Moisés Chiullan

Guest Host

Unjustly Maligned

61: "Dark City" with Antony Johnston


19: When I Was Young and Dreamed of Glory

15: Pray That Hell or Heaven Lets You In

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

371: Grandpa and His Musical Friends

368: This Movie Ends, Right?

367: Batman! Aaaaaa!

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

362: An Old Man With Wings

356: I'm Smart, Not Like Everybody Says

355: What Would Pop Do?

353: Young Sexy Harry Mudd

351: You're Right, Father--Kill All Humans

350: Magic Pixie Dream Girl

342: Sad Superman

336: You Had Me at 'Splorch'

324: Pants-Wearing Dragons

313: The Ziggurats of Yavin IV

299: Stark Differences

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

261: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round Three

244: The Adventures of Maggie the Mutant

242: 'B' for Bad Captain

215: Someone Is Threatening My Whales

211: These Are All Good Ideas

190: The Cloud is Run by Hydra

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

178: A Smoother Yar

177: Six-Pixel Sword

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

146: Bashing Two Action Figures Together

140: The Sublime Magicks of Exposition

126: A Dark, Dark Narnia

Random Trek

8: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" (DS9) with Moisés Chiullan


225: Voltron: Legendary Defender S2 review

180: Voltron: Legendary Defender S1 review

Total Party Kill

76: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Levels?

Incomparable Radio Theater

0.7: Layers: The World of Tomorrow (Live)

0.4: The Lives of Paul Citron; Marjorie Carter

Bonus Track

244b: Crazy Naked Person

211b: That Was Gold, Baby

190b: Hydra Dating Policy

180b: Flash-Drive Conspiracy

178b: Don't Google Tanuki

140b: No More Merlins

126b: AvX

Game Show

51: Turns Out: Yule Cat Saves the Kids

Unjustly Maligned

65: "Alien 3" with Moisés Chiullan

38: "Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again" with Moisés Chiullan

3: "The Wizard" with Moisés Chiullan


11: She'd Be Lying

5: The Greatest City in the World