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Doctor Who S10E11 Review: “World Enough and Time”

Doctor Who

So it’s come to this. The penultimate episode of the season. A pre-credits regeneration tease. An enormous spaceship where all is not what it seems. The adventures of Doctor Who, Exposition, and Comic Relief. A surprise inside a surprise. A return to good ol’ Body Horror Cybermen. And a shock ending magnified by its placement at the end of an era, when all bets are off.

Doctor Who Jason Snell with Aleen Simms

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Doctor Who S10E10 Review: “The Eaters of Light”

Doctor Who

Scotland, monsters, Roman soldiers, and the return of Rona Munro to “Doctor Who” after nearly thirty years—that’s what we have in “The Eaters of Light.” Jason and David appreciate the sparkling dialogue, while trying to ignore some of the plot mechanics. And finally, we spend some time talking about Missy’s story arc and the best role of The Master in a modern version of “Doctor Who.”

Jason Snell with David J. Loehr


Doctor Who S10E9 Review: “Empress of Mars”

Doctor Who

The Ice Warriors return, as does (somewhat controversial) writer Mark Gatiss, in “Empress of Mars.” This episode felt like classic series “Doctor Who”, and piled on the old-series references too. How did we feel it measured up to this season, and to Gatiss’s previous work? How convenient was it that the TARDIS and Nardole disappeared? And was it a nice respite before we dive into late-season drama?

Jason Snell with James Thomson


Supergirl S2E22 Review: “Nevertheless, She Persisted”


The Supergirl Supercast wraps the season with coverage of the finale! Nevertheless, they persisted.

Michael Gabriel with Scott Grizzle, Mandy Self and David Schaub


Doctor Who S10E8 Review: “The Lie of the Land”

Doctor Who

The Zombie Monks have taken earth! Now it’s time for Bill to save the world—with the occasional help of Nardole—so long as the Doctor doesn’t keep getting in the way. Plus, Missy is trying to be good—but is it the wrong kind of good? Rachel Donner joins Jason to talk about this week’s “Doctor Who”, plus “Wonder Woman” (no spoilers), and even a little bit of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Jason Snell with Rachel Donner


Arrow S5E23 Review: “Lian Yu”


Everything comes full circle as we reach what is not only the end of the season, but of Oliver Queen’s five year journey.

We discuss Slade Wilson’s grooming habits, this episode’s many (and sometimes unnecessary) twists, another welcome throwback cameo, and bidding adieu to that remote island we love to hate, Lian Yu. What lies next for the Speedy Arrowcast team? You tell us!

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 23

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz


The Flash S3E23 Review: “Finish Line”

The Flash

Here we are at the end of our marathon. Lisa, Tony and Moze look at how the season finale paid off our predictions. What will season four look like? And the Flashcast team gives its fond goodbyes to you, the listeners, after a marvelous three years.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar


Doctor Who S10E7 Review: “Pyramid at the End of the World”

Doctor Who

The end of the world is coming. But from where? Is it the obvious choice… or something entirely different? And what are the Doctor and Bill willing to do about it? That’s all part of the intriguing premise of “The Pyramid at the End of the World”, this week’s Doctor Who episode. Chip Sudderth of This Week in Time Travel joins Jason to break it down.

Jason Snell with Chip Sudderth


Supergirl S2E21 Review: “Resist”


In discussing the penultimate episode of Season 2, “Resist,” Trish and David praise the return of Cat Grant, rename Cyborg Superman to R2D2 and question the fictional lineage of Linda Carter’s alien-shape-shifter President. Also, Trish suggests giving Alaska to the Daxomites.

Edited by Seth Heasley, who as a born and bred Alaskan objects to Trish’s plan.

Trish Matson with David Schaub


Doctor Who S10E6 Review: “Extremis”

Doctor Who

A planet of executioners! A call from the Vatican! A surprise visit from Missy! Nardole’s bad-ass moment! Bill’s ruined date! There’s a whole lot to talk about in “Extremis”, Stephen Moffat’s latest (and last?) attempt to write a story that deviates from the “Doctor Who” norm. We liked it a lot, but that won’t stop us from nitpicking about how random number generators work…

Jason Snell with Dan Moren and James Thomson


The Flash S3E22 Review: “Infantino Street”

The Flash

“Infantino Street” is the episode season three has been building toward, in which Iris’s death at the hands of Savitar isn’t a distant probability but a reality Barry must face. The episode is interspersed with reminders of her impending doom. Twenty-four hours until Iris West dies, count down the episode with us.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

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