awesome the Defiant is, and the multilayered character that is Odo.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Symbiosis.


“The Visitor” (DS9) with L.M. Myles


L.M. Myles, writer, podcaster, and Dr. Who fan, joins Scott to discuss “The Visitor” (DS9 S4E3), which, despite the name, doesn’t offer much screentime for Nana Visitor. Old Jake, Young Jake, and an unstuck in time Ben Sisko make for an interesting trio in this episode. Things discussed include popping in on your favorite reclusive writer (they love it!), how Jake causes the death of Dax, and whether or not you’d want to serve on a ship captained by Nog.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Search Part 1 & 2.


“The Enemy Within” (TOS) with Frank Wu


Frank Wu, Hugo award winning artist, joins Scott to discuss "The Enemy Within" (TOS S1E4). Transporter malfunctions, freezing Sulus, dogs in costumes, and the monster that is inside all of us are all in this episode. Scott and Frank talk about the lyrics to the TOS theme song, what makes us us, the lack of empathy towards Yeoman Rand, and no one thought to take a parka down to an ice planet.

Next on Random Trek: The Visitor (DS9).


“Lessons” (TNG) with Kara Scott


Kara Scott, poker player and reporter, joins Scott to discuss “Lessons” (TNG S6E19). Awkward kissing, poor Picard wardrobe choices, and a roll out keyboard - This episode has it all. Kara and Scott discuss all manner of things including what it is like to date a Capt. Kirk, mature relationships, and how Capt. Picard makes us a little gooey inside.

Next on Random Trek: The Enemy Within (TOS).


“Death Wish” (VOY) with Merlin Mann


Merlin Mann, writer, podcaster, Internet nuisance, joins Scott to discuss Death Wish ( VOY S2E18). This episode proves that the only thing better than one Q is double the Q. Scott and Merlin also discuss timescales when you’re immortal, and if this episode is a good choice for watching with your young daughter.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Lessons.


“Inside Man” (VOY) with Clint Ecker


Clint Ecker, programmer and snazzy dresser, joins Scott to talk about “Inside Man” (VOY S7E06). This episode features Reg Barclay, a Random Trek favorite, and Troi. Who doesn’t like Troi? It also has a bonus Reg, creepy stalker behavior, and a great deal of space swimwear.

(Next week on Random Trek: Voyager’s Death Wish.)


“Shakaar” (DS9) with Derek Powazek


Derek Powazek, web developer turned farmer, joins Scott to discuss Deep Space Nine’s “Shakaar” (S3E24). Nothing says a Bajoran DS9 episode like the intersection of religion, internal politics, and agriculture. What do soil reclamators look like? We don’t know and we don’t care. Topics discussed include why we should like the Bajorans more (but we totally like the Cardassians better), dirt farmer, and what does a freedom figher do after they’ve won their freedom.

The novel Derek mentions is A Stitch in Time

Next on Random Trek: “Inside Man” (VOY).


“The Gift” (VOY) with Georgia Dow


Georgia Dow, psychotherapist, senior editor at iMore, and host of Isometric, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Gift” (S4E2). Shed a tear because this is Kes’ last episode (though why didn’t she take Neelix with her?). This also happens to be the first appearance of the deborgified 7 of 9 in her striking uniform (note the corset, people). Topics include: Georgia’s least favorite TNG character, Scott’s reaction to said least favorite character, one sided pancakes, and why the mention of either lucid dreaming or guided mediation is a warning that you might be watching a bad episode of Star Trek.


“The Devil in the Dark” with Collin Donnell


Collin Donnell, developer, twitterer, and brank hacker joins Scott to discuss one of the most iconic TOS episodes: The Devil in the Dark (S1E26). Door opening procedures, appropriate miner garb, Phaser 1 and Phaser 2, and basic mining colony administration tips are all discussed. Plus, the devil isn’t who you think it is (or is it? It isn’t).


“Equilibrium” with Antony Johnston


Antony Johnston, writer for comics, graphic novels, and videogames in addition to the host of Unjustly Maligned, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Equilibrium (S3E4). Trills, symbiotes, potential underground serial killers, and dodgy doctors are all discussed.


“The Squire of Gothos” with Steven Schapansky


Steven Schapansky, of Radio Free Skaro and the newly launched Lazy Dr. Who, joins Scott to chat about the TOS classic: “The Squire of Gothos” (TOS S1E17)). They discuss the crazy amount of paperwork Starfleet requires, the power of mirrors, and the differences between early Dr. Who and early Star Trek.


“Workforce Part I & II” (VOY) with Joe Rosensteel


Joe Rosensteel (that’s Joe Steel to you, kid), podcaster, infrequent Incomparable panelist, and Star Trek fan, joins Scott to discuss Random Trek’s first two part episode: Workforce Part I and Workforce II (VOY S7E16 and 17). Topics include if this should have been a two parter, factory automation, planet-wide shields, and Ralph Malph. These Are The Voyages (Volume 1) by Marc Cushman is also discussed briefly (and you should read it!).


“The Catwalk” (ENT) with Katie Floyd


Katie Floyd, a Mac Power User, joins Scott to discuss “The Catwalk” (ENT S2E12). Topics include visceral reactions to the very existence of Enterprise (and the reboot movies), how great the Star Trek novels are, Porthos as the strongest character, water polo and iPad usage in the future.


“A Time to Stand” (DS9) with David Sparks


David Sparks, better known as Mac Sparky, joins Scott to discuss “A Time To Stand” (DS9 S6E1). David admits that he is a Star Wars fan (shocking!), we compliment Julian Bashir, have questions about the final resolution of the episode, and talk about how without TNG David might not have gotten through law school (he’s a lawyer, you should hire him!).


“Loud As A Whisper” (TNG) with Myke Cole


Myke Cole, writer and Capt. America fan, joins Scott to talk about Loud As A Whisper (TNG S2E5).

We discuss how accurate the depiction of the military is on TNG, why it is ok that Wesley is driving the Enterprise, the state of lighting on Solais V, and use the phrase “lust warrior” fairly often. We also talk about how this episode has so many good themes, and yet still comes off a little bit on the wrong foot. Also, Riva’s hair.


“The Ensigns of Command” (TNG) with Annalee Flower Horne


Annalee Flower Horne, science fiction writer and web developer, joins Scott to talk about The Ensigns of Command (TNG S3E2).

We discuss how impossible the impossible is, how many showers Riker takes during a typical TNG episode, and the very important lesson Data learns about kissing.


“Identity Crisis” (TNG) with Victor Agreda Jr


Victor Agreda Jr., Angry Dad Gamer and the man behind the Bakers Dozen Rules, joins Scott to discuss “Identity Crisis” (TNG S4E18). Topics include Geordi’s love live, how effects from the 90’s hold up to the HD treatment, and the impacts of Google Glass on the Federation.


“Clues” (TNG) with Carrie Anne Castillo


Carrie Ann Castillo, the woman behind The Little Big Blog joins Scott to discuss “Clues” (TNG S4E14). There’s a mystery afoot. How do we know this? Well, the episode is called “Clues” and Capt. Picard keeps reminding us that there’s a mystery to solve. Data is acting oddly, Troi gets possessed, and the growth rate of moss is a super important plot point. What more can you ask from an episode of Star Trek?


Remembering Leonard Nimoy


Leonard Nimoy, Spock, died on Feb. 27th. On this special episode of Random Trek Scott is joined by a number of past guests who share their thoughts about Spock and their favorite Spock moment.

Scott's guests are:

If you liked this episode you should check out The Incomparable 236: "Lived Long and Prospered."


“Blood Oath” (DS9) with Nicole Wakelin


Nicole Wakelin, editor at GeekMom, Director of Automotive Content at She Buys Cars, and writer all over the place, joins Scott to discuss “Blood Oath” (DS9 S2E19). Who ordered the trio of Klingons? And what’s this about revenge? Star Trek board games are discussed, as is TOS actors reprising roles, and the right and wrong ways to ask someone if they’ve ever murdered someone.


“Oasis” (ENT) with Helene Wecker


Helene Wecker, author of the fantastic “The Golem and the Jinni” joins Scott to discuss “Oasis” (ENT S1E20). What do you do when you’re stranded on an inhospitable planet? Create holographic friends and eat a lot of kumquats. And who is that in the back? Why, is that Odo? No, it is not.


“Judgement” (ENT) with Andy Ihnatko


Andy Ihnatko, technology writer and podcaster, joins Scott to discuss “Judgement” (ENT S2E19). If you really enjoy Klingon courtrooms and Star Trek VI this episode of Enterprise is for you. Topics discussed include what kind of Star Trek fan Andy is, the problematic nature of Klingons, and lighting in Klingon mines.


“Shades of Gray” (TNG) with Casey Liss


Casey Liss, of the Accidental Tech Podcast and Analog(ue), joins Scott to discuss “Shades of Gray” (TNG S2E22). Widely, and correctly, hailed as the worst episode of TNG ever this podcast covers everything from Starfleet Medical’s lax attitude towards quarantining people to the expensive nature of filming a TV show. Did I mention Shades of Gray is a clip show? In the second season of TNG? It isn’t good, people. Not at all.


“All Good Things…” (TNG) with Matt Gemmell


Matt Gemmell, writer, joins Scott to talk about “All Good Things…” (TNG SE7E25). Random Trek’s first double length episode marks the final episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ever, and possibility its best.

Three different timelines, multiple shots of Picard in his jammies, and more cats than you can shake a positronic brain at can all be found in TNG’s finale. As well as some very touching character moments and a fine send off to the Enterprise crew.

The twitter account Matt mentions is tng_s8 (for those of use who can’t accept that the 7th season was the final season).


“Waltz” (DS9) with Marisa McClellan


Marisa McClellan, cookbook author and the writer behind the popular canning blog Food in Jars, joins Scott (to whom she is married) to discuss "Waltz" (DS9S6E11). Gul Dukat and Sisko are stranded on a remote planet. They eat some soup. They fiddle with a beacon. They argue a lot (sometimes with hallucinations). Dukat spirals completely into madness. A light hearted romp of an episode that will leave you asking: will he or won't he... kill all Bajorans.


“Evolution” (TNG) with Chip Sudderth


Chip Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and host of the Two Minute Time Lord, joins Scott to talk about Evolution (TNG S3E1). Wesley is front and center in this episode and that isn’t as bad as you might think. Hungry, hungry nanobots, sabermetrics, and the proper collars for Star Fleet uniforms are discussed. You’ll also find out what costume Scott would dress up in if he had to cosplay at a Star Trek convention.


“Inheritance” (TNG) with Shannon Sudderth


Shannon Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and frequent Two Minute Time Lord guest, joins Scott to talk about Inheritance (TNG S7E10). Topics include phasering to the candy center of a planet, the future of women in technology, and the realization that even androids can be embarrassed by their mom.


“The Chase” (TNG) with Anže Tomić


Anže Tomić, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to talk about “The Chase” (TNG S6E10). This episode answers the question: why do all Star Trek aliens look a like? And the answer isn’t that great (turns out). We also discuss our favorite Trek movies, if this episode should have been a two parter, and why the Cardassians rock.


“Darmok” with Christina Warren


Christina Warren, tech analyst, podcaster, and internet maven, joins Scott to talk about “Darmok” (TNG S5E2). Does this episode of TNG live up to the hype? Is Capt. Picard a their? And were did he get his Members Only jacket? All this plus Emoji on this Christmas episode of Random Trek.


“Initiations” (VOY) with Lisa Maria Martin


Lisa Maria Martin, content strategist and information architect, joins Scott to discuss Initiations (VOY S2E2). This episode is one of those rare gems: a Chakotay centric story. Topics discussed include the deal with Neelix and what it is, Chakotay’s ambiguous tribal associates and fake rituals, and why the Kazon can build starships but can’t find water.


“The Measure of a Man” (TNG) with Brett Terpstra


Brett Terpstra, a man of many projects, joins Scott to discuss The Measure of a Man (TNG S2E9).

Such topics as the existence of souls, how to disarm (literally) an android, and how Riker evolves as a character are all touched upon.


“Pen Pals” (TNG) with Deborah Stanish


Deborah Stanish, of the Verity Podcast (all about Dr. Who), joins Scott to discuss Pen Pals (TNG S2E15). They ponder the ramifications of the Prime Directive, the Riker School of Management vs. the Picard School of Management, wiping someone's memory without permission, and horse riding.


“The Mark of Gideon” (TOS) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp for Girls, joins Scott to talk about “The Mark of Gideon” (TOS S3E17). Overpopulation, cranky Spock, the Gideon’s seeming complete lack of knowledge about how disease works, and the horrible life sucking powers of bureaucracy are all touched upon.

Random Trek shirts are available for a few more days. You don’t want to be the only one at the Star Trek convention without one, do you?


“Who Watches The Watchers” (TNG) with Guy English


Guy English, of Aged and Distilled and Debug, joins Scott to chat about "Who Watches The Watchers" (TNG S3E4). Religion vs. mythology, poor archery skills, Romulans, the ethics of creepily observing developing societies, and who loves the Prime Directive most are all covered during this episode.

Don't miss your chance to buy a Random Trek Shirt, now available for a limited time.


“Babel” (DS9) with Jamelle Bouie


Jamelle Bouie, staff writer at Slate, joins Scott to talk about Babel (DS9 S1E5). This episode features an aggrieved O’Brien, a poorly emoted Jake, and a goatee-less Sisko. Listen as we talk about why anyone would pay for replicated food, uncomfortable Ferengi characteristics, and how Voyager could have been good.


“Where No Man Has Gone Before” (TOS) with Katrina Griffiths


Katrina Griffiths, of the Verity Podcast, joins Scott to discuss the second Star Trek TOS pilot: Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS S1E1 or 3). 60’s contact lenses, Creepy Gary Mitchell transforming into Creepier Gary Mitchell, and the fate of Dr. Dehner are all covered.


“Rivals” (DS9) with Anthony Pascale


Anthony Pascale, the man behind TrekMovie.com, joins Scott to talk about DS9's "Rivals" (S2E11). Topics include the finer points of space racquet ball, Prince Humperdinck, how pressing a button on an orb makes not a compelling casino game, and what Sisko does when he is alone in his office.


“Minefield” (ENT) with Matthew Yglesias


Matthew Yglesias, executive editor of Vox, joins Scott to discuss Minefield (ENT, S2E4). Among the topics discussed include Matt’s crazy Trek lists, why no one on the Enterprise seems capable of doing anything, and what’s the deal with those crazy complicated mines anyway?


“Starship Mine” (TNG) with Jordan Cooper


Jordan Cooper, host of the Tech Douchebags podcast, joins Scott to have some small talk about “Starship Mine” (TNG S6EP18).

We discuss Capt. Picard’s fake horse-riding affinity, Tuvok’s shady past, why Geordi is the only hungry officer, and how to get out of attending a funeral when you’re a Starfleet Captain.

If you enjoyed this episode you might enjoy the episode of Tech Douchebags I was on: The Book Hoarder.


“First Contact” (TNG) with Tony Sindelar


Tony Sindelar, the Incomparable and co-DM of Total Party Kill, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s First Contact (S4E15).

Topics include Riker’s total lack of guile, Malcorian facial hair, the naming of planets, alien groupies, and when it is appropriate to beam somewhere.


“Sleeping Dogs” (ENT) with Lex Friedman


Lex Friedman, famous for not having seen it, being Daily, Rebounding, and Turning a Car Around, joins Scott to talk about Sleeping Dogs (Enterprise S1E14). Scott expresses mild shock and then major regret after learning that this episode is the first Star Trek episode Lex has ever seen (spoiling: Sleeping Dogs is not a great first Star Trek experience). We determine that T’Pal is a Vulcan, Hoshi is better than the Universal Translator, and ponder just how badly it smelled on that Klingon ship.


“I, Mudd” (TOS) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashely, Incomparable panelist and Internet writer, joins Scott to talk about The Original Serie’s second Harry Mudd episode: I, Mudd (S2E12). Uniforms, the concept of computers (and if the Star Trek writers have any idea how they work), and Kirk taking the law in his own hands are all discussed.


“Indiscretion” (DS9) with John Siracusa


John Siracusa, of ATP and Incomparable note, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Indiscretion (S4E5). Scott explains the deal with Deep Space Nine, John questions the central premise, and some parallels to Star Wars are identified.

The end of this episode features a Random Trek theme song written and performed by listener Adam Sakellarides. Thanks, Adam!


“Phage” (VOY) with David Loehr


David J. Loehr, Incomparable panelist and playwright, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s Phage (S1E5). Neelix’s lungs are stolen, and yet he still talks too much in this episode. Good old Harry Kim scans a wall, and the crew forgets the most important rule: never split the party.


“Remember Me” (TNG) with Jacqui Cheng


Jacqui Cheng, Editor-in-chief of The Wirecutter, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Remember Me (S4E5). In this episode who let Wesley fiddle with the Warp core and why, The Traveller as “Q Light,” and how Dr. Crusher definitely isn’t crazy (despite all the men thinking otherwise).


“Hope and Fear” (VOY) with Brianna Wu


Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat and one of the hosts of the Isometric Podcast, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Hope and Fear (S4E26). Bri explains why Voyager is the best Trek there is, we discuss Harry Kim and his love of bulkheads, and suggest some changes to Voyager’s lax security protocols.


“Timescape” (TNG) with Swoozy Clancey


Swoozy Clancey is a nerdy nurse who has embarked on a journey of watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation in order. Why not invite her onto Random Trek to talk about a random episode? Luckily for her, the fates were kind and picked a TNG episode: Timescape.

Romulan and temporal anomalies, plus a dash of conference going make this an episode not to miss!


“Collective” (VOY) with Glenn Fleishman


Glenn Fleishman, editor and publisher of The Magazine, host of The New Disruptors (which isn’t a podcast reviewing new Klingon and Romulan weaponry), and tweeter of 14 million tweets, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Collective (Spoiler: it features the Borg).

This Voyager episode has it all: card playing, Borg babies, Harry Kim being totally lame, and 7 of 9 getting things done.


“Conspiracy” (TNG) with Michael T. Rose


Michael T. Rose, of TUAW, joins Scott to discuss the first season The Next Generation episode Conspiracy.

Put on your tin foil hat and watch out for Trapper Keepers. Aliens have infiltrated the highest ranks of Starfleet Command and Riker is pretty ok with it.

Will Picard join the clean plate club? Can Starfleet survive is Data is the last man standing? Why are all the elderly Admirals wearing the pajamas? All these questions, and more, are discussed in this episode.


“11:59” (VOY) with Ged Maheux


Ged Maheux, of the Icon Factory and Gedblog, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “11:59”. Why does everyone in the Year 2000 drive cars from the 1970’s? Will they or won’t they? Do we care?

Email everyone in a 100 mile radius because this episode of Voyager is perplexing.


“Errand of Mercy” (TOS) with Erika Ensign


Erika Ensign, frequent Incomparable panelist and Hugo nominated (!) Verity Podcast member, classes up the joint with Scott to discuss the TOS episode Errand of Mercy).

What’s the deal with the blue jumpsuited man Scott is obsessed with? How come every Klingon doesn’t get a sash? And is Captain Kirk a warrior, explorer, lover or all of the above?


“Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places” (DS9) with Moisés Chiullan


Moisés Chiullan, Founder/Host of ESN.fm, joins Scott to talk about the very first Deep Space Nine episode on Random Trek: Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places.

Quark loves a Klingon. Worf loves the same Klingon. Oh, and Kira is carrying Miles O’Brien’s baby. Add a few massages and inappropriate remarks from Dr. Bashir and you’ve got yourself an episode of Deep Space Nine.


“The Apple” (TOS) with Steve Lutz


Steve Lutz, of The Incomparable, joins Scott to discuss The Original Series’ “The Apple.”

Vaal loves us all, except Spock. Steve loves most of us but totally not Chekov.

This episode features the Star Trek crew beaming onto paradise, but all is not as it seems.


“Reunion” (TNG) with John Moltz


John Moltz, who has a Very Nice Website and co-hosts Turning This Car Around, joins Scott to discuss Random Trek's first Klingon heavy episode: TNG's Reunion.

Grab a bat'leth, chill some Klingon bloodwine, and get ready to delve into the intricacies of the Klingon Empire's sometimes complicated rite of Succession (unless you use the EZ form). Also, Alexander makes his first appearance and anomalies are ignored. This episode has it all!


“Doctor’s Orders” (ENT) with Greg Knauss


Greg Knauss, he of the Incomparable, Romantimatic, and EOD, has the honor of being on the first Enterprise Random Trek episode: Doctor’s Orders.

An awful theme song, a cute dog, a naked Denobulan, and a frustrated Vulcan? Sounds like a typical Enterprise episode.


“Waking Moments” (VOY) with Dave Caolo


Dave Caolo, of TUAW, joins Scott McNulty to talk about Random Trek’s second Voyager episode: Waking Moments.

Grab your skis and don’t fall sleep or the aliens will get you!


“Life Line” (VOY) with Serenity Caldwell

Twice the fun

Serenity Caldwell, of the Incomparable and roller derby note, brings with her the first episode of Voyager to grace Random Trek: Life Line (S6E24).

Beam yourself across to galaxy and be ready to ponder the meaning of holographic animals, chocolate ice cream, and the scarcity of trained counselors in the 24th century.


“By Any Other Name” (TOS) with Dan Moren

Roll to hit

Dan Moren of The Incomparable and Not Playing fame joins Scott to talk about Random Trek’s first Original Series episode: By Any Other Name (S2E21).

The Galactic Barrier will be breached as topics such as Kirk’s worthiness as a captain and the difficulty of acting as though you’re frozen are discussed.


“Tapestry” (TNG) with Jason Snell

Jason Snell, The Incomparable host and Star Trek fan, joins Scott to talk about the TNG episode Tapestry (S6E15).

Topics include Jason’s voyage to Star Trek fandom, to Q or not to Q, space casino games, the message of the episode, and much more.