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Arrow S6E12-13 Review: “All For Nothing/The Devil’s Greatest Trick”


With Dan finally done being trapped on an island, the team reconvenes for a two-fer. We discuss important questions like why a genius super-hacker has really bad password hygiene, when you shouldn’t get in a car with Quentin Lance, and why kids make nonsensical decisions when the plot forces them to.

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 12-13

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Arrow Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English

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Kord Industries S-900 Communication Earpieces - Shockingly good.

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Westworld Rewind, S1E2: “Chestnut”


Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you a bit of news, their thoughts on what they want aside from the television episodes, and introduce you to the Patron Saint of the Uncanny Valley.

Note: Discussion of the Super Bowl ad happened in a bonus episode you can hear separately.

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Supergirl S3E12 Review: “For Good”


Multiple assassination attempts! The reappearance of Lena’s annoying mother, who has the virtue of at least being more interesting than Edge. Oh, and what’s up with Sam/Reign’s physiology?

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber


Star Trek Discovery S1E15 review: “Will You Take My Hand”

Star Trek: Discovery

So we reach the end! We say a Vulcan Goodbye to this first season of “Star Trek: Discovery” with a look at a shocking final scene, a rushed ending, a surprising conversion by Admiral Cornwell, some abrupt goodbyes, and Tilly’s “just say no” moment.

Scott McNulty with Joe Rosensteel and Jason Snell


The Alienist S1E03 review: “Silver Smile”

The Alienist

There’s another murder, we sort of but not quite discover what happened to Moore after the last episode’s fade out, we wonder why he isn’t more shaken by it, and then there’s another murder. But this time, Kreizler and his Victorian Scooby Gang are able to process the crime scene before the police department. And curiously, we find the one on one conversational scenes far more thrilling than the vibrant action scenes.

David J. Loehr with Jessica Epstein


The Alienist S1E02 review: “A Fruitful Partnership”

The Alienist

After discovering a new way to light a darkened morgue, David and Jess take a closer look at how the story develops and diverges from the novel. Also, is there a need for an eyeball counter? This show really loves close-ups of eyeballs. And Kreizler questions whether or not Moore has served his purpose already, sending Moore off on his own…which might not be a great idea…

David J. Loehr with Jessica Epstein


The Good Place S2E12 review: “Somewhere Else”

The Good Place

Michael and Janet arrive to save the day! More than one person says “hot diggity dog!” 3/4 of Team Cockroach return to discuss the season 2 finale’s twists and turns, and what may be on tap for season 3.

Andrew Pontious with Sarah Gardner and Rachel Addleman


Westworld Rewind, Bonus Episode: Season Two Trailer


Kelly and Don spent a couple of afternoons geeking out on the Super Bowl ad and the companion extended trailer. Kelly set a timer and they both work against the clock to tell you all the good parts (narrator: they’re all good parts).

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Westworld Rewind, S1E1: “The Original”


Kelly and Don return at last for some news, a recap of the first episode now that we Know What Happens, and try not to deviate too far from their loops.

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Supergirl S3E11 Review: “Fort Rozz”


In the course of discussing this episode, our panel inaugurates a new segment called “Super Science!”, in which eye-roll inducing scientific whoppers are properly called out. In this case, gender-deterministic stellar radiation is chief offender, but there are several other contenders. All in service of a solid episode, funnily enough.

Trish Matson with Michael Gabriel and David Schaub


Star Trek: Discovery S1E14 review: “The War Without, The War Within”

Star Trek: Discovery

The penultimate episode has arrived, and with it, we discover the fall-out — tactically and emotionally — of the Discovery’s return to the Klingon-Federation War. Ash Tyler grapples with his security wristband and identity crisis! Tilly shows her human decency! Sarek and the Emperor are the universe’s weirdest mom and dad! And Admiral Cornwell returns to assert her authority with a few choices that we have serious questions about.

Scott McNulty with Erika Ensign and Jason Snell

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