Lizbeth Myles

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

515: Guitar Riff for Grandma

493: Maybe They've Got Evil Droids

460: Three and a Half Mothers

447: Look at Potatoes Differently

403: Computers Are Educational

391: You Stole My Layer

372: Jedi Inflation is a Serious Problem

369: We've Eaten All the Vegetables

332: She's the Han Solo

319: Squirting Milky Fluid

313: The Ziggurats of Yavin IV

278: Fake Jedi Boy

Random Trek

212: "Operation -- Annihilate!" (TOS) with Liz Myles

138: "Imperfection" (VOY) with L.M. Myles

58: "The Visitor" (DS9) with L.M. Myles


610: Doctor Who S12E4 review: "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror"

606: Doctor Who S12E2 review: "Spyfall, Part 2"

487: Doctor Who S11E5 review: "The Tsuranga Conundrum"

380: Star Trek: Discovery S1E13 Review: "What's Past is Prologue"

306: Star Trek: Discovery S1E3 Review: "Context is for Kings"

242: Doctor Who S10E3 Review: "Thin Ice"

123: Doctor Who S9E12 review: "Hell Bent"

114: Doctor Who S9E9: "Sleep No More"

Total Party Kill

232: Seize Him!

231: Food Pyramid

230: Surprised By a Shadow

229: Leveling Up

228: An Adequately Sized Frog

227: Hey, Where's Your Frog?

226: I'm Goblin Here!

225: Posh Bugbear

224: The Couch of the Garden

223: You've Killed a Tree!

222: Look At My Beautiful Cone

221: Send in Meepo!

220: Every Death Is a Data Point

219: Murder Sesame Street

218: This Fountain Counts Rats

217: Reading is Fundamental

216: Trust Me, I've Got a Plan

215: Combat is for Feelings

214: Hit the Rat!

213: The Best Adventures Start With Lies

212: Oakhurst & Beyond

Game Show

137: British Ghosts

130: Jetty Mind Tricks

129: The Meatball is a Relic

118: Resources and Wood and Stuff

115: I Named Two Klingons!

111: If Only We'd Ever Read a Book

108: I Hate People and Places

86: Death and Ferris Wheels

85: Always Trust Mr. Peanut

84: The Three-Pack

81: The Ghost Has Spoken

78: There Are No Hamburgers in the Phantom Zone

72: You're Rolling Like Terrible People

71: The Count Of Monte Brisco County

68: It's Not All Horrible Childhood Memories

61: Inclined To Go For The Liquor

52: How Is That Starfleet?

50: Low Definition: A Family of Clowns

42: Game Night: International Genus

41: Low Definition: Hell Is Other People's Words

40: Sorcerel Realism

36: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

30: Game Night: TARFIS

22: Cabaret of Fire

12: Twelve Angry Clowns

9: Mogo is Displeased

Unjustly Maligned

77: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 pre-show glitterball special!

70: "Masters of the Universe" with Liz Myles

19: "Dragon Age II" with Liz Myles

This Week in Time Travel

56: Fanvid Happy Hour

17: Red White (and Orange and Yellow and Blue) and Who

Pants in the Boot

5: Boot v Trunk

4: Pants v Trousers

3: Alumin(i)um

2: Chips, Crisps, and Fries

1: Biscuits v Cookies