Steven Schapansky (Radio Free Skaro, The Memory Cheats) and Erika Ensign (Verity!, The Incomparable, Total Party Kill, The Audio Guide to Babylon 5) are married Doctor Who fans (who also co-produce a fiction podcast for Uncanny Magazine). This is a podcast where they watch every Doctor Who story ever made, from start to finish. Each episode is recorded live.

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The Mind Robber 3-5

Erika and Steven finish off this delightfully fictional story in one fell swoop. They also wander off on many tangents, but they’re pretty much all fictional so that qualifies as being kinda-sorta on-topic. Probably.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky

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The Mind Robber 2

Steven and Erika make their way through a forest of letters to bring you this podcast episode. And they eat more Pizza Pops.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Mind Robber 1

Erika and Steven brave the awesome-trippy nothingness that is this extra episode of Doctor Who. Sometimes budgetary constraints lead to great things. Then they beg for a toaster oven. Yeah, just like this DW ep, this podcast ep takes a weird turn.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Dominators 4-5

Steven introduces Erika to a Canadian delicacy: Pillsbury Pizza Pops. Maybe it’s their effect, but she came out of this story thinking it was “a hoot”! A comedic hoot.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Dominators 2-3

Erika and Steven debate Quarks and comedy, then chat about Dulcian fashion, customs, and physiology. Plus, potential pizza pops! It’s quite a mixed bag here at LDW HQ tonight!

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Dominators 1

Steven and Erika embark on season six of classic Doctor Who! How will Erika’s opinion stack up against the fairly abysmal opinion of received fan wisdom? So far “RFW” has it wrong. Again. (But that could very well change as we go along. This story seems to have plenty of room to slide swiftly downhill.)

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Wheel in Space 5-6

Erika and Steven finally finish off Zoe’s debut story, and Erika enjoys it more than received fan wisdom has led her to expect. There’s some neat stuff going on here.

Now for true authenticity, please go back and re-listen to Lazy Doctor Who episodes 113, 114, 115, 116, and 117 before moving on to episode 144.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Wheel in Space 3-4

Steven and Erika knock out two more episodes of “The Wheel in Space”, one of which is actually moving! Zoe is great, Bill names a bug after himself, and Jarvis continues to be annoying.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Wheel in Space 2

Erika and Steven press on in hopes of an episode with more dialogue and more stuff happening. And they’re in luck because while episode two may lack the Doctor, at least there’s still a doctor. Also, ZOE! Hurrah!

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


The Wheel in Space 1

Steven and Erika watch the BritBox-exclusive reconstruction of the first episode of this Doctor Who story from 1968. Some stuff happens. But not all that much. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


Fury from the Deep 6

Erika and Steven complete this lovely, happily-ended story and say a fond farewell to Victoria.

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky

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