Andy Ihnatko

Guest Host


38: I'm Erasing Myself from the Narrative

35: I Have Reasons for Shame

14: I'm a General. Whee!!!!

9: Ladies!

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

508: But Who Would That Woman Be?

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

326: Likeable Jerkability

315: Show Some Respect for the Chimp

300: The Incomparable Is People

289: It's Not "Hamilton"

288: I Wish I Was Back in Norway

287: Hole Farmers

279: They Were Jerk Planets

268: Let's Hear It for Botanists

255: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round One

254: You've Ruined Pizza

247: Monkey Cam

246: The Shmoop Index

245: Incomparable, Assemble!

240: Pooping Alien

238: Caucus with the Dark Side

237: Force Denier

236: Lived Long and Prospered

235: Plot Advancement Tribune

233: Selective Amnesia

227: The Europeans Do It Better

223: Picking My Shorts

212: A MacGyver in the Making

211: These Are All Good Ideas

206: It's All BBC to Me

204: Where Cynicism Meets Optimism

201: Democracy is Awful

193: Don't Worry, We Got This

189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

185: A Three-Edged Sword

181: You're the Christopher Reeviest

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

168: A Different Kind of Sleeper Agent

159: Full Shatner

158: Peak Clooney

140: The Sublime Magicks of Exposition

133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air

125: Kiss the Elf

124: Hobbit Hanukkah

119: The Guilt-Trip Superhero

118: The Incomparable Holiday Vault 2

115: For Dunces, By Dunces, To Dunces

112: Schrodinger's Cat Box

111: These Go to Eleven

102: Princess Indiana Jones

97: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

94: If You Think It's Funny, That's Fine, You're Wrong

92: Nick Fury's Google Hangout

71: The Holiday Movie Vault

44: Emperor Aquaman

Random Trek

38: "Judgement" (ENT) with Andy Ihnatko


7: We'll Costas This

Incomparable Radio Theater

1.12: In the Room, 1776

0.4: The Lives of Paul Citron; Marjorie Carter

0.2: Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla; Jenny Lane

0.1: Galaxy Scouts; The Fog

Bonus Track

300b: Hello, Bonus Track!

254b: Werner Herzog's Fire Tornado

247b: David Letterman Interviews

246b: Jacobi!

240b: Second-Degree Glenning

238b: Let the Healing Begin

235b: Anyhow...

233b: Coke Methodology

229b: Hovering Over the Butt

227b: Embarrassing Blackface Scene

223b: Steve Lutz's Brush With Celebrity

212b: Ohhh Myyyy

211b: That Was Gold, Baby

201b: Shame Hole

189b: The Endless Incomparable After Dark

181b: You're Not The Real Ginger!

168b: NBC's Dracula

159b: After The Incomparable Movie Draft

140b: No More Merlins

125b: Elf Hoverboard Incident

124b: Cruel Summer

118b: I'm Batman

115b: Good Times, Sanford and Son

112b: What is After The Incomparable #112, Alex?

102b: Extremely Weird and Made Me Think of You

94b: BBC

92b: B-Minus

Game Show

20: Pundit Showdown: Breakfast Octopus

Unjustly Maligned

86: "Ringo Starr" with Andy Ihnatko

52: "Reed Richards" with Andy Ihnatko


45: Now I'm the Villain in Your History

21: Awesome, Wow!

20b: Tony Awards special

19: When I Was Young and Dreamed of Glory

17: Let Me Be a Part of the Narrative

12: You Are the Worst, Burr

8: Outgunned, Outmanned, Outnumbered, Outplanned

6: Is He In Jersey?

1: Just You Wait