Moisés Chiullan

Guest Host

The Incomparable

596: Tom Bombadilification

530: Let's Talk About Turnips!

504: Bullied by Local Toughs and Snails

494: No Sith For You

467: Lord of Board and Sword


459: Voltron: Legendary Defender S7 review

Unjustly Maligned

61: "Dark City" with Antony Johnston


19: When I Was Young and Dreamed of Glory

15: Pray That Hell or Heaven Lets You In

Football is Life

6: "Two Aces" Rewatch (S1E6)

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

595: I Didn't Have a Tab - The Best of 2021

594: Money in His Underwear

591: That Poor Pie

590: The Car Explodes In Midair

587: Is Dracula the Frankenstein?

582: We Have All Ridden Buses

581: Bad Dad, Cellphone Dad

580: We're Gonna Be Good CEOs

574: Time Cop, Not a Time Cop

570: Why Can't All Movies Be Muppet Movies?

568: Collateral Damage

567: Summer of Man-Thing

566: Everyone Loves Metroman

563: When Harry Met Sally (With Monsters)

561: Lackeys Don't Wear Khakis

558: A Product of Its Time

556: Pig's Gotta Fly

553: In the "King's Speech" Barrel

548: Conveyor Belt to Heaven

547: Catching Up On Stuff - The Best of 2020

542: Don't Open the Cthulhu Box

540: Too Good to Live

538: Creepy Paper

535: The Internet is for Muppets

534: The Young Henry Chronicles

532: Most Crushable Crew

528: To Quantity!

523: Chekhov's Land Mine

519: Relics and Garbage

515: Guitar Riff for Grandma

511: Whales Are Powerful Magicians

508: But Who Would That Woman Be?

505: It's Always Overcast In Berlin

502: He'll Always Be Goldballs To Me

499: I Love Space Fedoras

497: A Concerning Amount of Tootsie Rolls

495: Congratulations, You're All Pregnant - The Best of 2019

490: Treat It Like the Bible

489: He Likes Your Lemonade

487: Save It for the Sequel

486: Crazy With the Lizard Juice

481: An All-Puppet Production

480: The Whole McCoy

476: Lucky Crime Shirt

475: Count the Coats

474: World Unity Day

473: Belarusian Chupacabra

469: Snap, Blip, Pop, Crackle

468: Did the Shark Order Takeout?

466: Bane on a Plane

464: Tapestry of Cakes

462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

459: Next Up: The Ronan Movie

455: Ewokalypse

452: Parties for Time Travelers

450: A Surprising Number of Spider-Meetings

447: Look at Potatoes Differently

445: It's Probably Going to Be Weird

442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

441: Evil Dukes Are the Worst

439: Dad Bod Spider-Man

437: Whale Logistics Movie

433: You Like Garbage

432: It's Called a Ballute

431: Overture and Apes

430: We're the Magnificent Seven

426: Up to the Puppies

422: The Inevitable Moon Knight Movie

417: Ultimate Frisbee

409: Marshmallow Traitors

402: His Planet Is Terrible

397: Mystical Herbologist

389: Tales from the Spirit Bathhouse

388: Lyrics Are for Losers

386: Sometimes He Doesn't Bother With That Bottle

371: Grandpa and His Musical Friends

368: This Movie Ends, Right?

367: Batman! Aaaaaa!

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

362: An Old Man With Wings

356: I'm Smart, Not Like Everybody Says

355: What Would Pop Do?

353: Young Sexy Harry Mudd

351: You're Right, Father--Kill All Humans

350: Magic Pixie Dream Girl

342: Sad Superman

336: You Had Me at 'Splorch'

324: Pants-Wearing Dragons

313: The Ziggurats of Yavin IV

299: Stark Differences

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

261: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Round Three

244: The Adventures of Maggie the Mutant

242: 'B' for Bad Captain

215: Someone Is Threatening My Whales

211: These Are All Good Ideas

190: The Cloud is Run by Hydra

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

178: A Smoother Yar

177: Six-Pixel Sword

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

146: Bashing Two Action Figures Together

140: The Sublime Magicks of Exposition

126: A Dark, Dark Narnia

Random Trek

236: "The Defector" (TNG) with Moisés Chiullán

234: "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" with Shelly Brisbin, Moisés Chiullan, and Joe Rosensteel

170: "Favor the Bold" with Moisés Chiullán

167: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" with Moisés Chiullán, David J. Loehr, and Jean MacDonald

8: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" (DS9) with Moisés Chiullan


684: Doctor Who New Year's Special: "Revolution of the Daleks"

523: The Masked Singer S1E3: The Joel and Ken Show

522: The Masked Singer S1E1-2: Breaking News From the Unicorn

518: Voltron: Legendary Defender S8 review

450: Voltron: Legendary Defender S5-6 review

366: Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Review: "Twice Upon a Time"

225: Voltron: Legendary Defender S2 review

180: Voltron: Legendary Defender S1 review

Total Party Kill

76: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Levels?

Incomparable Radio Theater

3.2: Knight Must Fall

3.1: ...and to All a Good Knight

0.7: Layers: The World of Tomorrow (Live)

0.4: The Lives of Paul Citron; Marjorie Carter

Bonus Track

244b: Crazy Naked Person

211b: That Was Gold, Baby

190b: Hydra Dating Policy

180b: Flash-Drive Conspiracy

178b: Don't Google Tanuki

140b: No More Merlins

126b: AvX

Game Show

158: Surprise! Actors!

154: Ethereal Werewolf

140: Fight!

125: Non-Quadruped Thaumaturgy

115: I Named Two Klingons!

114: I Believe In The Juicy Rooster

113: Robbie Williams is Not Dead

110: Federation Feud!

51: Yule Cat Saves the Kids

Unjustly Maligned

65: "Alien 3" with Moisés Chiullan

38: "Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again" with Moisés Chiullan

3: "The Wizard" with Moisés Chiullan


11: She'd Be Lying

5: The Greatest City in the World

Sophomore Lit

71: William Carlos Williams

62: Frankenstein

Corner of the Sky

58: Random Pursuit: Musicals

18: Talking About It Makes Me Cry

Friends in Your Ears

20: Andrew Carroll and Moisés Chiullan

Voyager Revisited

23: Little House on the Class M Planet

10: Commander Chakotay and The Kazon Kid

Vulcan Hello

30: "Star Trek: Discovery" season 3 wrap-up

14: "Star Trek: Picard" season 1 wrap-up

Agents of SMOOCH

73: The Smoochiest of Smooches

67: You Drank Ian

66: We're Porn Friends Now

65: Sniped Again

60: A Duology of Mammas Mia!

54: Middle Aged Nirvana

53: Judas Ross!

52: Harold, They're Lesbians!

50: International Waters

46: Day 12 of Love Actually

44: Day 10 of Love Actually

41: Day 7 of Love Actually

38: Day 4 of Love Actually

35: Day 1 of Love Actually

31: Eggnog Makes Me Fighty

30: Shaun's Had a Rough Day

29: To the Moon and Back

27: Love in the Female Gaze

26: Two Robots Crying on Cue

25: Danny Sous Vido

23: No Guilt. All Pleasure.

16: Lifestyles of the Rich and Asian

14: I Didn't Plan to Seduce a Stranger

10: We're Making Omelets

09: Just Let the Kids be Horny

08: 50 Shades of Blue

07: Comics Make Love Too

04: Back to Hot Dad

3: A Room With A Vyse

2: She Megged Her John

1: Love to Snipe You, Baby

0: Welcome to Agents of SMOOCH!

Lions, Towers & Shields

24: Mistimed Sobs

2: Ride Her Down Like a Rabbit

Recently Played

6: Zeppelin Day Gift Draft

4: Hades

3: Nintendo Wishcasting

2: Super Mario 64