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Agents of SMOOCH
Agents of SMOOCH

Earp Chirp
Earp Chirp

Guest Host

Game Show

178: Q and Eh

Lions, Towers & Shields

13: They're Pretty in All the Timelines

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

615: People-Positive Management Style

605: Apocalypse Doctoring

588: All These Different Jackets

581: Bad Dad, Cellphone Dad

580: We're Gonna Be Good CEOs

578: Fish in the Milk

575: You're Going to Your Sister's? I'm Going to Space!

566: Everyone Loves Metroman

563: When Harry Met Sally (With Monsters)

561: Lackeys Don't Wear Khakis

545: Chekhov's Disappearing Pig

543: I Want to Go to Dog Heaven

541: The Incomparable Life Day Special

531: Linda Hamilton Bicep Fan Club

511: Whales Are Powerful Magicians

506: Hold My Infinite Beers

491: The Yellow Ones Don't Stop

487: Save It for the Sequel

484: Werewolfism

467: Lord of Board and Sword

464: Tapestry of Cakes

452: Parties for Time Travelers

451: My Brain Unclenched

447: Look at Potatoes Differently

Random Trek

223: "Parturition" (VOY) with Annette Wierstra


684: Doctor Who New Year's Special: "Revolution of the Daleks"

619: Doctor Who S12E8 review: "The Haunting of Villa Diodati"

506: Doctor Who S11E10 Review: "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos"

Total Party Kill

321: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 3

320: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 2

319: Murder on the Eberron Express, Part 1

316: Tomb of Horrors, Part 1

305: The Wild Sheep Chase

304: The Crashed Palace

303: The Gleam in the King's Eye, Part 3

302: The Gleam in the King's Eye, Part 2

301: The Gleam in the King's Eye, Part 1

293: The Dwarven Vault, Part 2

292: The Dwarven Vault, Part 1

264: My Favorite Flavor is 'Combination'

263: I Wish For Fewer Bones

262: The Pizza Rolls Argument

211: Drugs are Good

210: The Ghost in the Gazebo

209: Cool Ranch Blood

208: A Light Tinge of Evil

207: That's Not Billy

202: Snakes in a Turtleneck

200: Sewer Vide

198: I Think Your Elf is Broken

185: I'm a Herder, Not a Fighter

184: The Warning Birds

183: Snake Preview

182: A Million Nerds Skanking

159: A Dog, a Priest, and a Brain Surgeon

158: Ichor Cole Slaw

157: AirDND

156: Send Me an Angel to Kill

155: I'm a Bard!

Game Show

175: There's No Whining In Geography

174: Kermit Is Immeasurable

168: Chaos is a C Word

160: Interdimensional Shaft

158: Surprise! Actors!

155: God of Bears

141: Do the Toilets Pay You?

140: Fight!

137: British Ghosts

128: Who Is Lamargine Gumbody?

124: Wayne Gretzky

123: Three of the Four Have Been to Space

122: That Seems Naughty

121: Canadian Crime Fighting Beaver

117: Luxuriating with Lord Spooky

116: Flubber Franchise

113: Robbie Williams is Not Dead

107: I Solved a Question From the Future

106: Shiver Me Pleasure

105: TL;DR

96: That Bear!

Lazy Doctor Who

92: The Tenth Planet (1-4)


2.2: 70 is the New 40

Corner of the Sky

42: I'm The Queen of the Castle

Friends in Your Ears

24: Annette Wierstra and Heidi Bennett

Pants in the Boot

40: The Candy Man Can't

39: Brew Who?

38: Secret New Zealander

37: Accents Acute

36: All Language Is Made Up

19: The Final Meal (of the Day)

18: Fancy a Bit of Tea?

17: Breakfast, Dinner, Launch--No, Lunch!

16: The Most Important Meal

15: Really, We Never Stop Eating

Agents of SMOOCH

75: Aspirational Spaces

62: Filmed on Satin

34: Merry Christmas. Don't Mention It!

13: Princess Anna's Day Off

Lions, Towers & Shields

49: Shut Your Logic Brain Off And Just Go With It

47: Angela Lansbury, Comin' In Hot

46: A Rough 35

42: A Hot Chocolate of a Movie

38: At Least the Cat Survives

36: Frauds and Geeks

35: Aspirational Spaces

33: Nice Guy, or Good Man?

32: Filmed on Satin

31: The Patriarchy: You're Swimming In It

24: Mistimed Sobs

20: Merry Christmas. Don't Mention It!

18: Rocky Horror Picture Show without the Sex

15: I Know You're a Sexist Creep, But Run!

11: Princess Anna's Day Off

5: I Love Dead Lucy

Football is Life

21: "Midnight Train to Royston" (S2E11)

Doctor Who Flashcast

68: "The Vanquishers" (S13E6)

65: "Once, Upon Time" (S13E3)