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Supergirl S4E08 Review: “Bunker Hill”


Plot points:

  • Nia Nal’s powers are revealed.
  • Manchester Black’s creepy horror movie home invasion
  • Agent Liberty’s poor choice of secret hideouts on his own property
  • The new President isn’t evil, but is a bit of a populist ass.

Discussion points:

  • What does “Cards up” mean?
  • The possibility of weaponized shouting and/or spit in the right Superhands.
  • The incredible durability of Lockwood Steel (nicely surviving a Super drop test)
  • Supergirl winning the battle but losing the PR war.

Supergirl Trish Matson with David Schaub

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The Good Place S3E9 review: “Janet(s)”

The Good Place

In Janet’s void, everyone is D’arcy Carden. Think Funny Tatiana Maslany in a blank, white space. It causes Eleanor to have an identity crisis, which is calmed by a momentous smooch. Michael and Janet pull the gang through to Accounting, then send them up a pneumatic tube to the ACTUAL FORKING GOOD PLACE!

Javier Matusevich and Sarah Gardner


The Good Place S3E8 Review: “Don’t Let The Good Life Pass You By”

The Good Place

Michael and Janet discover the system is rigged by spending time in Canada with miserable, point-confined Doug Forcett (and kicking Shawn/demon butt). Eleanor expresses her love to Chidi just as the gang absconds to Janet’s void. By dying! NBD.

Rachel Addleman with Sarah Gardner and Marcos Huerta


Doctor Who S11E10 Review: “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”

Doctor Who

The Series 11 finale is here! Annette Wierstra joins Jason to discuss the season as a whole and the final episode in particular. How does Graham’s story arc resolve? Does the plot matter? Is the villain particularly villainous? Can dimensionally transcendent beings be impressed by a TARDIS? It’s the last Doctor Who Flashcast of 2018, but the moment has been prepared for. See you on New Year’s Day!

Jason Snell with Annette Wierstra


Legends of Tomorrow S4E7 Review: “Hell No, Dolly!”

Legends of Tomorrow

Not unlike the Legends themselves, the Legendscast takes a somewhat non-linear approach to episodes, returning from their travels to cover the latest episode of the time-traveling misfits, which includes a surprisingly interesting look at resident criminal Mick, a murderous puppet, and a mustache that no one will soon forget.

Legends of Tomorrow, Season 4, Episode 7

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Lisa Schmeiser with Dan Moren and Tony Sindelar


Arrow S7E7-8 Review: “The Slabside Redemption/Unmasked”


This week, we three Green Arrows have returned with a double whammy and plenty of big developments for our favorite Emerald Archer. Key discussion topics include not-so-secret identities, what to do when your wife shoots someone in your living room, the mystery of the disappearing Dig, and how archery trick shots can make up for so many woes. Then, in our Superhero Sweep, we run (haha) down the teaser for this year’s Elseworlds crossover and get pumped up for the arrival of Captain Marvel.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 8

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Supergirl S4E07 Review: “Rather the Fallen Angel”


This week, the episode is all about plans!

  • Lena trying to give Subject-0331 powers
  • Agent Liberty trying to kill Supergirl and blow up the “Statue of Liberty for Aliens”
  • Manchester Black’s trading Supergirl’s life for a chance to kill Agent Liberty.

Do the plans all make sense? We’ll leave it to you to decide. (But the answer is no.)

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Doctor Who S11E9 Review: “It Takes You Away”

Doctor Who

As the season nears its end, we discuss an episode featuring a blind girl, a cabin in the woods, a mysterious mirror, and a missing father. There are also, surprisingly, a creepy Farscape-style labyrinth, flesh moths, and a nigh-omnipotent talking frog whose name is disappointingly not Calgon.

Jason Snell with James Thomson


Supergirl S4E06 Review: “Call to Action”


In this episode, Lena makes a discovery while failing to cure cancer, Manchester Black takes to torture, Ben Lockwood takes to TV, and Supergirl talks down a dragon. Meanwhile, Brainy is still mostly comic relief but does get to have one great operatic fight.

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Daredevil S3E3 Review: “No Good Deed”


Welcome to the 500th episode of TeeVee, Woot Woot! For this grand occasion, Moze reached deep into our pocket of talent to give the listeners The King of Scotland, James Thomson. We gathered our thoughts on just who is the best Bullseye and the impact it may have on Marvel canon. We also pose the question, “Will you pay for Disney Streaming?” As per usual Moze has predictions for the season and James neither confirms nor denies his mystical powers of narrative. Capping off James and Moze give “homework” to each other and to you, our powerful listeners.

No Good Deed

Philip Mozolak with James Thomson


Doctor Who S11E8 Review: “The Witchfinders”

Doctor Who

“Doctor Who” ventures to Lancashire’s Pendle Hill this week for a story of King James, witch trials, and alien mud zombies. Jason’s guest is Lancashire’s own Antony Johnston (writer of Atomic Blonde, Wasteland, and The Fuse), who gives this episode a bit of a fact-check. But most of the time we’re just talking about how much we enjoyed Alan Cumming’s performance, the logistics of a three-companion TARDIS, and the merits of Chris Chibnall’s very different vision of the show.

Jason Snell with Antony Johnston

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