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Robot or Not?
Robot or Not?

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

596: Tom Bombadilification

589: Sometimes Beige Is Beautiful

562: The Gentleness Axis

556: Pig's Gotta Fly

552: Oh No, My Elixirs!

547: Catching Up On Stuff - The Best of 2020

545: Chekhov's Disappearing Pig

541: The Incomparable Life Day Special

536: Sometimes the Drawer is Empty

529: Ancient Goat Lettering

528: To Quantity!

522: Burning Man for Aliens

507b: Pandemic Bonus: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" commentary track

507: No More Death Stars

506b: Pandemic Bonus: "Star Wars" commentary track

505: It's Always Overcast In Berlin

500: Amalgamated Zeppelin Monocle Company

492: The Sith You've Dated

490: Treat It Like the Bible

485: Iterative Movies Are My Jam

482: A Problematic Hen

478: Death Snuggle Fort

462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

455: Ewokalypse

445: It's Probably Going to Be Weird

442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

431: Overture and Apes

424: Never Not Wolves

410: I Am Not a Crackpot

408: Sometimes You Need a Wookiee

402: His Planet Is Terrible

400: Snellology

396: A Lifeboat Made of Mom

390: Ice Cream Headache from the Future

389: Tales from the Spirit Bathhouse

384: An Old Sock Full of Diamonds

380: Floppy Shark

374: Just Give Me 35 Years

371: Grandpa and His Musical Friends

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

358: I Kissed Them Both

356: I'm Smart, Not Like Everybody Says

355: What Would Pop Do?

351: You're Right, Father--Kill All Humans

348: He's Way Better Than Fonzie

340: Give the Robots Some Time

337b: ...But Too Much

337: 20 Minutes Into the Future

331: I Refuse To Call It a Prequel

330: Team Killer Robot

329: He's More Man than Puppet

328: Panspermia, but for Clothes

323: Abe Vigoda Knows All the Toilets

321: Purgatoy Box

318: Creepy Hug

309: Boats in Space

308: Is Winter Coming?

306: Only One Spaceship

305: Mint in Box

300: The Incomparable Is People

297: The Ohm Whisperer

295: A History of Things That Never Happened

290: Team Bucket

284: She Scullys Herself

277: Stormtroopers Are People

276: Don't Drink the Bacta Tea

273: The Long-Term Plan Is Kill All Humans

263: Television Shaped Like a Mom

254: You've Ruined Pizza

252: Three Shames and a Ding

248: Most Poetic Sledgehammer

245: Incomparable, Assemble!

243: Find My Lightsaber

240: Pooping Alien

238: Caucus with the Dark Side

237: Force Denier

234: The Only Way Out Is In

229: Divorce Mode

228: It's Not a Draft: Our 2014 Favorites

226: Stop Circulating the Tapes

222: Forcegiving

220: Authentic Cop Mustache

212: A MacGyver in the Making

210: You Ain't No Nice Guy

208: The Good People Are Dead Already

205: Love Machine

200: Butter Zone

199: Get This Man Some New Paint

197: Fail Fast

195: Peak Crate

194: A Real Imaginary Friend

193: Don't Worry, We Got This

189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

188: Game Show II

183: How I Sold Your Mother

182: Full-Fledged Force Mullet

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

178: A Smoother Yar

177: Six-Pixel Sword

176: Solo Adventures (Our 2013 Favorites)

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

165: Grieving for My Left Thumb

160: Super-Secret Sony MiniDiscs

159: Full Shatner

158: Peak Clooney

153: Monkey with a Tinfoil Sandwich

150: I Look Forward to Ignoring Your Criticism

146: Bashing Two Action Figures Together

145: He Lives By a Stupid Code

144: Hangin' With the Totes

143: The Best "Star Wars" Movie In Years

142: Free Public WiFi

137: Go Wash a Droid

136: We Waited 16 Years For This?

134: Obligatory Cannibalism

133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air

131: Professor Siracusa's Anime 101

125: Kiss the Elf

124: Hobbit Hanukkah

123: Ski Lodge Pick

122: Recursive Clip Loop: Our 2012 Favorites

120: A Horse with a Hat

115: For Dunces, By Dunces, To Dunces

114: When You Wish Upon a Star Wars

110: Cyborg Cowboy

108: Then We Touched, Then We Sang

106: Dance With a Dalek in the Pale Moonlight

104: Kids Have Bad Taste

102: Princess Indiana Jones

100: Who Cares What We Think?

98: Obscure References and Sadness

95: Don't Take the Cinnamon Challenge

92: Nick Fury's Google Hangout

90: A Suspiciously Efficient Morgue

89: Also Known as Endor

88: Skywalker's Eleven

85: Game Show

84: Wind is the Enemy

82: Apocalypse Book Club

80: Khan Film Festival

79: Everything Sounds Beautiful in German

77: Women's Libber

74: I'm Definitely Not a Girl

68: Jedi Weekend

67: Darth Vader's Office is Really Weird

66: Regular People Like Us

65: Maine is Purgatory

63: Like a Good Book Exploded

60: Thanks For Everything... Now Go Die

59: Flitting is in (TV Fantasy Pitches)

58: Greyskull Anonymous (TV Fantasy Draft)

56: Let Me in the Frickin' TARDIS!

50: We Apologize for the Extinction of the Clownfish

49: It's Like "Working Girl" With Monsters

48: Can I Get Some Extra Dragons on That, Please?

47: Death Star University

46: I Like My Coffee Like My Evil Sith Lords

45: Lesbian, Silurian, Victorian

43: Mulder and Pacey in "The F-Files"

36: Impossible Astronauts

34: The Wrath of James Caan

33: "I Drank What?"

29: Magic Fridge

28: Bad at High School

23: Origin Story

20: Everyone's a Redshirt in Real Life

16: If You Love an Autobot, Set it Free

15: My Computer is Powered by Frisbees

14: There's Guacamole on the Holodeck

12: He Who Controls Mr. Peanut Controls the World

7: Law & Order: Atlantis

3: Doctor Sherlock vs. The Melty Man

Random Trek

230: "Rapture" (DS9) with John Siracusa

206: "Deja Q" (TNG) with John Siracusa

17: "Indiscretion" (DS9) with John Siracusa


591: The Mandalorian S1E1 Review: "Chapter 1"

Incomparable Radio Theater

0.6: Rehearsing in the Zeppelin

0.3: The Spooky Twist; The Fog

0.2: Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla; Jenny Lane

0.1: Galaxy Scouts; The Fog

Not Playing with Lex and Dan

2.12: Dude, Where's My Scarface?

Bonus Track

347b: Insert Star Wars Teaser Reaction Here

297b: Is the Baby Ohm Alive?

263b: Mr. Robot or Not

254b: Werner Herzog's Fire Tornado

248b: Cyborg or Not

240b: Second-Degree Glenning

238b: Let the Healing Begin

234b: Everybody Cut

229b: Hovering Over the Butt

228b: Robot or Not

226b: Lumpy Leroux

220b: Halloween Candy Criteria

212b: Ohhh Myyyy

210b: Horses Die a Lot in the Future

208b: What Color Is Your Toothbrush?

205b: The Cat Has Been Dead for Months

199b: I Liked Caillou

197b: Rated PG-42

195b: Pun-Based Puzzles

194b: Mann Canon

191b: Waiting for Serenity

189b: The Endless Incomparable After Dark

182b: Episode II - Omnibus Commentary

180b: Flash-Drive Conspiracy

178b: Don't Google Tanuki

165b: Unrecorded Personal Conversations

160b: Blue Pill

159b: After The Incomparable Movie Draft

153b: Ukelele Breaks

150b: High Density

144b: Steve Summarizes Totoro

143b: Flaaaaaaaan!

136b: A Thing That Farted

134b: Apocalypse Edition

131b: Anime 101 Extra Credit

125b: Elf Hoverboard Incident

124b: Cruel Summer

123b: Balls In the Canyon

122b: The World is About to End

115b: Good Times, Sanford and Son

114b: Lena Dunham's "Star Wars"

110b: Timing

104b: You Have Kids, You Should Know Where They Are

92b: B-Minus

90b: Hello, Chat Room

82b: Yonkahs!

79b: After the Movie Draft

77b: Stephen King

74b: Free to Be You and Me

67b: The Podcast Strikes Back

Game Show

12: Twelve Angry Clowns

3: Mansplained to Doom!

2: Counterclockwise: Space Minivan

0.2: Game Show II

0.1: Game Show

Myke at the Movies

31: "Kill Bill"

28: "Blade Runner: The Final Cut"

Sophomore Lit

89: Flatland

50: Dubliners

13: Short Stories I: The Lady, or the Tiger?, The Monkey's Paw, The Most Dangerous Game

2: The Catcher in the Rye

Recently Played

1: Sayonara Wild Hearts