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Non-Union Ghosts

Dog & Pony Show

In Barovia, it’s traditional to have a pool party for the dead.

Dog & Pony Show Tony Sindelar with Aleen Simms, Erika Ensign, Jane Ritt, Mikah Sargent and Dan Moren

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Big Trouble In Little Barovia

Dog & Pony Show

It’s implied that you swapped urine. That’s what friendship means.

Tony Sindelar with Jane Ritt, Mikah Sargent, Erika Ensign, Aleen Simms and Dan Moren


Let’s Bury the Burgermeister

Dog & Pony Show

The Dog and Pony Show returns! With the same dog… but a new pony. And new players! And a new DM! Please enjoy this trip to a tavern in Little Borovia, and watch Tony die a little bit inside in the service of Dungeons and Dragons.

Tony Sindelar with Dan Moren, Jane Ritt, Erika Ensign, Mikah Sargent and Aleen Simms


Seize Him!

Adventurers' Pyramid

In this episode, our adventure comes to its end. A while ago, the Adventurers’ Pyramid installed Calcryx the white dragon as the ruler of the Sunless Citadel, with Meepo as its right-hand kobold. Unintended consequences can be tough. Will the adventurers escape with their lives and their treasure? If they can, they’re definitely going to make the front page of the next issue of Oakhurst & Beyond!

Tony Sindelar with Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, James Thomson, Lizbeth Myles, Tiffany Arment and Jason Snell


Food Pyramid

Adventurers' Pyramid

It’s good to learn things. Where does the Hobgoblin fit in the hierarchy of D&D monsters? If you’re killed by an arrow, does the second arrow really do damage? And how much blood can spill out of the bodies of unconscious adventurers who were just trying to get back to the surface and claim their reward? Also: Meet Bobgoblin the Hobgoblin!

Tony Sindelar with Tiffany Arment, Adina Hurley, Lizbeth Myles, James Thomson, Myke Hurley and Jason Snell


Surprised By a Shadow

Adventurers' Pyramid

Our adventurers have begun their trek back to the surface! But they’ve left so much destruction in their wake… and now they may have to pay the price. (Also, Furian’s curiosity gets the better of him.)

Tony Sindelar with Jason Snell, Tiffany Arment, James Thomson, Adina Hurley, Lizbeth Myles and Myke Hurley


Leveling Up

Adventurers' Pyramid

The boss battle concludes! The frog is dead! The tree lies in ruins! But not everyone will make it out alive! Who will survive? Those who remain will get an exciting trip to… Level 3!

Lego Tree Destruction

Tony Sindelar with Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, Lizbeth Myles, James Thomson, Tiffany Arment and Jason Snell


An Adequately Sized Frog

Adventurers' Pyramid

This is it! The beginning of the end! Our party enters battle with the evil druid, his monstrous tree, his two plant-zombie thralls, his twig blight army, and most importantly, his giant purple frog!

Lego Tree Battle

Purple Frog

Tony Sindelar with Lizbeth Myles, Jason Snell, Adina Hurley, Tiffany Arment, James Thomson and Myke Hurley


Hey, Where’s Your Frog?

Adventurers' Pyramid

Hobgoblins and twig blights and frogs, oh my!

Tony Sindelar with Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, James Thomson, Lizbeth Myles, Tiffany Arment and Jason Snell


I’m Goblin Here!

Adventurers' Pyramid

Yes, the underground gardens of the Sunless Citadel are a beauty to behold, especially if you’re a fungi enthusiast researching for the Great Bugbear Bake-Off. But these ancient statues from a dragon-worshipping cult are just creepy.

Tony Sindelar with Tiffany Arment, Lizbeth Myles, Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, Jason Snell and James Thomson


Posh Bugbear

Adventurers' Pyramid

Our group’s meeting with Balsag Rogruk Bugbear is not going well. But have no fear, a park bench and an underground garden party are just around the corner.

Tony Sindelar with Lizbeth Myles, Adina Hurley, Tiffany Arment, Myke Hurley, James Thomson and Jason Snell

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