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Perry Mason S1E6 review: “Chapter 6”

Perry Mason

We’re down to the final three episodes of HBO’s “Perry Mason” season one, and the trial of Emily Dodson finally begins. Speaking for the defense is one Perry Mason, who quickly finds he’s out of his league and running out of time to find out who killed Baby Charlie, while Sister Alice is hard at work trying to pull off an even bigger miracle. We see Della and Pete do what they do best and a reluctant ally comes to the fore, but it begs the question…is everyone going to see the case through to the end?

Perry Mason Devin Higgins and James Farner

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Perry Mason S1E5 review: “Chapter 5”

Perry Mason

Four episodes remain in Season 1 of HBO’s Perry Mason and it’s a moment of loss, reflection, crisis and galvanization for everyone involved. For an episode where the plot doesn’t advance more than a step, a lot happens in this fifth hour and it looks like we’re in for a heck of a showdown next week! Host Devin Higgins and returning co-host Kirk McPike are here to set the pieces on the chessboard!

Devin Higgins and Kirk McPike


Perry Mason S1E4 review: “Chapter 4”

Perry Mason

We’re halfway home in HBO’s Perry Mason miniseries and everything seems to be coming together and unraveling at the same time. In this episode we have snakes in boxes, corpses in sand traps, blasphemy, Chekhov’s Wingtip, and a sad end for E.B. Jonathan. Host Devin Higgins and the peripatetic raconteur himself, Dan Moren, are here to help sort it all out!

Devin Higgins with Dan Moren


Perry Mason S1E3 review: “Chapter 3”

Perry Mason

The plot thickens in Chapter Three of HBO’s “Perry Mason” miniseries. Our trio finds themselves on the back foot, Paul Drake has to decide what side of the blue line he wants to be on, Sister Alice has conversations with both Perry and God, and Lupe the pilot makes her return! We’re back again to sift through the minutiae.

Devin Higgins with Kirk McPike


Perry Mason S1E2 Review: “Chapter 2”

Perry Mason

Chapter Two of HBO’s Perry Mason revival sees the eight-episode miniseries shift into high gear with character development, misdirections, war scenes and Tatiana Maslany! Trying to keep pace and break it all down are host Devin Higgins and co-host Kirk McPike!

Devin Higgins with Kirk McPike


Perry Mason S1E1 Review: “Chapter 1”

Perry Mason

HBO decided to revive Perry Mason with an eight-episode miniseries, and we decided to do a dive into whether or not it was a good idea, how much different it is from the classic 50’s version our parents or grandparents knew and loved, and break down “Chapter 1.”

Devin Higgins with Jason Johnson


Punisher War Journal: S2E12-13

The Punisher

Here we are at the final chapter of Frank’s tale. Much has happened to the world around us as we land this series. The Punisher is as controversial as any of the Marvel properties at this point and Frank just cannot catch a break. After the Netflix season slump we were very worried if the story could stick the landing. Did it? Well, you’ll just have to join us for our final push to get out of New York.

Our next endeavor is still being considered, so please feel free to tweet @moze to recommend a new teevee series to unpack and recap. New or old, it doesn’t matter.

Philip Mozolak and Devin Higgins with Sean Schbley, Eric Scott and Jason Johnson


Supergirl S5E19 Review: “Immortal Kombat”


We Discuss:

  • Lena!!!
  • Brainy needing a win.
  • Dreamer paying attention.
  • Kara’s ONE mistake and her inability to hold a grudge.
  • Believing in great editing.
  • Alex’s “disguise”.
  • The power of imagination.
  • Heat vision surgery super-science.
  • Lex saving people.
  • The remaining Leviathan mysteries.

Editor: David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Alan Yu


Punisher War Journal: S2E10-11

The Punisher

As we near the the final stretch, the boys wonder what might be happening to this season. Moze casts doubts, and shines a light of criticism over episode 10. These two episodes have a ton of narrative weight to move in order to wrap the season. It feels a bit like a modern day Game of Thrones, and that’s activating the Worry Meter as Frank’s world comes to a close.

Philip Mozolak with Eric Scott, Devin Higgins and Jason Johnson


Supergirl S5E18 Review: “The Missing Link”


We Discuss:

  • Lena’s response to failure
  • Lex’s EXTRA vindictiveness
  • Nia’s dream interpretation failures
  • M’Gann and J’onn’s great heroism
  • Brainy’s life hitting bottom
  • Librarian Samwise’s wisdom
  • Kelly and William’s Flailing
  • Alex’s future costume
  • Jarhanpurians’ strangeness
  • Lena and Kara’s great last scene
  • and the power of USB flash drives

Edited by David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Alan Yu


Supergirl S5E17 Review: “Deus Lex Machina”


We Discuss:

  • This great little kinda-clip episode;
  • How EVERYTHING is Lex’s fault;
  • Earth-Prime’s impressive Lillian;
  • Chekhov’s pysanka?
  • Disappointment with Lena’s characterization;
  • Unexplained mice;
  • Lex’s tipping point and future fall;
  • Eve cruelty;
  • Sad VR;
  • Season finale production discussion.

Edited by David Schaub

Trish Matson with Alan Yu and David Schaub

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