A podcast for fans of Orphan Black, the sci-fi thriller sensation that combines crazy science with heartfelt sisterhood. Jean MacDonald, who has obsessively watched and rewatched the series, is joined by Kathy Campbell, who is watching it for the first time. We review and analyze one episode per week, looking at what makes this show so emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Watch (or rewatch!) Orphan Black with us!


Series Wrap-up: Sestras Are Forever

Jean and Kathy get together for a look back at their experiences of the series Orphan Black. We have had such a lovely time getting to know each other through our shared love for this show and its characters. Did the show live up to Kathy’s expectations? What’s it like not to binge watch this show? How do we introduce this show to others?

This may not be goodbye forever. We have a couple ideas for some fun one-off shows to do for Orphan Black fans. And after we recorded this, AMC announced they have a new Orphan Black series in development.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell

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Previous Episodes


“To Right The Wrongs Of Many” (S5E10)

It is as perfect a series ending as we have ever watched and we enjoyed every minute. We also reflect a bit on our journey.

Kathy: “This is the podcast that really got me podcasting.”
Jean: “Same here. Who knew? I had no idea. Just like our sestras didn’t know what would happen next, when Sarah stepped off that train.”

We’ll do a proper wrap up as the last installment of SestraCast, but we’ll need a little time to compose ourselves.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“One Fettered Slave” (S5E9)

The tagline of this watch/rewatch podcast is that “we make sure not to spoil any storylines beyond the episode we are currently discussing.” We are down to the last two episodes of this show we love, but we keep our promises. Spoiler alert: we are getting a bit emotional about the whole thing.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Guillotines Decide” (S5E8)

The antepenultimate episode of the series, i.e. the third last. We talk about how it’s nearly impossible to avoid spoilers, and how that has affected Kathy’s experience watching the series. Felix’s Gallery Opening is the Clone Dance Party equivalent of this season, and we enjoy every fun detail, giving us strength for the very emotionally challenging parts.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Gag or Throttle” (S5E7)

An eye-opening episode. We learn about Rachel’s childhood as the “pro clone,” which means we get a flashback with the long-gone Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer). And Alison’s back, with a new haircut and a new laid-back attitude. We also ask the question: martini or not? Rachel pours the spirits liberally, but not one drop of vermouth.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Slim Manacled Wrists” (S5E6)

Krystal is back! It’s another mid-season fun episode, a breather as we hurtle down the path to the series finale. Krystal takes charge, in her quest to unmask Big Cosmetics’ evil plan. (Check out Kathy’s Krystal voice!) Plus, stuff goes down on the Island of Dr. Westmorland.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Ease For Idle Millionaires” (S5E5)

Much is revealed on The Island Of Doctor Westmorland. Cosima and Delphine attend a special dinner party at the Big House, for which they must dress appropriately, Victorian-style. Says Cosima: “Frock that!” We learn what makes Kira’s regenerative DNA special, and what Neolution plans to do with our favorite little girl. Will the sestras be able to protect her?

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Let The Children And The Childbearers Toil” (S5E4)

Mrs. S. and Sarah go on a mother-daughter road trip to find a Neolution scientist held hostage in a psychiatric ward, and they display some excellent con artist skills along the way. Adele is admitted to Clone Club, and will be paired up with her brother on another assignment to Switzerland to research Neolution patents, even though Felix hates fondue. We are all ready for Kira’s stint as a Dyad lab rat to end.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Beneath Her Heart” (S5E3)

Remember “Variations Under Domestication” from Season 1? (Hint: glue gun.) This is the bookend. Alison and Donnie’s journey together has come so far. Bonus: Highland dancing in full Scottish regalia. Yes, really.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Clutch of Greed” (S5E2)

Helena escapes (again) and she's on the lam (again). Cosima finally meets the legendary P.T. Westmorland, who offers her the chance to do great science in his laboratories. Sarah, Siobhan, and Felix concoct the perfect plan to abscond with Kira before Rachel can commence her experiments. But Kira and MK will not play along, preferring to control their own destinies, which leads to heartbreak.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“The Few Who Dare” (S5E1) - And Secret Sestra Santa Gift Picks

Jean and Kathy continue their holiday tradition of picking fun and useful gifts for the sestras. Links to all our choices are below!

Season 5 picks up where we were left cliff-hanging, on the Island of Doctor Westmoreland, as we are now calling it. Rachel emerges triumphant as the new face of Neolution leadership, while Delphine tells Cosima to keep pursuing the science (however crazy it may seem). Back on the home front, Art gets a new partner, and we come up with a new rule: assume everyone is a Neolution co-conspirator. It’s just easier that way.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell

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