The Incomparable Mothership #447 February 23, 2019
“Doctor Who” monster draft

Look at Potatoes Differently

We’re just back from the annual Gallifrey One convention, and so with “Doctor Who” on our minds we thought we’d ask a panel of fans both new and old to select their favorite “Doctor Who” monsters of all time. But let’s keep in mind that if science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that we were the true monsters all along.

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Show Notes

  1. Kelly: Weeping Angels
  2. Erika: Sontarans
  3. Jean: Vashta Nerada
  4. Liz: Gel Guards
  5. Annette: Skarasen
  6. Moises: Steven Moffat (and all showrunners)
  7. Jason: Clockwork Droids
  8. Kelly: Missy
  9. Erika: Margaret Thatcher
  10. Jean: The Family of Blood
  11. Liz: The 80s Cybermen
  12. Annette: Whatever listens in “Listen”
  13. Moises: British Schoolchildren
  14. Jason: Satan
  15. Kelly: 8 Legs/Giant Spiders from “Planet of the Spiders”
  16. Erika: Master Brain from “The Mind Robber”
  17. Jean: “Kerblam!” Robots
  18. Liz: Quarks
  19. Annette: Silurians
  20. Moises: Axons
  21. Jason: Time Lords
  22. Steven Schapansky: Daleks

Bring Out Your Dead Monsters

  • Kelly: Ice Warriors, Gelth, Pyroviles, Time Itself
  • Erika: Voord, Shrivenzale, Nimon, Mandrills, Polyphase Avatron, Doctor Who Gatekeepers
  • Jean: Silence, Zygons, Slitheen, Abzorbaloff, Mummy (on the Orient Express), Headless Monks, Empress of the Racnoss, The Monks (Peter Capaldi)
  • Liz: Nimon, Haemovore, Kandyman, War Machines, Krotons, Mechanoids, Menoptera, Macra, Fish People (“Underwater Menace”), Ogri (“Stones of Blood”)
  • Annette: Pting, Judoon, Living Dolls (“Night Terrors”), Raston Warrior Robot
  • Moises: Empty Child, The Flood (“Waters of Mars”)
  • Jason: The Flatliners, Sutekh, The Kaleds, Autons, Scaroth

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