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Arrow S6E15 Review: “Doppelgänger”


This week, a fan favorite returns to Arrow. But that doesn’t stem our questions: Why do you train fighters on a disco dance floor? What kind of plan involves getting arrested by the police that you may or may not control? And when you’ve seen a character switch sides three or four times, can the stakes get any lower?

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 15

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Arrow Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz

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The Alienist S1E06 review: “Ascension”

The Alienist

Stakeouts, chases, false starts, disappointments, and still we learn new things. We learn that Stevie makes an awful girl. We learn that Moore may be turning over a new leaf. We learn that Sara understands why men will never be good at typing. Yeah, typing. And we learn a little more of the truth behind Kreizler’s childhood. J. P. Morgan issues a veiled threat. And we learn who the murderer most definitely is not…

David J. Loehr with Jessica Epstein


The Alienist S1E05 review: “Hildebrandt’s Starling”

The Alienist

We come to the halfway point in the series, and Kreizler’s more puzzled than ever. Moore proposes to Sara—in jest? What if he were serious? But she doesn’t answer that question. After a visit to character actor David Warner, Kreizler takes Moore on a trip to Sing Sing. But it’s only after a visit to an Episcopal church that Kreizler realizes the murderer’s pattern isn’t the numbers of the dates…and Roosevelt rides into action to catch the killer…or does he?

David J. Loehr with Jessica Epstein


Westworld Rewind, S1E3: “The Stray”


Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you some news, some in-depth discussion of #NoFrameWasted, and continue to amuse themselves (and hopefully you) with theories about what happens in Season Two. (Insert spoiler warning here)

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Arrow S6E14 Review: “Collision Course”


The Speedy Arrowcast team is at odds this week as we discuss when characters act like adults or not, why assuming your very public doppelganger’s identity may not be the best idea, and whether bringing the spitting image of your deceased daughter to a remote cabin in the woods crosses the old “too creepy” line.

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 14

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


Luther Rewind: S1E1-3


After a small hiatus the Broken Boys are back with a rewatching of the BBC’s Luther starring Idris Elba. With the upcoming new season of Luther within reach, the boys decided to take a hard look at Luther to discuss the intricacies of this acclaimed show.


Philip Mozolak and Devin Higgins with Eric Scott, Jason Johnson and Sean Schbley


Supergirl S3E13 Review: “Both Sides Now”


Team Supergirl goes after Purity with all the subtlety of Johnny Weir’s hair! The show gets a villian who’s as interesting as her alter-ego for a change, Mon-El and Imra carry the CW drama for the week, and Alex seems to be prone to drastic changes in behavior from one scene to the next.

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Jess Viator


The Alienist S1E04 review: “These Bloody Thoughts”

The Alienist

Everyone is watching someone this time around. Kreizler meets an old patient and discovers some simplistic psychology. Sara observes a young mother with an empty perambulator. Moore asks Mary out to a moving picture show. The Issacson brothers are looking to the sky and discover how the killer climbs up and down. And by the end, the killer is perhaps watching the entire group as they wonder why Kreizler has called them all together—as does Kreizler, who did not. Surveillance takes its toll…

David J. Loehr with Jessica Epstein


Arrow S6E12-13 Review: “All For Nothing/The Devil’s Greatest Trick”


With Dan finally done being trapped on an island, the team reconvenes for a two-fer. We discuss important questions like why a genius super-hacker has really bad password hygiene, when you shouldn’t get in a car with Quentin Lance, and why kids make nonsensical decisions when the plot forces them to.

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 12-13

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Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English


Westworld Rewind, S1E2: “Chestnut”


Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you a bit of news, their thoughts on what they want aside from the television episodes, and introduce you to the Patron Saint of the Uncanny Valley.

Note: Discussion of the Super Bowl ad happened in a bonus episode you can hear separately.

Kelly Guimont with Don Melton


Supergirl S3E12 Review: “For Good”


Multiple assassination attempts! The reappearance of Lena’s annoying mother, who has the virtue of at least being more interesting than Edge. Oh, and what’s up with Sam/Reign’s physiology?

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber

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