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Doctor Who S12E9 review: “Ascension of the Cybermen”

Doctor Who

When this season’s available as a binge watch you’ll forget this gap ever even happened. We’re here to discuss the first half of the “Doctor Who” season finale, which is a little like reviewing the first half of a book or movie. What will happen next week? We have endless theories and no hard evidence! Are these red herrings we see before us? Why is the Lone Cyberman so effective as a villain? Ko Sharmus isn’t a planet, he’s a person! Bring on Barack Stemis.

Doctor Who Jason Snell with James Thomson

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Doctor Who S12E8 review: “The Haunting of Villa Diodati”

Doctor Who

Did “Doctor Who” create “Frankenstein”, or did “Frankenstein” create “Doctor Who”? It’s worth pondering as we discuss an episode in which Mary Shelley encounters some notable time travelers, Lord Byron is really into the Doctor, and Graham eats a spooky sandwich. Recorded live in Los Angeles at the Gallifrey One convention, nearly every “Doctor Who” podcaster watched this episode in a single room—and then fled to their own individual rooms to record episodes about it. This one is ours.

Jason Snell with Annette Wierstra and Jean MacDonald


Doctor Who S12E7 review: “Can You Hear Me?”

Doctor Who

This week Houman Sadri joins Jason to discuss angry gods, quick resolutions, animation, nightmare fuel, the realities of being a “Doctor Who” companion, and the importance of seeking help when you are struggling, all embedded inside a discussion of this week’s episode. Plus, we dive deep into conspiracy corner to talk further about the ramifications of “Prisoner of the Judoon” and how it hangs over every dramatic moment of this episode.

Jason Snell with Houman Sadri


The Good Place S4E13 review: “Whenever You’re Ready”

The Good Place

Team Cockroach rides into the sunset with this last episode of the flashcast, as we all recall our memories and say goodbye to our friends.

Andrew Pontious with Javier Matusevich, Sarah Gardner and Rachel Addleman


Supergirl S5E11 Review: “Back From the Future, Part One”


We Discuss:

  • Convoluted Lex plots;
  • Brainy’s big feels;
  • New secrets;
  • Wynn not helping Nia,
  • Some weak pep-talks;
  • Nia reduced to punchy-punchy;
  • What’s up with Acrata;
  • Q-waves being beaches from the future;
  • Our search for continuity;
  • A new tower;
  • And the woes of the internet and technology;

Edited by David Schaub

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Doctor Who S12E6 review: “Praxeus”

Doctor Who

This week Jason and guest Antony Johnston form two points of a globe-spanning triangle! But rather than solving an international mystery, we’ll just discuss the latest episode of “Doctor Who,” which trades last week’s momentous canon-altering events for a fun adventure romp that works pretty well. Is that one guy hiding under a boat somewhere? Where did that text message come from? Two middle-aged men stick up for Graham! Yaz gets to use her police skills! Ryan is an impressive adventurer who works out! We cover it all… in plastic.

Jason Snell with Antony Johnston


Supergirl S5E10 Review: “The Bottle Episode”


We Discuss:

  • post crisis multi-verse and memories strangeness
  • new backstories
  • so many unknowns
  • chess games hopes
  • Lena’s choices
  • some good, some bad arguments
  • economy of Brainys
  • more lies
  • and a bit about post-crisis Black Lightning

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Doctor Who S12E5 review: “Fugitive of the Judoon”

Doctor Who

The Judoon return! And that’s what everyone will be talking about when they finish this episode. Or… maybe not. Jason needs to bring in both of our Lazy Doctor Who podcasters to help him spin conspiracy theories and try to come to grips with all the surprises in this episode. Doctor’s orders: Do not listen to this podcast before watching the episode!

Jason Snell with Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


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Jason Snell


The Good Place S4E12 Review: Patty

The Good Place

The gang finally arrives on The Good Place, and are pleased with the sound of chimes and the beautiful landscaping, but things aren’t what they seem.

Andrew Pontious with Sarah Gardner, Rachel Addleman and Javier Matusevich


Supergirl Supercast: “Crisis on Infinite Earths, Parts 4-5”


We Discuss:

  • This wonderful hot-mess of a cross-over;
  • Strange backstories;
  • All the big fight setups;
  • Viewer surrogate Ryan gets all the great lines;
  • The need to save hell-scape Freeland;
  • The soft-reboot consequences;
  • Filler plots digressions that accomplish nothing;
  • Comparisons with the comic.
  • What’s with Superman’s memory

Edited by David Schaub.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

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