Forget It, Fake, It’s Chinatown

Forty years ago, Neil Simon wrote a pair of parodies in the mystery vein: the 1976 film Murder By Death, which sent up the great movie detectives, and The Cheap Detective in 1978, which took on hard-boiled Bogart characters, like Sam Spade. The two films have a lot in common, including Robert Moore as director, Peter Falk as the Bogie analog, and Madeline Kahn in a wonderful supporting role in each. But the Afoot panel prefers one to the other. Which one? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We have spoiler-free parts of this podcast for each film, so if you just want our overview without any giveaways — hey, they’re parodies, but they’re still mysteries — use the chapter markers in your podcast app or these timestamps:

  • 14:03: We start in on Murder By Death spoilers.
  • 38:59: We blow the unspoiler horn to start talking about The Cheap Detective, spoiler-free.
  • 46:22: Once more, the horn, and we get into the details of The Cheap Detective.

Glenn Fleishman with David J. Loehr, Erika Ensign, John McCoy and Suzi Steffen

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