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Doctor Who S10E7 Review: “Pyramid at the End of the World”

Doctor Who

The end of the world is coming. But from where? Is it the obvious choice… or something entirely different? And what are the Doctor and Bill willing to do about it? That’s all part of the intriguing premise of “The Pyramid at the End of the World”, this week’s Doctor Who episode. Chip Sudderth of This Week in Time Travel joins Jason to break it down.

Doctor Who Jason Snell with Chip Sudderth

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Supergirl S2E21 Review: “Resist”


In discussing the penultimate episode of Season 2, “Resist,” Trish and David praise the return of Cat Grant, rename Cyborg Superman to R2D2 and question the fictional lineage of Linda Carter’s alien-shape-shifter President. Also, Trish suggests giving Alaska to the Daxomites.

Edited by Seth Heasley, who as a born and bred Alaskan objects to Trish’s plan.

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Doctor Who S10E6 Review: “Extremis”

Doctor Who

A planet of executioners! A call from the Vatican! A surprise visit from Missy! Nardole’s bad-ass moment! Bill’s ruined date! There’s a whole lot to talk about in “Extremis”, Stephen Moffat’s latest (and last?) attempt to write a story that deviates from the “Doctor Who” norm. We liked it a lot, but that won’t stop us from nitpicking about how random number generators work…

Jason Snell with Dan Moren and James Thomson


The Flash S3E22 Review: “Infantino Street”

The Flash

“Infantino Street” is the episode season three has been building toward, in which Iris’s death at the hands of Savitar isn’t a distant probability but a reality Barry must face. The episode is interspersed with reminders of her impending doom. Twenty-four hours until Iris West dies, count down the episode with us.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar


Arrow S5E22 Review: “Missing”


Must be dinnertime, because there is some in-depth table setting going on this week. We discuss why you shouldn’t over spend your character budget, the joy of seeing old friends, and why maybe you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Plus, a cameo return from a fan favorite.

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 22

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


Supergirl S2E20 Review: “City of Lost Children”


Our listener panel reconvenes to discuss the episode “City of Lost Children”, which is sort of like “City on the Edge Of Forever”, except with… nope, that’s not it.

Edited by Seth Heasley.

Mandy Self with Alan Yu, Dan Drusch and David Schaub


Arrow S5E21 Review: “Honor Thy Fathers”


This episode does not strike quite true with our team this week. Discussion questions include “Can you really be surprised your dad is a murderer when he killed someone in front of you in the first episode?”, “Is your big bad perhaps a trifle overpowered when he seems to know as much or more than your audience?” and “Can we just have more Anatoly please?” Also, the possibility of t-shirts is broached.

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 21

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Doctor Who S10E5 Review: “Oxygen”

Doctor Who

Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of The Doctor and Bill, and maybe Nardole. Their mission: to seek out distress calls from strange space stations, and fight the end stage of capitalism before it kills everyone. Live from Seattle, Jason and Glenn discuss “Oxygen” by Jamie Mathieson from a big red couch.

Jason Snell with Glenn Fleishman


The Flash S3E21 Review: “Cause and Effect”

The Flash

Team Flash works on their Savitar trap, but in the meantime, what if we experimented on Barry’s brain in order to slow down Savitar? What could go wrong? And so amnesia hijinks ensue! With Barry having no memory and Wally’s powers reset, the city has no Flash, which is a problem when discount Heat Wave goes on a rampage. Killer Frost offers to help out Team Flash at the price of Barry’s innocence.

Lisa Schmeiser with Tony Sindelar and Philip Mozolak


Supergirl S2E19 Review: “Alex”


The Supergirl Supercast returns to discuss “Alex.” Tactical underwear are discussed, along with Alex’s many skillful MacGyverings.

Trish Matson with Michael Gabriel, David Schaub and Dan Drusch


Doctor Who S10E4 Review: “Knock Knock”

Doctor Who

A haunted house! A bunch of college students! Alien wood bugs! A parent’s love for a child! This episode had a whole lot of tropes, but to be honest, not much worked for us beyond Bill and The Doctor. If you’re looking to this podcast for a shot of positivity about “Doctor Who” every week, this week you will not be satisfied. On the other hand, if you’d like to hear us complain about “Knock Knock,” you’re in luck!

Jason Snell with Joe Rosensteel

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