Scott McNulty and Jason Snell discuss brand-new Star Trek as it happens, including episode-by-episode coverage of “Discovery”, “Picard”, and “Strange New Worlds”, along with occasional check-ins about what’s going on with animated Star Trek series.

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“Ghosts of Illyria” (SNW S1E3)

With Pike and Spock trapped on a planet hiding from ghosts(!), Number One has to deal with a crisis aboard the Enterprise that will lead her to reveal some very personal information about herself. We discuss it all, including other things you might want to hide in a transporter buffer.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell

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“Children of the Comet” (SNW S1E2)

This week’s “Strange New Worlds” focuses on Uhura, and also there’s a comet that’s not quite what it appears to be, a ship full of comet-worshippers, and a glowing egg that should be sung to—but not touched! We break it all down.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


“Farewell” (Picard S2E10) and “Strange New Worlds” (S1E1)

Two Treks, one podcast! We discuss the (disappointing) finale of “Star Trek: Picard” season two, and then (at 24 minutes) shift gears to discuss the eponymous pilot episode of “Strange New Worlds,” which fills us with enthusiasm for the future of Star Trek. Also: Jason mentions Law & Order and has a gruesome pitch for season three of “Picard.” Hit it!

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S2E9: “Hide and Seek”

The penultimate episode of season 2 of “Star Trek: Picard” is here! Jason and Scott are conflicted. Some of it seemed pretty obvious, but was it affecting? Why has there not been more Jurati and Borg Queen up until now? Where is this season going to end up? Join us for a very slow walking tour of the tunnels beneath Chateau Picard.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S2E8: “Mercy”

The human podcast digressions, Scott and Jason, are back with more roundabout conversation that’s vaguely related to “Star Trek: Picard!” (Can you picture it?) We’re discussing an episode that we enjoyed despite it being in the midst of a very questionably paced season. And we announce our forthcoming Incomparable Member Special!

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S2E7: “Monsters”

We dive into Picard’s mind this week with our review of “Monsters.” Also, Guinan does that thing with her hands, Rios makes a questionable decision, and the Borg confront their greatest foe: safety glass.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S2E6: “Two of One”

This week we’ve got a surprise musical number, the perfect murder weapon (a Tesla), and the world’s wisest security guard dispenses advice. All that and more as Scott and Jason discuss the latest “Star Trek: Picard”, then fire off the Conspiracy Phaser to discuss the season 3 teaser and finally move on to the 4K remaster of the ST:TMP Director’s Edition.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S2E5: “Fly Me to the Moon”

It’s another set-up episode for “Star Trek: Picard,” and so we break down Alice giving the Borg Queen a phone in her room, Rios finishing his bus ride, Q doing accents and other schtick, Brent Spiner proving that the Soong remains the same, and of course Picard showing his detailed knowledge of TOS episodes.

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Picard S4E4: “Watcher”

Back to one Star Trek show per week, and Jason and Scott are here to deconstruct an episode of “Picard” that’s a little lighter on plot advancement than the previous weeks. But it’s heavy on references, fan service, and conspiracy theories! Also, there’s a cute dog, car chases, a very funny Rios monologue, and a perplexing Q twist. Also: We discuss the trailer for the 4K revival of Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Discovery S4E13: “Coming Home” and Picard S2E3: “Assimilation”

After an impromptu St. Patrick’s Day celebration of all things Irish in Star Trek, Scott and Jason get down to business and send season 4 of “Star Trek: Discovery” off (starting at 2:04), before turning to another cracking episode of “Star Trek: Picard” (starting at 16:09) and briefly discussing some “Strange New Worlds” casting news (after the spoiler phaser at 36:33).

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell


Discovery S4E12: “Species 10-C” and Picard S2E2: “Penance”

So much Star Trek! This week Jason and Scott discuss the “Strange New Worlds” trailer, then turn their attention to the penultimate episode of “Discovery” (at 8:24) and the second episode of “Picard” (at 26:16). We are excited about “Discovery” reaching its seasonal climax and super-super excited about… pretty much everything in “Picard.” Join us!

Scott McNulty and Jason Snell

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