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Magnum, podcast
Magnum, podcast


Incomparable Radio Theater
Incomparable Radio Theater

Guest Host

The Incomparable

610: No, Mr. Blond, I Expect You to Die


402: The Alienist S1E06 Review: "Ascension"

401: The Alienist S1E05 Review: "Hildebrandt's Starling"

396: The Alienist S1E04 Review: "These Bloody Thoughts"

391: The Alienist S1E03 Review: "Silver Smile"

390: The Alienist S1E02 Review: "A Fruitful Partnership"

384: The Alienist S1E01 Review: "The Boy on the Bridge"

Incomparable Radio Theater

3.6: Galaxy Scouts: In the Vastness of Night

3.5: The Wise Man

3.4: Galaxy Scouts: Starcross'd

3.3: Galaxy Scouts: Lost in the Stars

3.2: Knight Must Fall

3.1: ...and to All a Good Knight

TV Talk Machine

126: Checking the Fien Print

119: Best in Show

113: One Topic at a Time

105: Don't Get Weird

87: Lost in Austin

50: Jason Missed This?

41: Only in Monroe

32: Green Brains & Ham

28: People Made This?

Game Show

121: Canadian Crime Fighting Beaver

70: A Dog Named Bodyslam

51: Yule Cat Saves the Kids

34: What Am I Doohan Hangin' Round?

8: Je Suis La Poire

5: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah


11: When You Come to a Falk in the Road, Take It


46: It's Only a Matter of Time

41: The Unimaginable

37b: Consulting the Hamiltome

37: I Hope You're Satisfied

33: Good Luck!

29: They Don't Like You

27: Nobody Needs to Know

22: You'll Blow Us All Away

20b: Tony Awards special

4: Raise a Glass to Freedom

Sophomore Lit

45: Hawthorne tales

Football is Life

4: "For the Children" Rewatch (S1E4)

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

615: People-Positive Management Style

609: Chekhov's Toy Store

607: I Regret So Many Great Movies

606: The Bears Did It

600: The Machine Was a Vampire

595: I Didn't Have a Tab - The Best of 2021

594: Money in His Underwear

590: The Car Explodes In Midair

587: Is Dracula the Frankenstein?

584: Window and Chill

582: We Have All Ridden Buses

570: Why Can't All Movies Be Muppet Movies?

567: Summer of Man-Thing

566: Everyone Loves Metroman

560: Gaseous Anomaly Platform

559: Men vs. Selves

558: A Product of Its Time

553: In the "King's Speech" Barrel

551: Transdimensional Tech Warlord

549: Future of the Future

547: Catching Up On Stuff - The Best of 2020

544: Let Go and Let Kilmer

543: I Want to Go to Dog Heaven

541: The Incomparable Life Day Special

540: Too Good to Live

535: The Internet is for Muppets

534: The Young Henry Chronicles

532: Most Crushable Crew

528: To Quantity!

526: The Years Have Pants

522: Burning Man for Aliens

507b: Pandemic Bonus: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" commentary track

501: The Kickstarter of Space Exploration

500: Amalgamated Zeppelin Monocle Company

495: Congratulations, You're All Pregnant - The Best of 2019

494: No Sith For You

488: What If Romeo and Juliet Were Terminators

487: Save It for the Sequel

483: Light Mode Batman

479: Specifically Boo Berry

468: Did the Shark Order Takeout?

462: Misunderstanding-Based Murder

459: Next Up: The Ronan Movie

457: Dracula's Home Alone

455: Ewokalypse

441: Evil Dukes Are the Worst

440: Full Disclosure - The Best of 2018

436: Most Important Chimpanzee

433: You Like Garbage

432: It's Called a Ballute

430: We're the Magnificent Seven

427: A Lot of Rocket Metaphors

421: Beautiful Space Idiot

418: I Enjoyed It on a Quantum Level

405: That's Definitely You

401: He Uses His Powers For Evil

400: Snellology

399: We Endured It, You Adored It

388: Lyrics Are for Losers

387: Good Job, Jerks - The Best of 2017

383: Upstairs Christmas Tree

382: She's a Librarian

379: High Fantasy with Muppets

378: A Parrot Bit Me

377: Kids Love the Kaiser (An Autumn Reading List)

375: Sentimental Spite

373: Great Joy and Gratitude

370: Someone We've Never Heard Of

368: This Movie Ends, Right?

367: Batman! Aaaaaa!

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

362: An Old Man With Wings

361: Things Inside Other Things

360: A Dwarf Named Elwood

357: It's Above Average

353: Young Sexy Harry Mudd

352: Hold My Space Beer

349: I've Got a Creamy Nougat

347: I Tore My Pants

345: Evil Giggle

344: Metaphors All the Way Down

343: Billy Campbell's Soup

341: Might As Well Keep Going

339: Burned Like Books

337b: ...But Too Much

337: 20 Minutes Into the Future

336: You Had Me at 'Splorch'

335: Perfect Kid Logic

334: Three Pillars of Batman

333: That's How It Works: 2016 Year in Review

329: He's More Man than Puppet

327: This Robot is Eisenhower

325: The Monster Mash

323: Abe Vigoda Knows All the Toilets

322: Tastes Like College

321: Purgatoy Box

320: The Power! The Power! The Power!

317: You Broke Your Little Ships

314: Vampire Batman

312: A Cyborg Dolphin

311: Chekhov with Two H's

308: Is Winter Coming?

302: Keep Watching the Skies

300: The Incomparable Is People

299: Stark Differences

298: Tumblr Would Have Loved It

296: The Official Batman

294: Science Is Never Frightening!

289: It's Not "Hamilton"

288: I Wish I Was Back in Norway

287: Hole Farmers

286: No One in a Powdered Wig is Scrappy

284: She Scullys Herself

283: The Stars Look Very Different Today

282: Head Clara

281: I Love a Lot of Awful People - The Best of 2015

280: They're Not Alone

275: Comprehensive Tapestry Policy

274: Rudolph's Hideous Mutation

273: The Long-Term Plan Is Kill All Humans

272: Laid a Lot of Foundations

271: Nostalgia Bomb

270: Love Blooms Naturally on a Vespa

267: I Read It All

266: It's Impossible Being Green

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

264: Passwords Are Wrong, Man

263: Television Shaped Like a Mom

262: District Attorney Doofus

260: High Five

258: Chekhov's Bob-omb

256: Space Bureaucracy

254: You've Ruined Pizza

253: Ignoring the Movie Completely

252: Three Shames and a Ding

250: Stay Inside My Aura

249: Critical Batman Deficit

246: The Shmoop Index

242: 'B' for Bad Captain

241: Shopping With Mrs. Gehrig

240: Pooping Alien

236: Lived Long and Prospered

235: Plot Advancement Tribune

231: Eat Pray Love Die Survive

228: It's Not a Draft: Our 2014 Favorites

227: The Europeans Do It Better

226: Stop Circulating the Tapes

225: A Very Different Idea of Fun

224: Canonical Space Goo

223: Picking My Shorts

221: Do the Hand-Wavy Thing

219: Terrible Things for Awful Reasons

218: Three Dads and a Superfast Baby

217: Weird Reverse Hidden Charisma

215: Someone Is Threatening My Whales

214: Fun is Underrated

213: You Need an Agent of Chaos

212: A MacGyver in the Making

211: These Are All Good Ideas

209: One Gorn Limit

207: I Am Groot

206: It's All BBC to Me

205: Love Machine

204: Where Cynicism Meets Optimism

202: The Partial Monty

201: Democracy is Awful

200: Butter Zone

199: Get This Man Some New Paint

197: Fail Fast

192: Murderous Roomba

189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

186: Kazoo Parade

184: Genius Edition

181: You're the Christopher Reeviest

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

174b: Behind the Christmas Spectacular

176: Solo Adventures (Our 2013 Favorites)

175: War on Christmas

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

173z: Human Santapede

173: Santa-Based Christmas

172: The Incomparable Holiday Vault 3

171: Pirate Politics (A Winter Reading List)

170: Let Zygons Be Zygons

168: A Different Kind of Sleeper Agent

167: Space Wizard Musical

166: I Assume Everyone is Awful

164: Put In the Zom and Out Comes Com

163: What If Galactus Was Made of Jello?

160: Super-Secret Sony MiniDiscs

159: Full Shatner

158: Peak Clooney

156: Airline of Snitches

155: The Cat Who Listened to Podcasts

153: Monkey with a Tinfoil Sandwich

143: The Best "Star Wars" Movie In Years

139: Flying Horse Angel People

133b: Behind the Incomparable Radio Drama

133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air

Random Trek

226: "Infinite Regress" (VOY) with David J. Loehr

218: "The Expanse" (ENT) with David J. Loehr

167: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" with Moisés Chiullán, David J. Loehr, and Jean MacDonald

166: "Affliction" and "Divergence" (ENT) with David J. Loehr

147: "The Royale" (TNG) with David J. Loehr

121: "Covenant" (DS9) with David J. Loehr

81: "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" with David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar, and Jason Snell

16: "Phage" (VOY) with David Loehr


457: The Good Place Rewind: S2E3-4

372: Star Trek: Discovery S1E11 Review: "The Wolf Inside"

366: Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Review: "Twice Upon a Time"

329: Star Trek: Discovery S1E7 Review: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"

263: Doctor Who S10E10 Review: "The Eaters of Light"

212: Doctor Who review: "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"

211: The Flash S3E7-9 Reviews

145: The Flash S2E15 review: "King Shark"

142: Legends of Tomorrow: Failure Analysis

137: Legends of Tomorrow S1E2 review: "Pilot, part 2"

129: Doctor Who review: "The Husbands of River Song"

124: The Expanse S1E1 review: "Dulcinea"

95: Doctor Who S9E1 review: "The Magician's Apprentice"

43: Doctor Who review: "Last Christmas"

37: Doctor Who S8E12 review: "Death in Heaven"

28: Doctor Who S8E7 review: "Kill the Moon"

21: Doctor Who S8E3 review: "Robot of Sherwood"

19: Doctor Who S8E1 review: "Deep Breath"

7: We'll Costas This

Total Party Kill

84: Ding Dongs and Doolallys

64: Have You Seen Billy?

62: Jam Cabinet

Bonus Track

302b: Group Marriage

300b: Hello, Bonus Track!

294b: Dere He Is!

33gs: Editing Adventure!

a5: Batman Is NOT the World's Great Detective!

282b: Last Christmas

281b: Once More For Safety

a3: You Asked Fourble It, You Got It

275b: Bring the Cane

274b: Peanuts Hole

gs24: Shut the Hell Up, Glenn

264b: Like Making Pizzas

263b: Mr. Robot or Not

262b: Wherever Fats

258b: Kenneth Branagh's "Pong"

254b: Werner Herzog's Fire Tornado

253b: The Fat Man Meets The Thin Man

250b: Beatle Talk

249b: Canadian Safety Blanket

246b: Jacobi!

241b: Inside Baseball

240b: Second-Degree Glenning

gs4: And Then Dan Died

235b: Anyhow...

231b: Old People Music

228b: Robot or Not

227b: Embarrassing Blackface Scene

5: Bang! Bang! Bang!

226b: Lumpy Leroux

224c: They Really Know It's Christmas

224b: Sans Sarris

223b: Steve Lutz's Brush With Celebrity

221b: Gerbils and Tamagotchis

219b: Pride of the Yankees

217b: Herb Alpert's Woody Allen's The Terminator

213b: The Kroeger Report

212b: Ohhh Myyyy

211b: That Was Gold, Baby

209b: The Benson Factor

206b: We Weren't Ready for Popeye

205b: The Cat Has Been Dead for Months

202b: Podcast Retro Hugos

199b: I Liked Caillou

197b: Rated PG-42

191b: Waiting for Serenity

189b: The Endless Incomparable After Dark

186b: Get Carter II: I Said Get Carter

184b: In Bed with Big Cardboard

181b: You're Not The Real Ginger!

180b: Flash-Drive Conspiracy

174b: Behind the Christmas Spectacular

172b: Not in the Vault

171b: More Glenning

168b: NBC's Dracula

167b: Buttons, A Clown

166b: He's Making Milk Shakes

164b: Quartermass

163b: Zero

160b: Blue Pill

159b: After The Incomparable Movie Draft

156b: Mockingbird Orange

155b: Before and After The Incomparable #155

153b: Ukelele Breaks

143b: Flaaaaaaaan!

133b: The Incomparable Radio Drama

Game Show

173: We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers

161: Cleveland Browns Callback

150: Can I Have A Ding Ding?

149: A Heart-Stricken Moose

148: Don't Show Your Bossk

147: His Nose

128: Who Is Lamargine Gumbody?

126: The Murder Edition

115: I Named Two Klingons!

110: Federation Feud!

100: John Lemon

88: Pantheon of Muppets

72: You're Rolling Like Terrible People

69: Victorian Parlour Games

64: Random Pursuit

63: Tales of Glenn!

60: Feuding Families III: Pity Pass

53: Mmmoootiny!

52: How Is That Starfleet?

50: Low Definition: A Family of Clowns

49: We Love Our Listeners!

45: The Incomparable's Ten-Foot Poll

38: Game Night: Gospel According to Short Round

37: Low Definition: This Word Sucks

35: Introvocabulum: Overeager Judge

33: Exits Are Unknown

28: Game Night: Dental Dam

24: Game Night: Stephen Hawking Said

23: Low Definition: Space Blobs

20: Pundit Showdown: Breakfast Octopus

19: Low Definition: The Liripoop Interlude

18: Harry Potter and the Odor of the Weasel

17: Low Definition: Hempen Humbug

13: Game Night: Golfing with Hitler

9: Mogo is Displeased

7: Game Night: Family Spats

4: Counterclockwise: Lost in Stars

0.3: Tennis with Errol Flynn

Unjustly Maligned

77: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 pre-show glitterball special!

43: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" with David Loehr

17: "Buckaroo Banzai" (the novelization) with David Loehr


13: Mysteries We Dropped

12: Forget It, Fake, It's Chinatown

9: Bugs Meany Was Framed

8: And We Would Have Recorded Away with It, Too

5: Heaping Helping of Holmes, Part 2

4: Heaping Helping of Holmes, Part 1

3: Radio Mystery Shows

1: Good Eve-a-Ning


44: This Meeting's at Dawn

43: Weehawken, Dawn. Guns Drawn.

32: At Home in This Nation We've Made

15: Pray That Hell or Heaven Lets You In

13: I Am Inimitable

7: Oceans Rise, Empires Fall

3: Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Sophomore Lit

124: Under Milk Wood

113: Hans Christian Andersen

98: The Martian Chronicles

82: Guys and Dolls

71: William Carlos Williams

64: Winesburg, Ohio

50: Dubliners

Corner of the Sky

58: Random Pursuit: Musicals

22: Rubik's Cube of Musical Theater

Friends in Your Ears

2: David J. Loehr and Erika Ensign

Batman University

17: "Mask of the Phantasm"

Voyager Revisited

17: Pheromones Defeat Death Ray!

Vulcan Hello

14: "Star Trek: Picard" season 1 wrap-up

10: Picard S1E7: "Nepenthe"

Agents of SMOOCH

34: Merry Christmas. Don't Mention It!

Lions, Towers & Shields

51: The Ninotchka Cinematic Universe

50: What is She Talking About? Stop That!

48: He Sounds Like an Angry Garbage Truck

44: It's All about the Hat

43: Hot Chocolate and Vegetable Soup

40: Red Herring Alley

26: You Were Made to be Murdered

25: Warren William: Cookie Monster

23: A Perfect Spherical Cow

21: Yum Yum and the Nerd

20: Merry Christmas. Don't Mention It!

19: Horton-ing and Blore-ing It Up

18: Rocky Horror Picture Show without the Sex

17: Kirk Douglas, MOVIE STAR!

12: Chekhov's ID Card

Football is Life

18: "Man City" (S2E8)

13: "Do the Right-est Thing" (S2E3)