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Not Playing with Lex and Dan
Not Playing with Lex and Dan

Guest Host

The Incomparable

98: Obscure References and Sadness

Bonus Track

85b: Alternate Universe Edition

Game Show

167: As Wrong As Possible

166: My Step-Dad is Aquaman

159: Lex Explains Xylophones

153: I Knew I Ate It Before 1970

150: Can I Have A Ding Ding?

144: Contestants Are Angry

142: Great For Baseball

138: Quinoa Car

136: I Really Should Have Studied My Dans

134: No One Picked Me

132: One of Those Great Cities With an Umlaut

129: The Meatball is a Relic

123: Three of the Four Have Been to Space

111: If Only We'd Ever Read a Book

107: I Solved a Question From the Future

103: Don't Give Me Any Grife

90: Random Tolkien Table

85: Always Trust Mr. Peanut

78: There Are No Hamburgers in the Phantom Zone

71: The Count Of Monte Brisco County

61: Inclined To Go For The Liquor

46: Dang, I Wish We Were Physicists

40: Sorcerel Realism

36: This is How We Lost America in the First Place

29: Laser Cars are Really Sweet

22: Cabaret of Fire

12: Twelve Angry Clowns

9: Mogo is Displeased

3: Mansplained to Doom!

1: Serious Nerdery


43: Weehawken, Dawn. Guns Drawn.

25: A Civics Lesson from a Slaver

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

390: Ice Cream Headache from the Future

213: You Need an Agent of Chaos

187: Man versus Mars

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

153: Monkey with a Tinfoil Sandwich

134: Obligatory Cannibalism

133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air

127: Walking and Talking

116: Very Well-Read Hobos

113: Indiana Jones is Immortal Now!

99: Convenience Store Clerk of Dune (A Summer Reading List)

81: McRibs and Bacon Martinis

74: I'm Definitely Not a Girl

70: At the Time, They Were Just Average Height

41: ...But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It

Random Trek

19: "Sleeping Dogs" (ENT) with Lex Friedman

Incomparable Radio Theater

0.4: The Lives of Paul Citron; Marjorie Carter

0.3: The Spooky Twist; The Fog

0.2: Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla; Jenny Lane

Bonus Track

213b: The Kroeger Report

153b: Ukelele Breaks

134b: Apocalypse Edition

116b: I Am Fantastic

99b: Fifty Shades of Glenn

74b: Free to Be You and Me

70b: They May Be Giants


12: You Are the Worst, Burr

8: Outgunned, Outmanned, Outnumbered, Outplanned

6: Is He In Jersey?

1: Just You Wait