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Beginner's Puck
Beginner's Puck

Lazy Doctor Who
Lazy Doctor Who

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The Incomparable

357: It's Above Average


610: Doctor Who S12E4 review: "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror"

438: In The Village: Teaser - The Prisoner (2009)

383: In The Village: "Fall Out"

377: In The Village: "Once upon a Time"

373: In The Village: "The Girl Who Was Death"

370: In The Village: Nicholas Briggs Interview

367: In The Village: "Living in Harmony"

365: In The Village: "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling"

360: In The Village: "A Change of Mind"

358: In The Village: "It's Your Funeral"

353: In The Village: "Hammer into Anvil"

350: In The Village: "Checkmate"

347: In The Village: "Dance of the Dead"

342: In The Village: "Many Happy Returns"

337: In The Village: "The General"

328: In The Village: "The Schizoid Man"

322: In The Village: "Free For All"

315: In The Village: "A. B. and C."

309: In The Village: "The Chimes of Big Ben"

304: In The Village: "Arrival"

292: In The Village: Introduction

Total Party Kill

250: Ask the Dungeon Masters!

Game Show

131: Boasting Mountains

128: Who Is Lamargine Gumbody?

124: Wayne Gretzky

116: Flubber Franchise

114: I Believe In The Juicy Rooster

108: I Hate People and Places

98: K'on Bragh!

96: That Bear!

81: The Ghost Has Spoken

79: Yelling at Rocks

74: Baseballers

72: You're Rolling Like Terrible People

65: The Famous Mickey

64: Random Pursuit

Beginner's Puck

36b: Short Shift - Erika

36a: Short Shift - Erika

Recently Read

39: "His Majesty's Dragon" by Naomi Novik

35: "Terminal Alliance" by Jim C. Hines

34: "Spirits, Spells, and Snark" by Kelly McCullough

30: "Magic, Madness, and Mischief" by Kelly McCullough

29: "Hidden Sun" by Jaine Fenn

27: "Crimson Frost" by Jim C. Hines

26: "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky

24: "Love and Romanpunk" by Tansy Rayner Roberts

23: "Embers of War" by Gareth L. Powell

22: "Record of a Spaceborn Few" by Becky Chambers

15: "Girl Reporter" by Tansy Rayner Roberts

14: "Summer in Orcus" by T. Kingfisher

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

525: Sorry, Ocean

516: Like a Fruit Salad

512: Eponymous

509: The Battle of Control-V

501: The Kickstarter of Space Exploration

500: Amalgamated Zeppelin Monocle Company

495: Congratulations, You're All Pregnant - The Best of 2019

492: The Sith You've Dated

491: The Yellow Ones Don't Stop

489: He Likes Your Lemonade

488: What If Romeo and Juliet Were Terminators

485: Iterative Movies Are My Jam

482: A Problematic Hen

479: Specifically Boo Berry

472: 33 Percent Rule

461: Team Jerkface

460: Three and a Half Mothers

458: San Francisco Rat

454: I Wrote a Letter to Myself

453: Turn Left at the Asteroid

452: Parties for Time Travelers

449: An Onion of a Movie

447: Look at Potatoes Differently

440: Full Disclosure - The Best of 2018

438: There's a World of Biscuits

435: Fun Facts!

434: All Wormholes Go to Heaven

426: Up to the Puppies

425: Congratulations! You're Dead in Space

414: Credible Hulk

412: His Books Are Like Popcorn

408: Sometimes You Need a Wookiee

402: His Planet Is Terrible

401: He Uses His Powers For Evil

400: Snellology

399: We Endured It, You Adored It

398: Apart From All the Skiing

394: High on Mushrooms

391: You Stole My Layer

390: Ice Cream Headache from the Future

387: Good Job, Jerks - The Best of 2017

385: Delta and the Porgs

383: Upstairs Christmas Tree

379: High Fantasy with Muppets

377: Kids Love the Kaiser (An Autumn Reading List)

374: Just Give Me 35 Years

371: Grandpa and His Musical Friends

369: We've Eaten All the Vegetables

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

360: A Dwarf Named Elwood

359: I Tried to Quit This Book Twice

346: Go to the Moon

342: Sad Superman

340: Give the Robots Some Time

339: Burned Like Books

335: Perfect Kid Logic

333: That's How It Works: 2016 Year in Review

325: The Monster Mash

319: Squirting Milky Fluid

316: Just Add Jesuits!

315: Show Some Respect for the Chimp

311: Chekhov with Two H's

310: I Hated Mrs. Slimer

309: Boats in Space

308: Is Winter Coming?

306: Only One Spaceship

302: Keep Watching the Skies

301: All the Best Words

300: The Incomparable Is People

299: Stark Differences

297: The Ohm Whisperer

292: I Have an Appointment with the Tholian Ambassador

291: I Like Complicated Books, Glenn

289: It's Not "Hamilton"

288: I Wish I Was Back in Norway

284: She Scullys Herself

283: The Stars Look Very Different Today

282: Head Clara

281: I Love a Lot of Awful People - The Best of 2015

280: They're Not Alone

272: Laid a Lot of Foundations

268: Let's Hear It for Botanists

266: It's Impossible Being Green

265: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Final Rounds

260: High Five

256: Space Bureaucracy

253: Ignoring the Movie Completely

252: Three Shames and a Ding

250: Stay Inside My Aura

248: Most Poetic Sledgehammer

246: The Shmoop Index

244: The Adventures of Maggie the Mutant

241: Shopping With Mrs. Gehrig

232: Learning to Love Heidi II

230: World-Class Weirdo

228: It's Not a Draft: Our 2014 Favorites

226: Stop Circulating the Tapes

225: A Very Different Idea of Fun

224: Canonical Space Goo

221: Do the Hand-Wavy Thing

220: Authentic Cop Mustache

219: Terrible Things for Awful Reasons

217: Weird Reverse Hidden Charisma

216: Maps of London

210: You Ain't No Nice Guy

206: It's All BBC to Me

203: Get to the Farting Aliens

202: The Partial Monty

200: Butter Zone

199: Get This Man Some New Paint

198: A Critical Mass of Lady Geeks

195: Peak Crate

192: Murderous Roomba

188: Game Show II

185: A Three-Edged Sword

184: Genius Edition

181: You're the Christopher Reeviest

180: Locked-Shower Mystery

176: Solo Adventures (Our 2013 Favorites)

174: The Incomparable Christmas Spectacular

173z: Human Santapede

173: Santa-Based Christmas

171: Pirate Politics (A Winter Reading List)

169: A Man with a Long Scarf

167: Space Wizard Musical

160: Super-Secret Sony MiniDiscs

Random Trek

199: "Regeneration" (ENT) with Erika Ensign

115: "Melora" (DS9) with Erika Ensign

9: "Errand of Mercy" (TOS) with Erika Ensign


613: Doctor Who S12E5 review: "Fugitive of the Judoon"

608: Doctor Who S12E3 review: "Orphan 55"

385: Star Trek: Discovery S1E14 Review: "The War Without, The War Within"

279: Game of Thrones S7E4 Review: "Spoils of War"

242: Doctor Who S10E3 Review: "Thin Ice"

172: Game of Thrones S6E7 review: "The Broken Man"

168: Game of Thrones S6E5 Review: "The Door"

139: The Expanse S1E9-10 Review: "Critical Mass" and "Leviathan Wakes"

135: The Expanse: S1E5-8 review

130: The Expanse: S1E2-4 review

124: The Expanse S1E1 review: "Dulcinea"

96: Doctor Who S9E2 review: "The Witch's Familiar"

Total Party Kill

253: In the Jaws of the Champion

252: Turtle Party Kill

251: Rubble Rubble

249: Very Special Holiday Episode

248: Backgammon in the Wine Gazebo

247: Minotaur Maul

246: The Bag Holder

245: #hagfact

244: Spooky Money

243: Follow Me To Great Deals!

242: Non-Fatal Arm Wrestling

241: Rictavio!

240: An Octopus Holding a Bag

239: A Most Interesting Bone Ghost

238: Little Joys in Big Barovia

237: Sad, Unfortunate, and On Fire

236: Better Dead than Undead

235: Non-Union Ghosts

234: Big Trouble In Little Barovia

233: Let's Bury the Burgermeister

206: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Handsome Cop

205: A Closet Full of Corpses

204: Take Cover Behind Your Wizard

202: Snakes in a Turtleneck

200: Sewer Vide

198: I Think Your Elf is Broken

196: Grifters Are Like Zombies

195: You'll Never Be Bandit 2 Now, Pal

194: A Dwarf with a Hangover

193: How Not to Be Seen

192: High Fantasy in the Low Sewers

191: Thieves Cant is a Beautiful Language

190: Tepanyaki Vampire

189: A Hug in the Darkness

188: Golem Storage Area

187: Too Many Orbs

186: Not Much of a Mountain

185: I'm a Herder, Not a Fighter

184: The Warning Birds

183: Snake Preview

182: A Million Nerds Skanking

181: Dragon vs. Octopus

180: Tenser's Floating Dog

179: I Don't Trust This Table

178: What Do You Smell Besides Corpses?

177: The Room Really Ties the Rug Together

176: Wight Privilege

175: All Orc Poetry is Slam Poetry

174: Rope Me Once, Shame on Me...

173: Hell Bent for Orc Leather

172: Stalag-fight!

171: Mr. Roper

170: The Secret of the Ooze

169: Bop, Don't Boop!

168: Tunnel Pragmatism

167: Sprinklebard!

166: We Deserve This

165: Don't Eat Strange Bees!

164: This Party Is Complicated

163: Dog and Pony Show

162: Our Monk Is Missing

154: Yan-C-Bin Expecting Me?

153: Regdar's Unregulated School of Magic

152: My Mom Raised Me Not to Lie to a Bird

151: Hello from the Tragic Cavern

150: That's My Clampy Hand!

149: Unreliable Jetpack

148: Roll Dump Truck

147: File a Radar

146: Robot or Not?

145: Dump Zone

144: Robotic Neutral

143: Death and Dying in Gamma World

142: Daiquiri Whacker

141: Zom-bacon

140: Bob to the Third Degree

139: For Presta!

138: Oh Man, My Mouth Tastes Like Goodberry!

137: Artisanal Gore

136: Ha Ha! You're In a Cult!

135: Turn Left at the Shallow Graves

134: The Best Diplomacy Ever

133: Got Kank Milk?

132: Famed Flautists

131: Not All Manticores

130: An Auspicious Day

129: Tattered Gray Cloak

128: Freedom!

127: To the Sinkhole!

126: The Mul Who Cried 'Boy'

125: He's Dead, J'ym

124: Rat Sandwich

123: A Taste of Kled

122: Batsbatsbatsbatsbatsbats

121: United States v. Dracula

120: Orbs McQuarrie

119: The Mirror Has Two Faces

118: Please Roll Clockwork Bird

117: Netflix and Kill

116: We're Hotel Inspectors

115: Party in the Front, Stables in the Back

114: A Chip Off the Old Rock

113: Intimidate the Wind

112: This Is Turning Into a Death House

111: Fake Cult News

110: Not My Centipedes, Not My Circus

109: The Legendary Hugging Wall

108: Tugging on the Orb

107: Paladins Crying Uncontrollably

106: A Little Dust-Up

105: All Children Are Creepy

104: We Wreck Everything We See

103: Cowering Behind a Wizard

102: All Hands on Deck!

101: Please Avenge My Death

99: That's Why You Should Floss

98: The Corpse Is Dead!

97: How Deep Is My Dagger?

96: What's Left of Pieter Dragonforge

95: Faraday Cube

94: Team Spider

93: Very Briefly Poisoned

92: Science and Other Sciences

91: Brain Genie

90: Toxic Vomit

89: If You Build It, Bats Will Come

88: That's So Bahamut

87: Every Combat Begins with Kay

86: Seven Against Two Is the Best Odds

85: This Really Ties the Room Together

84: Ding Dongs and Doolallys

83: Can We Crash at Your God's Place?

82: The Door Softened Them Up For Us

81: Ghouls' Night!

80: Between Two Sarcophagi

79: It's Never Too Late for Pew When You're in the Sewer

78: Crossbow Friends!

77: A Rather Substantial Tab

76: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Levels?

75: Axe Punch His Face

74: Unguarded Crack

73: Two Muls, a Defiler, and a Beetle Place

72: Magical Selfie Stick

71: Strumming His Piccolo

70: Ways to Not Be a Beetle

69: Epic Hat Destiny

68: Carlos, Have You Learned Nothing?

67: Is This Your Card?

66: Descriptions & Doors

65: In That Trunk Is Some Funk

64: Have You Seen Billy?

63: Root of the Problem

62: Jam Cabinet

61: Knee Deep in Bat Guano

60: Bedroom Farce

59: The Murder Chute

58: Unaffiliated Pottery Outpost

57: Full House

56: Professional Monkey Paw Operator

55: Too Many Tembo

54: Beetles in Jars

53: 1d8 Beetles

52: Dwarven Bards!

51: That's So Catapult

50: Swan Song

49: Do Giants Stack?

48: Chitin's Gonna Ichor

47: War on Rugs

46: A Door Killed My Brother

45: A Night on the Caravan

44: A Hat and Some Bugs

43: 0 Days Since Last Death

42: Turn the Slug Around

41: Scorpion Rodeo

40: There's Always a Lesser Goblin

39: A Slug and a Nice Mint Julep

38: International House of Kobolds

37: This Guy's From Grand Rapids!

36: That Ship Has Sailed to Winch Town

35: Undermountain Thanksgiving

34: Time is a Flat Rat

33: Should My Orb Still Be Glowing?

32: One Rat Deep

31: Blinded by Kobold Science

30: Bone Throne

29: Don't Trust the Bugbear

28: 2 Legit 2 Hit

27: Rat Burrito

26: Wiggle the Something-or-Others

25: Death to All Statues

24: Garage Band of Heroes

Incomparable Radio Theater

0.6: Rehearsing in the Zeppelin

0.5: Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla

Bonus Track

302b: Group Marriage

300b: Hello, Bonus Track!

297b: Is the Baby Ohm Alive?

282b: Last Christmas

253b: The Fat Man Meets The Thin Man

250b: Beatle Talk

248b: Cyborg or Not

246b: Jacobi!

244b: Crazy Naked Person

241b: Inside Baseball

232b: Save it for the Podcast

230b: Return of Manimal

228b: Robot or Not

226b: Lumpy Leroux

224c: They Really Know It's Christmas

224b: Sans Sarris

221b: Gerbils and Tamagotchis

220b: Halloween Candy Criteria

219b: Pride of the Yankees

217b: Herb Alpert's Woody Allen's The Terminator

210b: Horses Die a Lot in the Future

202b: Podcast Retro Hugos

199b: I Liked Caillou

198b: Weeping John Siracusa

195b: Pun-Based Puzzles

191b: Waiting for Serenity

184b: In Bed with Big Cardboard

181b: You're Not The Real Ginger!

180b: Flash-Drive Conspiracy

171b: More Glenning

167b: Buttons, A Clown

160b: Blue Pill

Game Show

136: I Really Should Have Studied My Dans

135: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

127: It Is I, The Deceptor!

126: The Murder Edition

123: Three of the Four Have Been to Space

113: Robbie Williams is Not Dead

107: I Solved a Question From the Future

104: There Are No Letters in Our Bingo

94: A Penguin Knows to Respect a Gun

93: The Whole Hasperat

91: A Squashed Bee Gee

88: Pantheon of Muppets

80: The Answer's Always Michael George

68: It's Not All Horrible Childhood Memories

66: Low Definition: I Will See a Wrinklepuff

60: Feuding Families III: Pity Pass

59: We Are the World

56: Hug Per Point

53: Mmmoootiny!

49: We Love Our Listeners!

48: Don't Read the Creepy Old Book

46: Dang, I Wish We Were Physicists

43: I Don't Know What Wapping Is

42: Game Night: International Genus

40: Sorcerel Realism

39: Low Definition: The Amount of Pan in a Thing

37: Low Definition: This Word Sucks

35: Introvocabulum: Overeager Judge

31: Low Definition: Tempted by the Little Man

30: Game Night: TARFIS

29: Laser Cars are Really Sweet

28: Game Night: Dental Dam

21: Light Lamp

18: Harry Potter and the Odor of the Weasel

17: Low Definition: Hempen Humbug

15: Vampire Or Not

13: Game Night: Golfing with Hitler

7: Game Night: Family Spats

6: Counterclockwise: Long TARDIS Nights

5: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

3: Mansplained to Doom!

1: Serious Nerdery

0.3: Tennis with Errol Flynn

0.2: Game Show II

Unjustly Maligned

10: "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" with Erika Ensign


12: Forget It, Fake, It's Chinatown

9: Bugs Meany Was Framed

6: Veronica Mars: Season 1

1: Good Eve-a-Ning

Sophomore Lit

47: The Handmaid's Tale

10: The Old Man and the Sea

This Week in Time Travel

56: Fanvid Happy Hour

Friends in Your Ears

2: David J. Loehr and Erika Ensign

Pants in the Boot

19: The Final Meal (of the Day)

18: Fancy a Bit of Tea?

17: Breakfast, Dinner, Launch--No, Lunch!

16: The Most Important Meal

15: Really, We Never Stop Eating

10: M Is for the Many Names We Gave Her

8: Fizzy with a Spritz on Top

9: Don't Keep Us in Suspense

7: We Have No Truck with That

6: It Bums Us Out

Agents of SMOOCH

0: Welcome to Agents of SMOOCH!

Lions, Towers & Shields

12: Chekhov's ID Card

8: Cornelia is Trash. Or She's Not!

4: What to Watch Now