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Beginner's Puck
Beginner's Puck

Guest Host


24: Thomas Jefferson's Coming Home

Beginner's Puck

13: Viva Las Draft

Guest Panelist

Random Trek

28: "Pen Pals" (TNG) with Deborah Stanish

Game Show

141: Do the Toilets Pay You?

131: Boasting Mountains

108: I Hate People and Places

96: That Bear!

81: The Ghost Has Spoken

56: Hug Per Point

30: Game Night: TARFIS


46: It's Only a Matter of Time

37b: Consulting the Hamiltome

37: I Hope You're Satisfied

33: Good Luck!

8: Outgunned, Outmanned, Outnumbered, Outplanned

1: Just You Wait

This Week in Time Travel

65: Problematic Babes

51: Really, REALLY Great Hair

29: Why Does Chip Hate Christmas (and Joy)?

Agents of SMOOCH

32: It's Not His Personality, It's His Hair

24: Thank God for Tiny Wheels

12: Sepsis Waiting to Happen

Lions, Towers & Shields

31: The Patriarchy: You're Swimming In It

24: Mistimed Sobs