Agents of SMOOCH #100 May 10, 2023

The Hugh Grant Clause

It’s our 100th episode! It’s also our Director’s 50th birthday! That means this episode’s mission is a romantic trope draft. How else would the Agency celebrate? Our agents start by sharing their favourite memories from the past 100 episodes before diving into draft. Join the party and get ready to sniped.

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Show Notes


James Thompson

Secretary, Member’s Commentary Castle for Christmas, Cat Cafe/Pirate Shenanigans

Sarah Murphy

Prom, Our Flag Means Death

Erika Ensign

10 Things Erika Hates about 10 Things I Hate About You (TV), When Will’s Character fell out of tree

Shelly Brisbin

Sister Podcasting with Lions, Towers, and Shields, Commentary for The Christmas Prince, International Waters

Moisés Chiullán Commentary for 50 Shades of Grey

Kathy Twilight, Commentary for Twilight, Face Punches and all the rest of the Member Commentaries for the Twilight series

Annette 50 Shades of Grey, Romance in not romance stuff like The Matrix, Matrix Resurrection, and The Last of Us, Legends and Lattes, Barb and Star, Eurovision Song Contest, The Lost City


James Thompson

Enemies to Lovers (Ghosted, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gideon the Ninth, Erika & Feliz Navidad), Nerd Transformation (1978 Christopher Reeve Superman), The Mix Tape (James’ life, High Fidelity. Bring it on, Umbrella Academy), Racing to the Airport, First meeting is colliding, Making out as a distraction, Is this a date? Two people handcuffed together

Sarah Murphy

Fake Relationship (Duke and I, The Love Hypothesis, Written in the Stars, The Proposal, Leap Year), Mutual Pining (Ian McClelland & Derek Jacobi), Epistolary Fiction: (Possession, You Got Mail, This is How You Lose the Time War), You clean up real good, Secret identity, Crossdressing

Erika Ensign

Arranged Royal Marriage (Winter’s Orbit), Stranded! (Winter’s Orbit), The Rescue (Winter’s Orbit, The Lost City), Accidental secret identity, Switching places, Happy successful polyamory

Shelly Brisbin

Friends to Lovers (When Harry Met Sally), Status Mismatch (Roman Holiday, Christmas Prince, Crazy Rich Asians, A Star is Born), Love Triangle (Trouble in Paradise, Philadelphia Story, Iron Widow), Second chances, Queer awakening, Capers

Moisés Chiullán

90s Music Bop Drop (She’s All That and Kiss Me), Nah, The Prince Sucks (Frozen, Legally Blonde), Passion Destroys Property (Secretary, Moonlighting, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Buffy), The Hugh Grant Clause

Kathy and Annette

Flirty Fighting (The Mask of Zorro, Princess Bride, The Hating Game, Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Consensual Grab and Kiss (New Girl: Nick and Jess, Veronica Mars: Logan and Veronica, Room with a View), Slow Burn (Bridgerton S2, Fringe, Secretary, Veronica & Stoker), Mistaken Identity, Fish out of water, Beauty and I’m a monster, Only ONE BED, Back from the dead, Amnesia

Like drafts? Kathy and Annette also host the Mothership’s Disney Princess Draft.