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Daredevil S3E7 Review: “Aftermath”


Here is the episode of experimentation you have been waiting for. Golden Tony steps in to Hell’s Kitchen cold as ice. Tony agreed not watch any episodes of season 3, mostly because he is behind on some of his Marvel TV and the guy is just busy. The experiment was not without flaws, but the results should be on the record for your listening satisfaction. Moze was worried that “Aftermath” could be a furniture moving episode and become a flatline of interest for Tony. Was the hypothesis correct? Let us listen together and see.

Daredevil Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

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Star Trek: Discovery S2E5 Review: “Saints of Imperfection”

This week Section 31 collides with the Discovery, and the Discovery collides with the mycelial network. A lost soul is found! Jason does a victory lap at the mention of tachyons! And still no Spock.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Arrow S7E13 Review: “Star City Slayer”


This week, a MURDERER is afoot in Star City. The Speedy Arrowcast assembles its crack team of newly deputized vigilantes to track down important topics like who the hell uses a darkroom anymore, unexplained murderer monikers, Schrödinger’s children, multiple unexpected bombshells including a high-profile departure, and how to earn a good surprise reveal. (Basically, it’s jam-packed and you don’t want to miss it!) Plus, in Superhero Sweep we discuss a quartet of new animated shows coming from Disney and Hulu.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 13

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


Arrow S7E12 Review: “Emerald Archer”


This week on the Speedy Arrowcast, we’re filming a documentary! It’s getting into all the dark corners and pulling out important topics like why you should always go for the cost-effective vigilante costume, why it’s always nice to see old friends, and of course, foreign affairs from the early 1900s. Plus an abbreviated Superhero Sweep where we talk Avengers: Endgame conspiracy theories and Batwoman casting.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 12

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


Star Trek: Discovery S2E4 Review: “An Obol for Charon”

Star Trek: Discovery

This week the Discovery is waylaid by a red murderball, Saru learns what his threat ganglia are really for, all of engineering gets high on mushrooms, and Number One orders a hamburger. Scott and Jason break down this (overly?) busy episode.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Supergirl S4E11 Review: “Blood Memory”


This time we have sisters discussing sisters! Also under discussion: - new Alex; - dude-bro rage; - the keeping of far too many secrets; - Nia’s powerful, and painful, origin story

Edited by Deanna Chapman

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Deanna Chapman and Sarah Elkins


Daredevil S3E6 Review: “The Devil You Know”


What happens when the world we know gets controlled and affected by Wilson Fisk? You get a new kind of devil, and a recap by none other than Guy English and James Thomson with a little masterminding by Moze. The stakes are now rising as Matt continues his mission to shine a light on the Kingpin’s plans. Fisk, as always, is a few steps ahead of the game and introduces a new fly in the ointment—a Dexdevil.


Philip Mozolak with James Thomson and Guy English


Star Trek Discovery S2E3: “Point of Light”

Star Trek: Discovery

A very different kind of episode this week, as “Star Trek: Discovery” beams in three different plots. Do we really need more Klingons? What’s happening in the search for Spock? And is Tilly’s friend a friendly ghost or a dangerous alien spore blob? It’s also time to bring back the conspiracy corner segment, because Jason has some theories about the Red Angel.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Arrow S7E11 Review: “Past Sins”


This week on the Speedy Arrowcast, we assemble a squa—initiative of the most dangerous podcasters to cover important topics like charming Earth 2 fashion choices, why you should always mug for the camera, and how electricity works. Plus, in this week’s Superhero Sweep, we discuss the latest trailer for the upcoming season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season two of The Punisher (spoiler-free), and THIS IS NOT A DRILL live-action Sportsmaster coming soon to a TV near you.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 11

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Supergirl S4E10 Review: “Suspicious Minds”


Under discussion this time:

  • The towering hypocrisy of Kara opining that coverups always get found out.
  • Alternate plans to trap invisible creatures (silly string!)
  • The urgent need to have MIB-style memory flashy things.
  • New set alert! John Jones, PI
  • The possible impact of the mind wipe on Alex’s personality and identity

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Brianna Taeuber


The Good Place S3E12 Review: “Pandemonium”

The Good Place

The Bad Place has a new trick, which is to torment Team Cockroach by choosing residents designed to make them crazy. A gossip columnist for Tahani, an ex for Chidi and… an erased Chidi for Eleanor! The season three finale is the saddest timeline.

Sarah Gardner with Andrew Pontious and Javier Matusevich

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