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In The Village: “It’s Your Funeral”

The Prisoner

Erika and Steven discuss multiple theories about multiple number 2s. And Erika disagrees with received fan wisdom (to no one’s surprise). She also gets to use the word “oleaginous”, which is always a good time.

Be seeing you!

The Prisoner Steven Schapansky and Erika Ensign

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Supergirl S3E8 Review: “Crisis on Earth-X”


Our panel discusses the 4-part crossover in a slightly jumbo episode. Topics under consideration are the fact that the bad guys get the best lines, Snart is entirely awesome, and who decided on the Earth numbering scheme, anyway?

Michael Gabriel with Trish Matson, David Schaub, Brianna Taeuber and Jess Viator


Supergirl S3E7 Review: “Wake Up”


Our panel briefly discusses Martian bladder capacity, Mon-El’s evasiveness, and Sam’s disappointing “waking” to become Reign.

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Voltron: Legendary Defender S4 review

Voltron: Legendary Defender

What probably should have been the second half of Season 3 was released in October as Season 4, but the status quo changes kept on coming! Four brave rebels in the Voltron Coalition debate the merits of Power Rangers tours, muse upon the challenges of marrying Action for Kids with Complex Political Storytelling, and wonder just what the hell Lotor is up to.

Shannon Sudderth with Chip Sudderth, Dan Moren and Alyssa Franke


Arrow S6E8 Review: “Crisis on Earth-X”


A time like this comes only once per year: it’s crossover season. Team Speedy Arrowcast assembles to discuss the entire four-way crossover of DC’s TV universe (Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), and fields live questions from readers. At the end, only one co-host will be left standing.

Important topics of discussions include DC’s stellar job at inclusivity and diversity, John Diggle’s superpower, why superheroes should never get married, our delight over the return of a familiar face, and our frustration over the story’s major death. Plus, we review reader suggestions for our new rating rubric.

Crisis on Earth-X

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


In The Village: “Hammer into Anvil”

The Prisoner

Steven and Erika enjoy seeing our hero succeed at something for a change. And to do it so deviously? Lovely. Lovely enough to forgive the lack of cosplay options.

And Steven was right; “It’s Your Funeral” is the next ep.

Be seeing you!

Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky


Arrow S6E7 Review: “Thanksgiving”


It’s the time of the year when we give thanks. Even when the episode in question raises important issues like “when is it okay for vigilantes to beat up fake cops?” And “should you really be fighting about your startup name while there’s a bomb threat?” And, perhaps most significantly, “Billy Joel?!” But, hey, at least we got a character back!

(Note that this episode does contain minor discussion of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, which will itself be covered more fully in the future.)

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 7

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


The Punisher War Journal: Episodes 1-3

The Punisher

It is time to punch and claw our way through the new Marvel Netflix series, “The Punisher.” We met Frank Castle during Daredevil Season 2, now we meet the man behind the trigger and pain. A special elite hit squad of Incomparable listeners join Moze for a mission to discuss how The Punisher falls inside the Marvel Universe.


Philip Mozolak with Devin Higgins, Eric Scott, Jason Johnson and Sean Schbley


In The Village: “Checkmate”

The Prisoner

Erika and Steven discuss one of the more straightforward episodes of The Prisoner. Straightforwardly.

Be seeing you!

Steven Schapansky and Erika Ensign


Supergirl S3E6 Review: “Midvale”


Our panel questions why the kids at Midvale High are oddly meh about the murder (or even just death) of a student, the fact that apparently of everyone at the DEO, only J’onn J’onzz owns a car, and the vagaries of Alex and Kara coming to terms with their recent relationship trouble.

Also, Trish is clearly not over the Maggie-Alex breakup, because she just can’t stop calling Alex “Maggie.”

Trish Matson with Alan Yu, Brianna Taeuber and Scott Grizzle


Arrow S6E6 Review: “Promises Kept”


This week on the Speedy Arrowcast we discuss the conclusion of the two-part Deathstroke arc. Hot topics include why you shouldn’t put your gang’s hideout in a high school gymnasium, the old “throw a grenade and run away” trick, and the odd choice of revealing that you were a child psychopath and that you have a secret sibling in one fell swoop.

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 6

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English

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