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Photons Be Free

On this episode, Jean talks to Barbara Greenberg, a publishing professional who provides editorial services to publishing houses and independent authors, an avid sci-fi reader, and a huge fan of Star Trek since 1966.

Barbara and Jean met in the 1990s, when they both worked in book publishing and have been BFFs ever since. Because of Jean has been laid up by knee surgery, Barbara traveled to Portland from NYC to spend a week helping out. This episode, the first one since Jean’s mishap in Trieste, was recorded with a makeshift setup on the bed.

For this episode, we chose “Author, Author” (S7E20), given our shared history in the publishing biz. The Doctor’s holonovel creates bad feelings among his crewmates, sparks a publishing contract dispute, and finally leads to the question of the legal standing of holograms.

Jean MacDonald with Barbara Greenberg

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The Other Endgame

On our previous episode, guest Kathy Campbell came on to discuss the pilot of Voyager, “Caretaker.” On this episode, Guy English is here to discuss the finale, “Endgame.” Guy was recently a panelist on The Incomparable’s episode about what makes a good (or bad) TV series ending. Turns out, we both like the Voyager finale better than we remembered.

(Spoiler alert: all our episodes have spoilers, but Endgame is double trouble. You have been warned.)

Jean MacDonald with Guy English


Invitation To A Holographic Hoedown

In a departure from our usual format, Kathy Campbell, who has never watched an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, comes on to discuss the series pilot, Caretaker.

Kathy and Jean were the hosts of SestraCast, the Orphan Black watch/rewatch podcast. Kathy was new to the Orphan Black series, Jean had watched it multiple times and they had a lot of fun sharing from two different perspectives,

Taking a page from the SestraCast playbook, first time viewer Kathy brings a fresh perspective as we look at the strengths and weaknesses of this introduction to the Voyager crew and its plight, as the ship ends up in the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years from home.

Jean MacDonald with Kathy Campbell


The Doctor Makes A Pretty Good Captain

This week, James Dempsey, programmer, podcaster, and band leader, joins Jean to talk about the EMH aka The Doctor. The Doctor’s great range of personality traits, brought to life by the delightful Robert Picardo, make this character one of Star Trek’s most memorable.

The rewatch assignment for this episode is “Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy” (S6E4), which gives The Doctor an opportunity to shine as an opera singer, a painter, and even a spymaster.

Jean MacDonald with James Dempsey


You Can’t Underestimate Seven

Game developer, podcaster, and Democratic candidate for Congress Brianna Wu is our guest. Brianna has been my idol in her dedication to Voyager, so it was such a thrill to have her on as a guest on the show.

Brianna is a huge admirer of our favorite de-assimilated Borg, Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, or as we call her, Seven. She makes a compelling case for Seven as a lens through which to view humanity’s qualities.

Our homework assignment, chosen by Brianna, was Equinox, the two-part episode from the end of Season 5/beginning of Season 6. It’s one of the most powerful episodes in Star Trek, and gives Seven a chance to demonstrate her commitment to her new-found humanity.

Jean MacDonald with Brianna Wu


What Would Janeway Do?

Coder, designer, and host of the Roundabout podcast, Tammy Coron comes on the podcast to have a chat about Captain Janeway. Tammy relates how her mom was a big fan of Kate Mulgrew, and together they watched the Voyager series when it aired. Tammy is a big fan of Star Trek generally, and an admirer of Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

This week’s Voyager assignment is “Deadlock” (Season 2, Episode 21), with double dose of our favorite captain.

Jean MacDonald with Tammy Coron


This Is Going To Blow Your Mind

On the premiere episode, Scott McNulty of Random Trek comes on to talk about Star Trek, why he likes what he likes, and why you should feel free to like what you like. We also imagine would happen in a captain swap between Voyager and Deep Space 9, and how fun it would be to see Janeway take on Gul Dukat. We watched a non-random episode, chosen by Scott, called “Blink Of An Eye” (S6E12), and discussed what makes it a good episode of Star Trek generally and Voyager specifically.

Jean MacDonald with Scott McNulty


Voyager Revisited Launches

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager, here’s a new podcast for Star Trek fans who love the show… or want to revisit their opinions. Each episode features host Jean MacDonald with a Star Trek fan to discuss a character, alien, or story from Voyager.

Jean MacDonald

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