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TeeVee Sub-Show Update

We’ve moved many of the shows that used to live in the TeeVee feed into their own feeds and removed them from the TeeVee feed. If you use the main TeeVee feed to listen to shows about Westworld, Doctor Who, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, Star Trek Discovery, Arrow, and WandaVision, those shows aren’t in the TeeVee feed anymore.

They still exist! You just need to subscribe to them directly. If you’re already subscribed to a specific sub-show feed, like Doctor Who Flashcast or Football is Life, those will redirect automatically and you don’t need to do anything. But all of these shows have left this feed.

Still here—one-offs, short runs, and podcasts from listeners and members! This feed isn’t going anywhere—but it’s going to be a bit quieter. Thanks for listening.

Jason Snell

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Muppets in Spaaaace! (Farscape S1E1-2)


Welcome to a new TeeVee podcast covering the 1999-2004 series Farscape. In this inaugural episode, sci-fi fans Eric and Jason discuss the first two episodes. Eric revisits his love for the series while Jason experiences it for the first time. It’s got everything! Action! Comedy! Space! Muppets in space!

Eric Scott with Jason Johnson


Supergirl S6E03 Review: “Phantom Menaces”


We Discuss:

  • Phantom Zone confusion
  • J’onn being a jerk
  • Alex and J’onn’s feels
  • Lena and Brainy’s murder plans
  • Lex and Lena great story
  • Kara bringing hope
  • Nyxly being suss
  • Post Crisis stress

Editor: David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub


For All Mankind S2E10 Review: “The Gray”

For All Mankind

So it all comes down to this. We review the season finale of “For All Mankind,” which puts the fate of the world in the crucible and makes us ponder the power of individual decisions when great systems seem intent on destroying one another. In addition to the dramatic life-and-death decisions, the plants at the bar are dead, Kelly has finished her essay, and we’re given a tantalizing look at what the 1990s might bring. Onward to season three!

Jason Snell and Dan Moren


Supergirl S6E02 Review: “A Few Good Women”


We Discuss:

  • The Trial of The Century
  • Lex being Lex
  • Lena being clever
  • Lillian being complicated
  • Brainy training Nia poorly
  • Andrea failing at journalism
  • Alex and J’onn character assassination
  • Silas being great
  • The Phantom Zone being messy
  • and Kara bringing hope

Editor: David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub


For All Mankind S2E9 Review: “Triage”

For All Mankind

Things are getting pretty serious. The clash of civilizations between the U.S. and the Soviets begins to boil on Earth, in space, and on the surface of the moon. Karen continues making interesting personal decisions. Dani reveals herself to be an old-school “Star Trek” fan. Ellen’s future complicates her present. And how about that cliffhanger?! Like we said, things are getting pretty serious.

Jason Snell and Dan Moren


Supergirl S6E01 Review: “Rebirth”


We Discuss:

  • Whether this is a finale or premier.
  • So much plot.
  • All the personal moments.
  • Lex being his own worst enemy.
  • The ephemeral nature of comic book deaths.
  • Our hopes and dreams for the final season.

Editor: David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Alan Yu and Brianna Taeuber


For All Mankind S2E8 Review: “And Here’s To You”

For All Mankind

Things keep getting more tense! This week Karen owns her ability to make terrible decisions, Gordo vanquishes an old nemesis, Sally Ride is not amused, there’s a meet-cute in a mock-up, and Kelly tries banh mi for the first time. Oh, and there’s a fateful incident on the moon.

Dan Moren and Jason Snell


For All Mankind S2E7 Review: “Don’t Be Cruel”

For All Mankind

As the season builds to its climax, there’s an awful lot to process. A real-life tragedy intervenes in Ellen’s story. Margo needs to communicate information from another tragic event that didn’t happen in the world of “For All Mankind.” A mysterious Soviet engineer comes bearing gifts for Dani. The Vending Machine of Fate beckons to Aleida! And Karen is having a crisis. Meanwhile, on the moon, is someone singing?

Jason Snell and Dan Moren


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier S1E1 Review: “New World Order”


Like any good (comic book) character, we're back! It was simply too much fun to recap WandaVision, so Lisa Schmeiser, Don Melton, and Kelly Guimont have returned to dig into the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Snowman Soldier.

Kelly Guimont with Lisa Schmeiser and Don Melton


For All Mankind S2E6 Review: “Best-Laid Plans”

For All Mankind

At last, the Soviets. We loved this whole episode, from the pointed conversation about Laika to the docking system designed out of coasters. Who makes Houston’s best borscht? Who cares! Let’s have burgers and Jack Daniels! Just don’t tell the KGB.

Jason Snell and Dan Moren

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