Joe Rosensteel

“Joe Steel” is totally a fake name.

Joe co-hosts Defocused.

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Bonus Track

d78b: Who is Anne Pancakes?!

d78: Defocused: 2015 Year in Review (explicit version)

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

589: Sometimes Beige Is Beautiful

496: Get Into the Elephant Stuff

491: The Yellow Ones Don't Stop

475: Count the Coats

465: Camus With a Smiley Face

460: Three and a Half Mothers

442: Sword is Definitely a Personality

437: Whale Logistics Movie

436: Most Important Chimpanzee

432: It's Called a Ballute

430: We're the Magnificent Seven

416: My Favorite of the Chrises

415: Congratulations to the Flat Earthers

403: Computers Are Educational

396: A Lifeboat Made of Mom

394: High on Mushrooms

392: Quantum Computer for Violence

368: This Movie Ends, Right?

367: Batman! Aaaaaa!

347: I Tore My Pants

343: Billy Campbell's Soup

329: He's More Man than Puppet

328: Panspermia, but for Clothes

325: The Monster Mash

323: Abe Vigoda Knows All the Toilets

317: You Broke Your Little Ships

312: A Cyborg Dolphin

309: Boats in Space

292: I Have an Appointment with the Tholian Ambassador

258: Chekhov's Bob-omb

250: Stay Inside My Aura

240: Pooping Alien

224: Canonical Space Goo

Random Trek

234: "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" with Shelly Brisbin, Mois├ęs Chiullan, and Joe Rosensteel

233: "A Matter of Time" (TNG) with Joe Rosensteel

204: "Rocks and Shoals" (DS9) with Joe Rosensteel

110: "Prophet Motive" (DS9) with Joe Rosensteel

48: "Workforce Part I & II" (VOY) with Joe Rosensteel


392: Star Trek: Discovery S1E15 Review: "Will You Take My Hand"

325: Star Trek: Discovery S1E6 Review: "Lethe"

247: Doctor Who S10E4 Review: "Knock Knock"

244: The Expanse Season 2 wrap-up

231: The Expanse Season 2 Midterm Check-In

187: "Stranger Things": Season 1 review

139: The Expanse S1E9-10 Review: "Critical Mass" and "Leviathan Wakes"

135: The Expanse: S1E5-8 review

130: The Expanse: S1E2-4 review

124: The Expanse S1E1 review: "Dulcinea"

Bonus Track

258b: Kenneth Branagh's "Pong"

250b: Beatle Talk

240b: Second-Degree Glenning

224c: They Really Know It's Christmas

224b: Sans Sarris

Game Show

110: Federation Feud!

100: John Lemon

49: We Love Our Listeners!

47: Low Definition: The Spooky Edition

30: Game Night: TARFIS

Friends in Your Ears

14: Joe Rosensteel and Mikey Bouck

Batman University

13: "Knight Time" with Joe Rosensteel

4: "Feat of Clay" with Joe Rosensteel

Voyager Revisited

12: Janeway vs. the Three-Armed Jellyfish

Vulcan Hello

41: Discovery S4E10: "The Galactic Barrier"

35: Discovery S4E4: "All Is Possible"

31: "Lower Decks" season 2 wrap-up

30: "Star Trek: Discovery" season 3 wrap-up

14: "Star Trek: Picard" season 1 wrap-up