Shannon Sudderth

Guest Host


355: Voltron: Legendary Defender S4 review

290: Voltron: Legendary Defender S3 review


31: Follow the Money and See Where it Goes

11: She'd Be Lying

5: The Greatest City in the World

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

379: High Fantasy with Muppets

357: It's Above Average

334: Three Pillars of Batman

316: Just Add Jesuits!

315: Show Some Respect for the Chimp

314: Vampire Batman

310: I Hated Mrs. Slimer

296: The Official Batman

293: I Think I'm Still Confused

285: The Answer is One Elephant

279: They Were Jerk Planets

274: Rudolph's Hideous Mutation

259: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round 2

257: Raptor Sipping Tea

Random Trek

108: "Hippocratic Oath" (DS9) with Shannon Sudderth

33: "Inheritance" (TNG) with Shannon Sudderth


225: Voltron: Legendary Defender S2 review

189: Batman University: "Perchance to Dream" with Shannon Sudderth

180: Voltron: Legendary Defender S1 review

Bonus Track

a5: Batman Is NOT the World's Great Detective!

274b: Peanuts Hole

257b: It Has Always Been My Dream to Write Cyclops

Game Show

62: Dr. Tiff and the Electric Catfish

54: Low Definition: Up to the Third Knuckle

43: Game Night: I Don't Know What Wapping Is

41: Low Definition: Hell Is Other People's Words

30: Game Night: TARFIS

29: Inconceivable!: Laser Cars are Really Sweet

25: Counterclockwise: Order of the University of Phoenix

12: Inconceivable!: Twelve Angry Clowns

7: Game Night: Family Spats

3: Inconceivable!: Mansplained to Doom!

Unjustly Maligned

29: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with Shannon Sudderth


10: Phryne with a Fringe on Top

9: Bugs Meany Was Framed

8: And We Would Have Recorded Away with It, Too

5: Heaping Helping of Holmes, Part 2

4: Heaping Helping of Holmes, Part 1

2: Make Mine Marple!

1: Good Eve-a-Ning

Cartoon Cast

11: I've Been Busy Procrastinating All Day


43: Weehawken, Dawn. Guns Drawn.

41: The Unimaginable

38: I'm Erasing Myself from the Narrative

37b: Consulting the Hamiltome

37: I Hope You're Satisfied

33: Good Luck!

23b: Intermission

20b: Tony Awards special

15: Pray That Hell or Heaven Lets You In