Where or When

Hosted by Andie Arthur and David J. Loehr

Liv and Will are living the “happily ever after.” Or so they thought until they met Tess. But once the time agents showed up…well, there’s “it’s complicated…” and then there’s “it’s…complicated…”

Some things that happened for the first time seem to be happening again. But who will end up with whom? And where or when?

A time traveling romance written by Andie Arthur and David J. Loehr, produced with Lost Girls Theatre.

Latest Episode: February 20, 2023 — Closet Anxieties

07 There’s No Love Song Finer

As the present day Olivia prepare to take a drastic step, the present day for Will is a night in 1937 on the wrong end of a revolver, presently held by Josephine. Good thing that Luna knows their history and, maybe more importantly, how bedroom farce works…

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Previous Episodes

  • Where or When cover art
    January 28, 2023 Love is love is love…
    06 The Arc of History

    The time agents suspect Tess is up to something, Minnie knows Olivia is up to something, Josephine doesn’t want to know what Matthew is up to, and Tess takes Olivia on a tour of the future…or the past depending on your perspective…whichever is more romantic…

  • Where or When cover art
    November 22, 2022 What’s that?
    05 A Box Just for Wishes

    Will does a little research into the possibility of time travel, Olivia wonders why he’s listening to podcasts, Luna gets to know Frank Sinatra, and that’s when things get weird…wait, is that Matthew? And…another Matthew? What’s that?

  • Where or When cover art
    November 10, 2022 Let’s go kill who now?
    04 Secret Allies

    Things are starting to get serious. Olivia and Minnie make their move—to Miami, that is—and they visit La Paloma once more. And Olivia finally meets Tess for real. Will they be a missed connection or something more? And Jonas almost discovers a new purpose…and a new threat…

  • Where or When cover art
    October 22, 2022 Racing around to come up behind you again…
    03 The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way

    Back to the here and now, we find Will trying to understand why Olivia didn’t recognize him, Mallory trying to understand why her archivists seem to be seeing things, and Luna running circles around everyone. And then Will gets a visitor from the future…?

  • Where or When cover art
    October 11, 2022 The night is young, the skies are clear…
    02 The Charge of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

    1937, a party at the estate known as Avalon…but the guest of honor is up in her room, listening to the news.

    So how do Olivia and Minnie get from Avalon to the notorious nightclub La Paloma and back again? And why are there time agents waiting for them?

  • Where or When cover art
    September 24, 2022 I’ll see you in my dreams…
    01 The Second Hand Unwinds

    Meet Liv and Will, living their happily ever after. She’s an event planner, he’s a university librarian. All is right with their world.

    And then, the university is bequeathed an estate named Avalon…

    Get lost with us in the worlds of Where or When.

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