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Members-Only Podcasts

The Incomparable Special Edition
The Incomparable Special Edition

A members-only version of our flagship podcast, The Incomparable, feature extra content and no ads.

First Class
First Class

A feed of extra material from The Incomparable. Bonus tracks, exclusive episodes, and other stuff, including the contents of our annual membership drive.

The Incomparable Bootleg
The Incomparable Bootleg

A feed of our live recording sessions, so you can hear it all as it went down, uncut and sometimes far in advance of the episode being posted — without having to be on as we’re broadcasting live.

Total Party Kill - The Live Sessions
Total Party Kill: The Live Sessions

An audio feed of our live Total Party Kill D&D games. We’re generally months (years?) ahead of what’s being released in the public weekly TPK feed. You can hear our entire backlog, right here.

Items are added to the Total Party Kill Live Sessions feed as we record new gaming sessions, and current archive includes these unposted items:

  • Candlekeep Mysteries
  • Gamma World II
  • Current Dog & Pony Show and Eglath's Angels seasons
  • Spelljammer Academy
  • Keys from the Golden Vault

If you prefer a video podcast, we also offer a TPK video bootlegs feed!

Total Video Kill
Total Video Kill

A video feed of our Total Party Kill podcast episodes, direct to your video podcast app of choice so you don’t have to use YouTube.

Defocused Bootleg
Defocused Bootleg

A feed of the live recording sessions of the Defocused podcast, featuring Dan Sturm and Joe Rosensteel.

Members-Only Community

Join some of the hosts and your fellow listeners in a lively and friendly Discord community that’s just for paying members.

Details on how to join the community will be available when you subscribe or sign in as a member.

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