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Grifters Are Like Zombies

Dragonforge & Associates

This room is really big. Our adventurers continue to battle rogues and scoundrels and possibly there might also be some lizard people around? There’s a lot going on. And stay tuned for the exciting cliffhanger ending!

Dragonforge & Associates Tony Sindelar with Erika Ensign, Georgia Dow, Sarah Barbour, Steve Lutz, Jason Snell and Monty Ashley

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You’ll Never Be Bandit 2 Now, Pal

Dragonforge & Associates

This episode covers all facets of the underworld of Undermountain—scoundrels, kneebreakers, and grifters. Our adventurers try to rescue an urchin! And what would a Dragonforge adventure be without some Ding Dongs?

Tony Sindelar with Sarah Barbour, Monty Ashley, Jason Snell, Erika Ensign, Georgia Dow and Steve Lutz


A Dwarf with a Hangover

Dragonforge & Associates

Have you heard the good news about lycanthropy? Our adventurers visit with their new friends in the werewolf cult, who are very interested in signing up some new recruits. Also, our party gets its dwarf back! Shh, stop cheering, she’s got a really bad headache.

Tony Sindelar with Steve Lutz, Georgia Dow, Erika Ensign, Monty Ashley, Jason Snell and Sarah Barbour


How Not to Be Seen

Dragonforge & Associates

Which is better, diplomacy or intimidation? This episode might reveal the answer! And then we flip the map and spend a lot of time pondering the Z axis as our adventurers climb down a giant statue. What’s at the bottom? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

Tony Sindelar with Steve Lutz, Erika Ensign, Monty Ashley, Georgia Dow and Jason Snell


High Fantasy in the Low Sewers

Dragonforge & Associates

Proving that Tony thinks that no D&D adventure is complete without a trip to the sewers, our adventurers once again trudge through the sewers. Will Pieter fall in the sludge again? Will Olestran forget to mark something as his quarry? And are those rats, or giant rats?

Tony Sindelar with Erika Ensign, Georgia Dow, Steve Lutz, Monty Ashley and Jason Snell


Thieves Cant is a Beautiful Language

Dragonforge & Associates

Watch out Undermountain, because the best team of adventurers-slash-sandwich shop promoters is back on the case! Dragonforge and Associates are still on their quest to find Rutherford Umbrusk, and the latest lead in the case takes them to the seediest part of Waterdeep to bargain with some questionable characters. How will they mess this one up? Listen to find out!

Tony Sindelar with Erika Ensign, Georgia Dow, Steve Lutz, Monty Ashley and Jason Snell


Tepanyaki Vampire

Eglath's Angels

This mini-season of Eglath’s Angels concludes with a deadly vampire battle, a powerful wizard, and a talking hammer.

Scott McNulty with Erika Ensign, Aleen Simms, Tony Sindelar, Steve Lutz, Dan Moren and Jason Snell


A Hug in the Darkness

Eglath's Angels

Johnny Nine is alive! Our friends and their newfound Golem navigate turnstiles, boiling mud, and darkness. What’s in the darkness, and why does it want to hug Eglath’s Angels… to death?

Scott McNulty with Steve Lutz, Aleen Simms, Jason Snell, Erika Ensign, Tony Sindelar and Dan Moren


Golem Storage Area

Eglath's Angels

Three dummies smash orbs in a locked room. Three bored adventurers wait in a hallway. Then there’s a riddle involving a flesh golem.

Scott McNulty with Dan Moren, Tony Sindelar, Erika Ensign, Aleen Simms, Steve Lutz and Jason Snell


Too Many Orbs

Eglath's Angels

Our mini-season of Eglath’s Angels continues with a series of curious decisions. Flesh golems? No thank you! Creepy room full of suspended colored orbs? Yes please! And why do a dumb thing once when you can do it twice?

Scott McNulty with Erika Ensign, Aleen Simms, Tony Sindelar, Dan Moren, Steve Lutz and Jason Snell


Not Much of a Mountain

Eglath's Angels

Eglath’s Angels return! Your original crew of TPK knuckleheads is back, but they’re not on Athas anymore. In this special mini-season, they’ve been swept onto a different plane, where they’ll play in a classic D&D module! But first, Carlos attacks a tree.

Scott McNulty with Dan Moren, Tony Sindelar, Erika Ensign, Jason Snell, Steve Lutz and Aleen Simms

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