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85: Daredevil Rewind: The Finale

76: Daredevil Rewind: Episodes 10-12


134: Moon Knight E3: "The Friendly Type"

114: Legends of Tomorrow S7E5: "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist"

103: What If...? S1E3 / Stargirl S2E3 / Legends of Tomorrow S6E13

11: Agents of Shield S6E12-13: "The Sign"/"New Life"

10: Agents of Shield S6E11: "From the Ashes"

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The Incomparable

612: YABM: Yet Another Batman Movie

593: The Beatles Need Me!

474: World Unity Day

465: Camus With a Smiley Face

462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

459: Next Up: The Ronan Movie

456: Where's the Raccoon?

443: Right Off the Bat

414: Credible Hulk

370: Someone We've Never Heard Of

362: An Old Man With Wings

338: All About Evey

249: Critical Batman Deficit

190: The Cloud is Run by Hydra

141: Tony Stark Wants the Credit

Random Trek

237: "Battle Lines" (DS9) with Guy English

195: "Final Mission" (TNG) with Guy English

144: "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" (DS9) with Guy English

129: "Progress" (DS9) with Guy English

26: "Who Watches The Watchers" (TNG) with Guy English


602: The Mandalorian S1E7 Review: "Chapter 7: The Reckoning"

568: Arrow S7E22 Review: "You Have Saved This City"

565: Arrow S7E21 Review: "Living Proof"

562: Arrow S7E20 Review: "Confessions"

559: Arrow S7E19 Review: "Spartan"

556: Arrow S7E18 Review: "Lost Canary"

549: Arrow S7E17 Review: "Inheritance"

544: Arrow S7E15-16 Review: "Training Day/Star City 2040"

540: Arrow S7E14 Review: "Brothers & Sisters"

534: Arrow S7E13 Review: "Star City Slayer"

533: Arrow S7E12 Review: "Emerald Archer"

530: Daredevil S3E6 Review: "The Devil You Know"

528: Arrow S7E11 Review: "Past Sins"

524: Arrow S7E10 Review: "My Name Is Emiko Queen"

512: Daredevil S3E4 Review: "Blindside"

511: Review: "Elseworlds"

504: Arrow S7E7-8 Review: "The Slabside Redemption/Unmasked"

498: Arrow S7E6 Review: "Due Process"

494: Arrow S7E5 Review: "The Demon"

489: Arrow S7E3-4 Review: "Crossing Lines/Level Two"

481: Arrow S7E2 Review: "The Longbow Hunters"

477: Arrow S7E1 Review: "Inmate 4587"

430: Arrow S6E23 Review: "Life Sentence"

426: Arrow S6E22 Review: "The Ties That Bind"

421: Arrow S6E21 Review: "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"

417: Arrow S6E20 Review: "Shifting Allegiances"

413: Arrow S6E19 Review: "The Dragon"

410: Arrow S6E18 Review: "Fundamentals"

408: Arrow S6E17 Review: "Brothers in Arms"

406: Arrow S6E16 Review: "The Thanatos Guild"

403: Arrow S6E15 Review: "Doppelgänger"

399: Arrow S6E14 Review: "Collision Course"

395: Arrow S6E12-13 Review: "All For Nothing/The Devil's Greatest Trick"

381: Arrow S6E11 Review: "We Fall"

376: Arrow S6E10 Review: "Divided"

361: Arrow S6E9 Review: "Irreconcilable Differences"

354: Arrow S6E8 Review: "Crisis on Earth-X"

352: Arrow S6E7 Review: "Thanksgiving"

348: Arrow S6E6 Review: "Promises Kept"

345: Arrow S6E5 Review: "Deathstroke Returns"

341: Arrow S6E4 Review: "Reversal"

333: Arrow S6E3 Review: "Next of Kin"

326: Arrow S6E2 Review: "Tribute"

318: Arrow S6E1 Review: "Fallout"

310: Arrow Flashback S1E21-23: "The Undertaking", "Darkness on the Edge of Town", and "Sacrifice"

303: Arrow Flashback S1E19-20: "Unfinished Business" and "Home Invasion"

298: Arrow Flashback S1E17-18: "The Huntress Returns" and "Salvation"

296: Arrow Flashback S1E15-16: "Dodger" and "Dead to Rights"

294: Arrow Flashback S1E13-14: "Betrayal/The Odyssey"

282: Arrow Flashback S1E11-12 Review: "Trust But Verify/Vertigo"

276: Arrow Flashback S1E9-10 Review: "Year's End/Burned"

272: Arrow Flashback S1E7-8 Review: "Muse of Fire/Vendetta"

269: Arrow Flashback S1E5-6 Review: "Damaged/Legacies"

267: Arrow Flashback S1E3-4 Review: "Lone Gunmen/An Innocent Man"

265: Arrow Flashback S1E1-2 Review: "Pilot/Honor Thy Father"

259: Arrow S5E23 Review: "Lian Yu"

253: Arrow S5E22 Review: "Missing"

251: Arrow S5E21 Review: "Honor Thy Fathers"

246: Arrow S5E20 Review: "Underneath"

241: Arrow S5E19 Review: "Dangerous Liaisons"

238: Arrow S5E18 Review: "Disbanded"

236: Arrow S5E17 Review: "Kapiushon"

233: Arrow S5E16 Review: "Checkmate"

228: Arrow S5E15 Review: "Fighting Fire with Fire"

224: Arrow S5E14 Review: "The Sin-Eater"

221: Arrow S5E13 Review: "Spectre of the Gun"

220: Arrow S5E12 Review: "Bratva"

217: Arrow S5E11 Review: "Second Chances"

214: Arrow S5E10 Review: "Who Are You?"

199: Arrow S5E3 Review: "A Matter of Trust"

198: Arrow S5E2 Review: "The Recruits"

195: Arrow S5E1 Review: "Legacy"

169: Arrow S4E23 Review: "Schism"

166: Arrow S4E22 Review: "Lost in the Flood"

162: Arrow S4E21 Review: "Monument Point"

161: Arrow S4E20 Review: "Genesis"

156: Arrow S4E19 Review: "Canary Cry"

153: Arrow S4E18 Review: "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"

150: Arrow S4E17 Review: "Beacon of Hope"

149: Arrow S4E16 Review: "Broken Hearts"

146: Arrow S4E15 Review: "Taken"

144: Arrow S4E14 Review: "Code of Silence"

140: Arrow S4E13 Review: "Sins of the Father"

138: Arrow S4E12 Review: "Unchained"

136: Arrow S4E11 Review: "A.W.O.L."

131: Arrow S4E10 Review: "Blood Debt"

126: Arrow S4E9 Review: "Dark Waters"

122: Arrow S4E8 review: "Legends of Yesterday"

116: Arrow S4E7 Review: "Brotherhood"

115: Arrow S4E6 Review: "Lost Souls"

111: Arrow S4E5 Review: "Haunted"

108: Arrow S4E4 Review: "Beyond Redemption"

104: Arrow S4E3 Review: "Restoration"

101: Arrow S4E2 Review: "The Candidate"

98: Arrow S4E1 Review: "Green Arrow"

73: Arrow S3E23 Review: "My Name Is Oliver Queen"

70: Arrow S3E22 Review: "This Is Your Sword"

69: Daredevil Rewind: Episodes 7-9

67: Arrow S3E21 Review: "Al Sah-him"

65: Arrow S3E19-20 Review: "Broken Arrow," "The Fallen"

60: Daredevil Rewind: Episodes 1-3

55: Arrow S3E17 Review: "Suicidal Tendencies"

53: Arrow S3E16 Review: "The Offer"

51: Arrow S3E15 Review: "Nanda Parbat"

50: Arrow S3E14 Review: "The Return"

47: Arrow S3E13 Review: "Canaries"

Total Party Kill

300: Rosethorn, Part 4

299: Rosethorn, Part 3

298: Rosethorn, Part 2

297: Rosethorn, Part 1

Bonus Track

249b: Canadian Safety Blanket

190b: Hydra Dating Policy

141b: After The Incomparable #141

Game Show

36: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

15: Vampire Or Not

9: Mogo is Displeased

Batman University

6: "Love is a Croc" with Guy English

Voyager Revisited

6: The Other Endgame

Football is Life

19: "Beard After Hours" (S2E9)

5: "Tan Lines" Rewatch (S1E5)