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Daredevil Rewind S3E11: “Reunion”


Just where is Vanessa?! Spoilers for a show that’s a year old … almost. We’re back, provoked by Twitter guidance. This episode does finally reunite our three heroes, Matt, Karen and Foggy, just like the old days. Time to get invincible and pull that kingpin down!

Daredevil Philip Mozolak with Sam Adams

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Westworld SDCC Season 3 Trailer Reaction


Your “hosts” Kelly and Don are back, timer in tow with their reactions to the trailer that debuted at SDCC and their reactions to saddling up the podcasting horse again. Enjoy!

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Daredevil Rewind S3E10: “Karen”


When it comes to family owned and operated Moze found a special guest. Sam Adams, member and conversationalist, joins for a powerful rewinding of “Karen.” What did we learn abut her that we didn’t know? Why does her father dismiss her in previous episodes? How is her story important to Murdock and Dex? Get your Kingpin bald cap on and let us dive in!

Philip Mozolak with Sam Adams


Supergirl S4E22 Review: “The Quest for Peace”


We discuss:

  • Strange flashbacks

  • Various gambits

  • Luthor family tea

  • The future of Harun-El

  • Big Fights

  • Lena and Kara competing to be the biggest dummy

  • Nia being too understanding

  • George being awesome

  • The entire season and our hopes and fears for next.

Edited by Deanna Chapman

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Supergirl S4E21 Review: “Red Dawn”


We discuss:

  • Alex remembering

  • The DEO lying about what triangulation means

  • Super Fighting

  • Lena being risky

  • Brainy & Dreamer having stupid stupid stupid plans

  • Everything else happening off screen

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Deanna Chapman


Game of Thrones S8E6 Review: “The Iron Throne”

Game of Thrones

It’s over. Turns out asking who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne was asking the wrong question. Someone goes Into the West but someone else is the true Frodo of this situation. Tyrion arranges some chairs. Fateful decisions are made. And we ponder the meaning of final episodes of TV series. Please join Jason and Brian as they search their feelings about “Game of Thrones” one last time before the end of the Game of Thrones Flashcast.

Jason Snell and Brian Hamilton


Daredevil S3E9 Review: “Revelations”


Oh true believers, Matt’s already shaky world is tilting on its axis and he learns a shocking truth. Karen is now on a run for her life, but why?. Our own Special Agent Nadeem discovers how deep the Fisk long game actually goes. 4th dimensional chess anyone? Join Moze and Vic Hudson for a breakdown of how Hell’s Kitchen responds.

Philip Mozolak


Arrow S7E22 Review: “You Have Saved This City”


At last, the penultimate season of Arrow draws to a close. The city is saved…but what of the multiverse? We discuss why this season finale feels more like a series finale, housing prices in neighborhoods full of ex-spies, original Team Arrow moments, and the importance of having sentient bullets if you want to solve the gun violence problem. Also, there’s a very intense creepy guy hanging out in John’s office.

And then, some sad show news as we announce this is the last episode of the Speedy Arrowcast…but we also detail our brand new show, coming next week!

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Arrow, Season 7, Episode 22

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Supergirl S4E20 Review: “Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”


We discuss:

  • Lena & Kara learning things in Kasnia, while Kara makes incomprehensible decisions.

  • Alex & Kelley bonding while Alex is still not doing her job;

  • Lockwood losing it, and being a really sucky dad;

Wait… this is ALSO not an episode about Eve.

Sponsored by the Supergirl Supercar!

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Game of Thrones S8E5 Review: “The Bells”

Game of Thrones

So it’s come to this, the climactic penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones.” Jason and Brian both enjoyed the spectacle while having some pretty serious thoughts about the character decisions the show is suddenly making. Jason has a not-so-wild theory about how the show will end. Brian climbs on top of a mountain of rubble and declares it his conspiracy corner. Jason invokes President Truman. We try to explain scorpion geometry. There’s a “Princess Bride” reference.

(We’ll be back a day late next week for the final episode! See you then.)

Jason Snell and Brian Hamilton


Arrow S7E21 Review: “Living Proof”


Another week, another fan favorite character returns, and we here on the Speedy Arrowcast are psyched for this penultimate entry in the penultimate season. We discuss the importance of tripping balls at least once a season or so, how parkour can save lives, why sometimes it takes a ghost to convince you not to kill people, and why we avoided turning the show into a drinking game. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we discuss the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and what it means for the future of the MCU.

Programming Note: We will be broadcasting live for next week’s season finale! Tune in at The Incomparable live stream on Tuesday, May 14 at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 21

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English

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