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The Defenders S1E6 review: “Ashes, Ashes”

The Defenders

“The Defenders” takes a dive at the dynamics of what makes a superhero team-up… well, super! Lisa, Tony and Moze start to cut through and analyze this episode with our special brand of fine-toothed comb. We look at how power levels and pairing off teammates works inside of the story up to now.

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The Defenders Philip Mozolak and Tony Sindelar with Lisa Schmeiser

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Rock Facts: “Lullaby in Frogland”

Over the Garden Wall

Your hosts’ favorite episode of Over the Garden Wall is Lullaby in Frogland, which means that Brian gets emotional about one particular song and Truj has thought a lot about embouchure.

Brian Hamilton and Allison Truj


Supergirl S3E1 Review: “Girl of Steel”


Supergirl is back and so is our listener-led podcast breaking down each episode! It’s finally here… the season premiere!

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Arrow S6E1 Review: “Fallout”


Last season, on the Speedy Arrowcast…an island exploded, leaving most of our beloved characters’ fates hanging in th—never mind, they’re all fine.

We’re back for the premiere of season 6. Hot topics include how you know when it’s probably time to move your lair, whether plaid and a beard can soften even the toughest villain, and whether 10 year olds are grown-ups. (Spoiler: They are not. Stop listening to Guy.)

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 1

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Rock Facts: “Mad Love”

Over the Garden Wall

As we discuss the brothers’ adventures in Quincy Endicott’s giant mansion, Brian and Truj discuss more about Fred the Horse’s motivations, the significance of the two pennies necessary to ride the ferry, and several live demonstrations of how fainting affects love.

Brian Hamilton and Allison Truj


Star Trek: Discovery S1E5 Review: “Choose Your Pain”

Star Trek: Discovery

Harry Mudd appears and hard choices must be made! Breaking down this week’s new episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” is only logical.

Scott McNulty with Jean MacDonald


In The Village: “A. B. and C.”

The Prisoner

Erika and Steven finally talk about one of the most important aspects of the entire show: the font. Also, about the deep insight we get into the mind of our hero — without actually learning anything beyond how formidable an opponent he can be.

And Erika remembers her segment in which she determines the outfit she’d most like to cosplay from this episode. Lots of party dresses to choose from in this one, but her selection may surprise you. It sure did Steven!

Be seeing you!

Steven Schapansky and Erika Ensign


Rock Facts: “Songs of the Dark Lantern”

Over the Garden Wall

Time for a little musical break! Truj and Brian discuss the Songs of the Dark Lantern, why they’re sung the way they are, and how they relate to the rest of the citizens of the Unknown. Also, Amazon purchasing logistics are discussed and Brian doesn’t know music.

Brian Hamilton and Allison Truj


Star Trek: Discovery S1E4: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For the Lamb’s Cry”

Star Trek: Discovery

Dan Moren joins Scott to discuss an episode featuring a surprise death at the hand of a not-so-monstrous monster, a whole lot more Klingon dialogue, a Special Guest Hologram, and the series’ first successful spore-enabled jump.

Scott McNulty with Dan Moren


The Defenders S1E5 review: “Take Shelter”

The Defenders

Lisa, Tony, and Moze continue on to episode 5!

We chat about confusion of the various character’s power levels (a classic nerd debate!), whether Bakuto is credible as a villain, and of course: character wardrobe analysis.

Also we mix up “Black Sky” and “Black Hand” a lot, sorry about that!

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar


Rock Facts: “Schooltown Follies”

Over the Garden Wall

Truj and Brian finally get to Schooltown Follies, the iconic Over the Garden Wall episode featuring catchy tunes and sweet animals going to school. Topics include a layer cake of anachronisms, extended versions of songs from the show, and how tasty molasses actually is.

Allison Truj and Brian Hamilton

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