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Supergirl S4E14 Review: “Stand and Deliver”


Under discussion this time:

  • The elite falling like dominos and tricking the viewers?
  • Alex doing her job,
  • Brainy NOT doing his job,
  • Dreamer dialling it to 11,
  • Quentin getting the arc Ben won’t,
  • and James groking his job, briefly

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Supergirl Trish Matson with David Schaub

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Arrow S7E15-16 Review: “Training Day/Star City 2040”


Suit up and buckle in because it’s gonna be a big one. The Speedy Arrowcast crew returns in this bittersweet episode that not only covers two recent episodes as well as discussion of Arrow’s upcoming end. Important topics of discussion include which aunt you’d choose to train your offspring, how vigilantes work with police departments, hacking clothing, and our hopes for wacky season eight plot lines. Plus, hints of a special member bonus episode.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 16

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Star Trek: Discovery S2E9 Review: “Project Daedalus”

Star Trek: Discovery

Last week’s episode was a hard one to follow, but this week we’ve got a killer half-robutt, Spock ruining Burnham’s 3-D chess set, and a bunch of suspicious space mines. Also, Scott chides Jason for being speciesist, and Jason has more wacky plot theories.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Supergirl S4E13 Review: “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”


Under discussion this week:

  • Lena working with the DEO, but invalidating the apparent reason for the breakup;
  • Nia training with brainy… the man-splaining stopped, and hopefully the boring fights will too;
  • The Elite forming and causing trouble;
  • The President sounding strangely reasonable in comparison to Supergirl;
  • J’onn questioning his pacifism for doylist reasons; and,
  • Agent Liberty getting more power and more crazed.

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Star Trek: Discovery S2E8 Review: “If Memory Serves”

Star Trek: Discovery

Previously, on Star Trek… “Discovery” goes where “Star Trek” hasn’t been in more than 50 years, as Burnham returns Spock to Talos IV to cure his insanity and get a sense of what is going on with the Red Angel. We discuss singing plants, creepy telepaths, Vina’s reunion with Pike, the super-awkward second life of Dr. Culber, and the dangers of mind melding with time travelers!

Jason Snell


Arrow S7E14 Review: “Brothers & Sisters”


After a brief hiatus, the Speedy Arrowcast is back. This week, things are jam-packed, but we’ve got questions. What’s the deal with the Diggle lineage? How do authorized vigilantes work, exactly? How come people feel the need to explain the feelings we just saw them have? Plus, we know we didn’t start the fire, but who did? And, in a brief Superhero Sweep, Guy discusses his personal superhero, and we talk Spider-Verse and Captain Marvel anticipation.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 14

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


Star Trek: Discovery S2E7 Review: “Light and Shadows”

Star Trek: Discovery

Vulcan Hello returns, but one of our favorite recurring segments ends when we finally find who we’ve been looking for! Plus, get ready for some frickin’ time rifts, Sarek’s sweet shuttlecraft pad, Michelle Yeoh’s kicks, and a shocking final revelation. Aleen Simms joins us to break down this week’s episode while we sit in the corner and mumble passages from “Alice in Wonderland”.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell with Aleen Simms


Supergirl S4E12 Review: “Menagerie”


Under discussion this time: - So many Valentine’s Days motifs… - DC’s take on Venom; - Kara trying to work with Alex; - Ben Lockwood putting his child in danger; - Brainy and Nia’s progress; - James and Lena’s woes; and - The President making lots of bad calls.

Edited by Deanna Chapman

David Schaub with Deanna Chapman


Star Trek: Discovery S2E6 review: “The Sound of Thunder”

Star Trek: Discovery

The hovering murder cylinder is on the other foot now, Ba’ul! In this episode we explore Saru’s new perspective on the Prime Directive, Pike’s measured responses to creepy voice-only hails, and the transformation of the Red Murderball into something that’s posthumously useful! Also, we get a closer look at the Red Angel (Jason’s feeling confident), and we have to debate whether the trailer for next week’s episode fits our Spotting Spock criteria.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Daredevil S3E7 Review: “Aftermath”


Here is the episode of experimentation you have been waiting for. Golden Tony steps in to Hell’s Kitchen cold as ice. Tony agreed not watch any episodes of season 3, mostly because he is behind on some of his Marvel TV and the guy is just busy. The experiment was not without flaws, but the results should be on the record for your listening satisfaction. Moze was worried that “Aftermath” could be a furniture moving episode and become a flatline of interest for Tony. Was the hypothesis correct? Let us listen together and see.

Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar


Star Trek: Discovery S2E5 Review: “Saints of Imperfection”

Star Trek: Discovery

This week Section 31 collides with the Discovery, and the Discovery collides with the mycelial network. A lost soul is found! Jason does a victory lap at the mention of tachyons! And still no Spock.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell

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