Come with us now to those thrilling radio days of yesteryear…

The Incomparable Radio Theater is a series of original radio shows that pays homage to classic mid-20th century radio while also giving a nod to modern pop culture. It’s produced by the people who bring you The Incomparable Podcast.


The Wise Man

As David prepares for Christmas Eve on the Incomparable Zeppelin, Travis performs a short piece about the wise men, we learn that chestnuts are overrated, and who’s that up on the roof after the milk and cookies? Happy holidays from the Radio Theater!

David J. Loehr with Travis Bedard

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Galaxy Scouts: Starcross’d

A cat burglar. An interview. And what does all this have to do with Scoutmaster Greene?

This is the second Galaxy Scouts Prelude, a series of short episodes setting the scene for the upcoming miniseries, Galaxy Scouts’ Greene.

You may think you know the Scouts, but this is a whole new Galaxy…


David J. Loehr with Gillian Shelly Lawler, Tom McGrath and Monty Ashley


Galaxy Scouts: Lost in the Stars

A raging space battle. A pilot in freefall. A rescuer in the nick of time…or not?

Welcome to the first Galaxy Scouts Prelude, a series of short episodes setting the scene for the upcoming miniseries, Galaxy Scouts’ Greene.

You may think you know the Scouts, but this is a whole new Galaxy…


David J. Loehr with Juno Hopson and Steve Lutz


Knight Must Fall

After snowstorms and blackouts, the conclusion to the Revengers’ adventure at last!

John Squire and Anna Steele find themselves playing a deadlier game than the role playing adventure they were invited to attend. Another member of the ministry has gone missing, as has his game token. Did Butler do it? Why does that bartender look so familiar? What project is Mrs. M hiding? And who—or what—is staying in the guest house? Who? Who?

Featuring a preview of the upcoming Galaxy Scouts miniseries—yes, you heard me, it’s a whole miniseries.

David J. Loehr with Antony Johnston, Serenity Caldwell, Travis Bedard, Kathy Campbell, Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, Moisés Chiullan and Chip Sudderth


…and to All a Good Knight

It’s a Christmas miracle, the Radio Theater is back on the air! Tonight’s episode features the Revengers, two British spies facing the impossible—and often the improbable. Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like cold blooded murder and intrigue…

Someone is killing off Ministry analysts in the middle of team building exercises which hardly seems sporting, all things considered. John Squire and Anna Steele get pulled into a most dangerous competition indeed. Who is Rabbit? What does the rook mean? What unspeakable things have occurred in the Archives? Why does the bartender seem so familiar? And will Squire and Steele prevail or will this be a total Christmas party kill?

David J. Loehr with Antony Johnston, Serenity Caldwell, Moisés Chiullan, Travis Bedard, Adina Hurley, Kathy Campbell, Myke Hurley and Chip Sudderth


Away We Go

When murder strikes in the heart of Manhattan, two cops walk the dark side of the theatre district to solve the case. Broadway is their beat, and it’s five minutes to curtains. Also, the foley artist tries announcing, there’s some exciting news about the show, and David is apparently still delirious in the Canadian Rockies. (But the news about the show is for real. Honest.)

David J. Loehr


I’ll Write Now

Sunday night at seven? That means it’s time for The Monty Ashley Show! What are Monty and his friends doing for New Year’s Eve? And isn’t it a bit late for that? Feuding aunts, wacky neighbors, an announcer entirely too entranced by gelatin, and a lot of mistaken identities later, will we ever find out how the cream gets in the cow? Don’t count on it. And is that really the band you hired? Good thing they work cheap. Steve is not in this one, but Chris is hair. Also, where the hell is David, and how is your mattress anyway?

David J. Loehr


A Mysterious Place Filled With Wonders

This week in technothrills, a science team at the South Pole experimenting with new food sources finds something has gone horribly wrong. Naturally, the call goes out for Pip Morgan and the Full Fathom Five, the undersea adventurers and international rescue team. Can they solve the mystery of what happened to the missing scientists before they turn up missing themselves? Join Pip, Jake, the Cochran Twins, and Professor Alatriste on their most dangerous adventure yet!

David J. Loehr


A Tip of Kindness

David’s in the zeppelin on a manhunt this week, but enjoy a word from one of our newest sponsors.

David J. Loehr


Almost Like Being…

Dot is unstuck in time, unconscious in the Teslalator. Tesla is stuck on the spice mining planet of Brigadune, trapped without said Teslalator or any other way out. Malin is alive on a planet doomed to extinction, living her life in non-linear time. Or is Dot living her life instead? How can that be? How do you spell philomaxtlen anyway? Also, mistress, how long can a servobot survive without maintenance? And who just came into the bar anyway? All this and more in the exciting conclusion of this Two-Fisted Tale of Tesla!

David J. Loehr


All the Music of Life Seems to Be…

Tesla and Dot are on their way to celebrate Christmas with Dot’s family when they stop at a planet that exists for only one day every one hundred years, but of course, it’s never that simple. Why is Dot suddenly dreaming of another life, another place…another family not her own? And why doesn’t Tesla recognize her anymore? And what’s with all the bagpipes? And will they in fact be home for Christmas? Holiday spice and temporal displacement in another exciting adventure of the Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla!

David J. Loehr

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