A podcast for fans of Orphan Black, the sci-fi thriller sensation that combines crazy science with heartfelt sisterhood. Jean MacDonald, who has obsessively watched and rewatched the series, is joined by Kathy Campbell, who is watching it for the first time. We review and analyze one episode per week, looking at what makes this show so emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Watch (or rewatch!) Orphan Black with us!


“Formalized, Complex, and Costly” (S3E3) with guest co-host Kelly Guimont

Kathy is taking a break, due to being pregnant. (Spoiler alert: she had the baby! Everyone is healthy and happy.) For the next three episodes, Jean has invited some special guests to co-host. Kelly Guimont, podcaster, volunteer, and friend extraordinare fills in, and offers some personal insights on the nature of family ties. (“My family is a PowerPoint presentation, it’s not a tree!”) We also vote for our favorite (and least favorite) mother figure on Orphan Black.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell

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Previous Episodes


“Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” (S3E2)

Cosima’s feeling better, and so are Jean and Kathy, after a short hiatus during hay fever season. Alison and Donnie become entrepreneurs. Helena would like to see the mangos. Sarah and Kira play house with Cal for too brief a moment, before finding themselves stalked by another clone on a mission. Don’t doubt our stones.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“The Weight of This Combination” (S3E1)

Welcome to Season 3! New clones means incredible performances, shocking storylines, and… new butts. We also talk about Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” (S2E10)

It’s the Season 2 finale, another triumph for our sestras and for the series. We loved this episode and this season. Excellent ending with a special treat for sestra fans and a peek at a new clone we’ll learn about in Season 3.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done” (S2E9)

How dark and tense is this episode? Well, the light-hearted bits are all about burying a dead body in the garage. Kathy and Helena have something in common that might surprise you. We are one episode away from the season finale, and things do not look good at all for our sestras.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Variable and Full of Perturbation” (S2E8)

In this episode, a lot of pieces are being moved around the chessboard (or should we say the Runewars board) as we hurtle toward the season finale. Donnie and Alison are united again, in love and in felony. Rachel gets some bad new from her dad. Sarah tries cooperating with DYAD for Cosima’s sake. Cosima schools the lab’s battle bitches in their favorite board game. Oh, and there’s a new clone in town who’s got a unique perspective. (“Not our usual identity crisis,” notes Sarah.)

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Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things” (S2E7)

In the tradition of last season’s favorite, “Variations Under Domestication,” Felix, Alison, Sarah, Vic, and Donnie treat us to another fantastic romp of rehab hijinks and identity switching. We also love the musical tie-in to our favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually. (Haters, don’t @ us.)

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings” (S2E6)

Sestras hit the road! It’s like a Girl Scout camping trip, except you’re sharing a tent with your insane clone and professional killers are on your heels. When Sarah finds what she was looking for, she learns about the science that is responsible for her existence.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” (S2E5)

Knowledge itself may be power, according to the title, but we have all the feels this week for our sestras as they undergo serious trauma and shocking revelations. There’s even one really awesome date, or at least it starts out that way. “You make me cry, sestra,” says Helena to Sarah. No, you make us cry, Orphan Black.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Governed As It Were By Chance” (S2E4)

The blood really hits the fan in this episode. Alison is locked up in rehab. Helena escapes from the Proletheans. Sarah tries to figure out what Mrs. S. has been up to. We can hardly contain ourselves when we get to the scene of badass beautiful Mrs. S. tracking down an old flame in a dive bar. Another amazing episode!

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Mingling Its Own Nature With It” (S2E3) + Secret Santa!

Jean and Kathy draw names of clones for a fun Secret Santa segment. Check out the show notes to see our picks for the ideal gifts for Alison, Rachel, Cosima, Sarah, Felix, and Helena. (And feel free to share your picks with us on Twitter or Facebook.)

This week’s episode is a bundle of cliffhangers and one big reveal. There will be all sorts of mingling!

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell

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