Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston is the host of Unjustly Maligned. When he’s not doing that, he writes comics like ATOMIC BLONDE: THE COLDEST CITY, THE FUSE, and WASTELAND, and videogames like DEAD SPACE and SHADOW OF MORDOR.

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Unjustly Maligned
Unjustly Maligned

Guest Host

The Incomparable

386: Sometimes He Doesn't Bother With That Bottle

332: She's the Han Solo

313: The Ziggurats of Yavin IV

283: The Stars Look Very Different Today

278: Fake Jedi Boy

Bonus Track

um24: The history of "Monopoly" with Cory Casoni

Game Show

91: A Squashed Bee Gee

80: The Answer's Always Michael George

59: We Are the World

43: Game Night: I Don't Know What Wapping Is

Recently Read

17: "The Fictional Man" by Al Ewing

11: "The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet" by Becky Chambers

3: "When Gravity Fails" by George Alec Effinger

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

425: Congratulations! You're Dead in Space

411: In the Pay of Big Ultravox

398: Apart From All the Skiing

383: Upstairs Christmas Tree

363: From Cold City to Atomic Blonde

319: Squirting Milky Fluid

289: It's Not "Hamilton"

288: I Wish I Was Back in Norway

Random Trek

50: "Equilibrium" with Antony Johnston


459: Voltron: Legendary Defender S7 review

Incomparable Radio Theater

0.7: Layers: The World of Tomorrow (Live)

Game Show

98: K'on Bragh!

90: Inconceivable!: Random Tolkien Table

86: Death and Ferris Wheels

76: Would You Like to Buy an Apple?

74: Baseballers

71: Inconceivable!: The Count Of Monte Brisco County

61: Inconceivable!: Inclined To Go For The Liquor

50: Low Definition: A Family of Clowns

42: Game Night: International Genus

41: Low Definition: Hell Is Other People's Words

36: Inconceivable!: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

31: Low Definition: Tempted by the Little Man

29: Inconceivable!: Laser Cars are Really Sweet

12: Inconceivable!: Twelve Angry Clowns

Unjustly Maligned

87: "Loom" with Antony Johnston

61: "Dark City" with Antony Johnston

26: "Genesis" with... Antony Johnston?!

Friends in Your Ears

3: Antony Johnston and James Thomson