Aleen Simms

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The Incomparable

280: They're Not Alone


164: Game of Thrones S6E4 review: "Book of the Stranger"

128: Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 9-13

125: Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 5-8

120: Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 1-4

Game Show

53: Mmmoootiny!

35: Introvocabulum: Overeager Judge

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

585: Remember the Soup

574: Time Cop, Not a Time Cop

571: You Paint Mushrooms Beautifully

565: The Avengers of Cities

562: The Gentleness Axis

555: Dawson's Crypt

554: Don't Split the Party

552: Oh No, My Elixirs!

551: Transdimensional Tech Warlord

537: Roast Me, Amigo!

531: Linda Hamilton Bicep Fan Club

529: Ancient Goat Lettering

528: To Quantity!

525: Sorry, Ocean

524: ASMR From Hell

521: Knights of Exposition

516: Like a Fruit Salad

504: Bullied by Local Toughs and Snails

501: The Kickstarter of Space Exploration

499: I Love Space Fedoras

498: That Puppet Has an Agent

496: Get Into the Elephant Stuff

492: The Sith You've Dated

488: What If Romeo and Juliet Were Terminators

478: Death Snuggle Fort

477: Klimt Versus Monet

472: 33 Percent Rule

471: High School Is a Strange Time

461: Team Jerkface

460: Three and a Half Mothers

456: Where's the Raccoon?

454: I Wrote a Letter to Myself

442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

440: Full Disclosure - The Best of 2018

429: A Juicer For People

427: A Lot of Rocket Metaphors

424: Never Not Wolves

423: Weird Alien Jiminy Cricket

419: This Is Why I Can't Be a Wizard

416: My Favorite of the Chrises

412: His Books Are Like Popcorn

407: Robot Lovin'

394: High on Mushrooms

393: The Ol' Reverse Lucifer

389: Tales from the Spirit Bathhouse

387: Good Job, Jerks - The Best of 2017

384: An Old Sock Full of Diamonds

381: That's Me Only Shirt!

371: Grandpa and His Musical Friends

359: I Tried to Quit This Book Twice

347: I Tore My Pants

346: Go to the Moon

344: Metaphors All the Way Down

340: Give the Robots Some Time

328: Panspermia, but for Clothes

325: The Monster Mash

308: Is Winter Coming?

306: Only One Spaceship

305: Mint in Box

301: All the Best Words

298: Tumblr Would Have Loved It

297: The Ohm Whisperer

293: I Think I'm Still Confused

291: I Like Complicated Books, Glenn

285: The Answer is One Elephant

274: Rudolph's Hideous Mutation

Random Trek

162: "Defiant" (DS9) with Aleen Simms

128: "Barge of the Dead" (VOY) with Aleen Simms

63: "A Night in Sickbay" (ENT) with Aleen Simms


593: The Mandalorian S1E2 Review: "Chapter 2: The Child"

539: Star Trek: Discovery S2E7 Review: "Light and Shadows"

480: Doctor Who S11E3 Review: "Rosa"

375: Star Trek: Discovery S1E12 Review: "Vaulting Ambition"

301: Star Trek: Discovery S1E1 Review: "The Vulcan Hello"

264: Doctor Who S10E11 Review: "World Enough and Time"

244: The Expanse Season 2 wrap-up

231: The Expanse Season 2 Midterm Check-In

218: The Expanse S2E1-2 Review: "Safe" and "Doors and Corners"

139: The Expanse S1E9-10 Review: "Critical Mass" and "Leviathan Wakes"

130: The Expanse: S1E2-4 review

124: The Expanse S1E1 review: "Dulcinea"

Total Party Kill

311: The Queen of Red Water, Part 4

310: The Queen of Red Water, Part 3

309: The Queen of Red Water, Part 2

308: The Queen of Red Water, Part 1

305: The Wild Sheep Chase

304: The Crashed Palace

300: Rosethorn, Part 4

299: Rosethorn, Part 3

298: Rosethorn, Part 2

297: Rosethorn, Part 1

296: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 3

295: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 2

294: The Well of the Black Sun, Part 1

291: The Night Blade, Part 3

290: The Night Blade, Part 2

289: The Night Blade, Part 1

288: Silence Has Fallen

287: Oh No! Bad Vibes!

286: Dancing with Corpses

285: The Worst Pi├▒ata Party

284: The Last Temptation of Goats

283: Maybe She's Friendly

282: Scarecrow Dance-off

281: Were There Ever Chads in Barovia?

280: How Steep Is this Hill?

279: A Vampire Onion

278: Blight Maple Syrup

277: The Wicker Strahd

276: Strahd von Zarovich: Dreamboat

275: The Hill I'm About to Die On

274: The Last Wine in All of Barovia

273: Dungeon Buddies!

272: I Used to Like Nature

271: A Really Aggressive Salad

270: Mummy Corps of Engineers

269: Horse Law

268: Moon Jerks

267: Wolfageddon

266: A Face Is a Map of a Person

265: Skeletal Cats

249: Very Special Holiday Episode

248: Backgammon in the Wine Gazebo

247: Minotaur Maul

246: The Bag Holder

245: #hagfact

244: Spooky Money

243: Follow Me To Great Deals!

242: Non-Fatal Arm Wrestling

241: Rictavio!

240: An Octopus Holding a Bag

239: A Most Interesting Bone Ghost

238: Little Joys in Big Barovia

237: Sad, Unfortunate, and On Fire

236: Better Dead than Undead

235: Non-Union Ghosts

234: Big Trouble In Little Barovia

233: Let's Bury the Burgermeister

190: Tepanyaki Vampire

189: A Hug in the Darkness

188: Golem Storage Area

187: Too Many Orbs

186: Not Much of a Mountain

185: I'm a Herder, Not a Fighter

184: The Warning Birds

183: Snake Preview

182: A Million Nerds Skanking

181: Dragon vs. Octopus

180: Tenser's Floating Dog

179: I Don't Trust This Table

178: What Do You Smell Besides Corpses?

177: The Room Really Ties the Rug Together

176: Wight Privilege

175: All Orc Poetry is Slam Poetry

174: Rope Me Once, Shame on Me...

173: Hell Bent for Orc Leather

172: Stalag-fight!

171: Mr. Roper

170: The Secret of the Ooze

169: Bop, Don't Boop!

168: Tunnel Pragmatism

167: Sprinklebard!

166: We Deserve This

165: Don't Eat Strange Bees!

164: This Party Is Complicated

163: Dog and Pony Show

162: Our Monk Is Missing

154: Yan-C-Bin Expecting Me?

153: Regdar's Unregulated School of Magic

152: My Mom Raised Me Not to Lie to a Bird

151: Hello from the Tragic Cavern

150: That's My Clampy Hand!

149: Unreliable Jetpack

148: Roll Dump Truck

147: File a Radar

146: Robot or Not?

145: Dump Zone

144: Robotic Neutral

143: Death and Dying in Gamma World

142: Daiquiri Whacker

141: Zom-bacon

140: Bob to the Third Degree

139: For Presta!

138: Oh Man, My Mouth Tastes Like Goodberry!

137: Artisanal Gore

136: Ha Ha! You're In a Cult!

135: Turn Left at the Shallow Graves

134: The Best Diplomacy Ever

133: Got Kank Milk?

132: Famed Flautists

131: Not All Manticores

130: An Auspicious Day

129: Tattered Gray Cloak

128: Freedom!

127: To the Sinkhole!

126: The Mul Who Cried 'Boy'

125: He's Dead, J'ym

124: Rat Sandwich

123: A Taste of Kled

122: Batsbatsbatsbatsbatsbats

121: United States v. Dracula

120: Orbs McQuarrie

119: The Mirror Has Two Faces

118: Please Roll Clockwork Bird

117: Netflix and Kill

116: We're Hotel Inspectors

115: Party in the Front, Stables in the Back

114: A Chip Off the Old Rock

113: Intimidate the Wind

112: This Is Turning Into a Death House

111: Fake Cult News

110: Not My Centipedes, Not My Circus

109: The Legendary Hugging Wall

108: Tugging on the Orb

107: Paladins Crying Uncontrollably

106: A Little Dust-Up

105: All Children Are Creepy

92: Science and Other Sciences

91: Brain Genie

90: Toxic Vomit

89: If You Build It, Bats Will Come

64: Have You Seen Billy?

63: Root of the Problem

62: Jam Cabinet

61: Knee Deep in Bat Guano

Bonus Track

297b: Is the Baby Ohm Alive?

274b: Peanuts Hole

gs24: Shut the Hell Up, Glenn

Game Show

146: This Belt Bucky is Trickle

135: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

122: That Seems Naughty

109: I Think This One Has a Talking Helicopter

99: The Famous Bat-Gun

95: Take a Bow

90: Random Tolkien Table

89: I've Studied the Bible

87: You Shall Not Pass

82: It's Meatloaf Day!

80: The Answer's Always Michael George

79: Yelling at Rocks

78: There Are No Hamburgers in the Phantom Zone

60: Feuding Families III: Pity Pass

55: There Is a Sign Here

49: We Love Our Listeners!

48: Don't Read the Creepy Old Book

44: Low Definition: The Wicker Moze

39: Low Definition: The Amount of Pan in a Thing

36: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

34: What Am I Doohan Hangin' Round?

28: Game Night: Dental Dam

27: Low Definition: Lake Tourist

26: Pundit Showdown: Rivalry of the Fruits

25: Counterclockwise: Order of the University of Phoenix

24: Game Night: Stephen Hawking Said

23: Low Definition: Space Blobs

15: Vampire Or Not


57: BYOP: Bring Your Own Poison


44: This Meeting's at Dawn

38: I'm Erasing Myself from the Narrative

35: I Have Reasons for Shame

29: They Don't Like You

Friends in Your Ears

5: Aleen Simms and Heather Rivard

Batman University

18: "The Lego Batman Movie"

15: "The Man Who Killed Batman" with Aleen Simms

5: "Shadow of the Bat" with Aleen Simms

Vulcan Hello

30: "Star Trek: Discovery" season 3 wrap-up

14: "Star Trek: Picard" season 1 wrap-up

Agents of SMOOCH

53: Judas Ross!

32: It's Not His Personality, It's His Hair

Football is Life

15: "Rainbow" (S2E5)

9: "All Apologies" Rewatch (S1E9)

6: "Two Aces" Rewatch (S1E6)