Agents of SMOOCH #71 December 3, 2021
Knitwear Love

You Could Kill Someone With That Scarf

Our Agents who knit and crochet convene for this mission about our favourite pop culture knitwear. Instead of talking about lovers, we are talking about something that we love. Join us as we discuss our fibre art origin stories and things that we like to knit or crochet. So often during missions, our agents end up talking about knitwear and wardrobe and whether or not Christmas sweaters are good sweaters. This mission is a grand experiment that lets us fawn over pictures of knitwear so we can discuss what we like (or don’t like) about cable-knit sweaters. Yes. Of course, we talk about THAT sweater. And the longest of long scarves.

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Show Notes

In no particular order and with extra items that we liked but ran out of time to discuss, we’ve provided an extensive list of links so you can see pretty knitwear too.

Thanks to members Rachel and Marlene and listeners Katy Beth, Megan, Sarah, Heidi, and Riley for helping do some of the research for this episode.

Erika’s Long Scarf Blog

Annette’s MA Knitting Research Blog Posts: Breaking My Knitting with Yarn Bombing also My Yarn Bomb Your Yarn Bomb and then Knitting is-My Interface and finally Knitting with Chinese Characteristics

Doctor Who THE Scarf And also

13th Doctor Scarf

Red striped Shada scarf or Season 18 scarf

Jo Grant’s striped sweater And also

Leela’s literal fisherman sweater in “The Horror of Fang Rock”

Rose’s Boomtown scarf

Amy’s Vincent & The Doctor lace scarf

Amy’s red cable scarf (Pandorica Opens)

Amy’s Night Terrors striped scarf

Amy and Rory’s Christmas Sweaters

Knives out Ransom’s sweater

“This sweater needs its own spin-off movie”

Marta’s Scarf

When Harry Met Sally

2019 Little Women, Fibreworkshop released the patterns

The Mandalorian, Mon Cala fisherman

Harry Potter Hermione’s Scarf and Hat

Fringe, Olivia’s black cable knit hat

The Dude, Knitting pattern for The Dude’s cardigan Like the classic Cowichan sweater from the Coast Salish Nation in British Columbia Canada and made by Pendletone Sweater


All the Claire things: S1 Brown Cowl

S1 Brown mittens/arm warmers

S1 neckwarmer

S5 Claire cowl

S3 Claire modern knitted coat/hat

All Creatures Great & Small Siegfried’s sweater & Tristan’s red vest 1x05

DISHONOURABLE MENTION - Zardoz Crochet Top and also the Sweaters

Listen to the Incomparable Rocket Surgery Episode about Zardoz

Schitt’s Creek, Hello David.

Anna and the Apocalypse, Light Up Sweaters

The Holiday Cameron Diaz’ does cable knit in The Holiday: Sweater and Toque

Kate Winslet’s Scarf

Gilmore Girls also had some great scarves throughout their run and hired a knitting company to design some

Singing in the Rain, Knit dress

Hunger Games Katniss Cowl , the Pattern and Finnick’s Cable knit

Black Panther, Nakia’s Scarf:

Their Finest