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Lions, Towers & Shields
Lions, Towers & Shields

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Agents of SMOOCH

13: Princess Anna's Day Off

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

535: The Internet is for Muppets

527: Quantum Physics Training Montage

517: Intensely Interesting

512: Eponymous

Random Trek

220: "Sacred Ground" (VOY) with Shelly Brisbin

Game Show

140: Fight!

139: Bring Your Own Backstory

133: Did You Play Music, Dr. Boogie?

130: Jetty Mind Tricks

Friends in Your Ears

21: Andy Nelson and Shelly Brisbin

Agents of SMOOCH

31: Eggnog Makes Me Fighty

22: 452 Kinds of Cheese

19: They're Pretty in All the Timelines

06: Pamplona Bebes!

Lions, Towers & Shields

13: They're Pretty in All the Timelines