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The Good Place Rewind: S1E5-6

The Good Place

Relax at the spa with your soul-friends, have one of a zillion new frozen yogurt flavors, and listen to Team Cockroach chat about another two episodes of Season 1.

The Good Place Andrew Pontious with Rachel Addleman, Sarah Gardner and Javier Matusevich

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Game of Thrones s1e7 Rewind: “You Win Or You Die”

Game of Thrones

Kelly Guimont joins us once again, this time to discuss the episode where it all goes south. (Though to be fair, from the perspective of the wildings, everything’s south.) Tywin guts a symbolic stag! The assorted rapists and friendless wretches of the Night’s Watch get a pep talk and take an oath! Drogo seriously khalsplains to Dany. Ros auditions for Littlefinger in the show’s most eye-rolling sexposition scene yet. And King Robert is dead, long live… uh, Ned, are you sure you want to make this bad decision?

Jason Snell with Kelly Guimont, Monty Ashley and Brian Hamilton


The Good Place Rewind: S1E3-4

The Good Place

Is your friendship plant catching on fire? Think good thoughts and listen to Team Cockroach continue recapping season 1 episodes, joined by special guest Dan Moren.

Andrew Pontious with Rachel Addleman, Sarah Gardner, Javier Matusevich and Dan Moren


Game of Thrones s1e6 Rewind: “A Golden Crown”

Game of Thrones

Kelly Guimont joins Brian, Monty, and Jason to discuss an action-packed first-season episode (with spoilers for the rest of the run of show, of course). In this episode, Tyrion participates in a SNL sketch that may lead to his death in one of many different ways, but instead he survives a Trial By Combat that seals this show’s ultimate character pairing: Tyrion and Bronn. Ros the prostitute heads south. Dany tries to cook an egg and eat a horse heart. Viserys gets what’s coming to him. And Jason, gray of hair, watches in horror as Ned very laboriously figures out that Joffrey is really a Lannister.

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley, Brian Hamilton and Kelly Guimont


Voltron: Legendary Defender S7 review

Voltron: Legendary Defender

We’re not sure whether Moisés is flying the Black Lion or the IGF-Atlas, but either way it’s his turn to lead our largest panel ever as we dissect Voltron’s darkest season. We discuss the Garrison’s unfortunate approach to succession planning; the merits of Garfle, Warfle, AND Snick; the Paladins’ shipping forecast; and more!

Moisés Chiullan with Shannon Sudderth, Chip Sudderth, Antony Johnston, Alyssa Franke and Kyle Anderson


The Good Place Rewind: S1E1 and S1E2

The Good Place

Open your eyes, follow the nice white-haired man into his office, and listen to Team Cockroach’s first season 1 recap episode. Clowns, the joke machine, Florence Nightingale, and more. Join us!

Andrew Pontious with Rachel Addleman, Sarah Gardner and Javier Matusevich


The Good Place Rewind: S2E3-4

The Good Place

The thought of eternal death getting you down? Don’t despair, listen to Team Cockroach as they finish up the very last recaps of season 2, joined by David J. Loehr.

Andrew Pontious with Rachel Addleman, Sarah Gardner, Javier Matusevich and David J. Loehr


Game of Thrones s1e5 Rewind: “The Wolf and the Lion”

Game of Thrones

Here’s where it all really gets started. The assassination of Jon Arryn leads the Starks and Lannisters into conflict. Varys and Littlefinger plot their individual plots, and joust with one another (verbally) while the Mountain and the Knight of Flowers joust with one another (literally). Robert and Cersei have a cold, clear conversation. And is killing Dany and her unborn child the right move for a thoroughly Peter Principled King Robert to make? We break it all down.

(Spoilers for seasons 1-7 are inside. Don’t listen if you’re a first-time viewer!)

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley


Game of Thrones S1E4 Rewind: “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”

Game of Thrones

Kathy Campbell joins Jason and Monty in our spoiler-filled rewatch of season one of “Game of Thrones.” In this episode, we stay on brand by frustrating pedantic fans with our utter failure to recall what Littlefinger is up to or why he had Jon Arryn assassinated. Also, it’s the triumphant debut of sexposition; debuts for Sam, Bronn, Gendry, and the three-eyed Raven; Arya stays true to herself; and we pay tribute to Ros, the hardest-working whore in Westeros.

Jason Snell with Kathy Campbell and Monty Ashley


Game of Thrones S1E3 Rewind: “Lord Snow”

Game of Thrones

Our (spoiler-filled) rewatch of Season 1 of “Game of Thrones” continues with the incredibly dense third episode, in which Ned arrives at King’s Landing, Jon arrives at Winterfell, and Dany finally realizes that she’s got way more authority than her stupid brother.

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley and Brian Hamilton


“Game of Thrones” S1E2 Rewind: “The Kingsroad”

Game of Thrones

Our re-watch of the first season of “Game of Thrones” reaches its surprisingly key second episode, where Ned tells Jon he’ll explain his parentage later, Joffrey decides to have a bit of fun with the butcher’s boy, Dany gets some intimacy tips from a handmaiden, and the direwolves have perhaps the most screen time they’ll ever get. RIP Lady.

(Note that if you’re looking for a spoiler-free look at “Game of Thrones”, this isn’t it. We discuss where the series is going up to the end of the penultimate season.)

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley and Brian Hamilton

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