Lions, Towers & Shields #8 May 24, 2020
We recap My Man Godfrey (1935)

Cornelia is Trash. Or She’s Not!

Screwball comedy and Depression-era inequity meet in “My Man Godfrey” (1935). William Powell is experiencing the Depression first-hand, from under a bridge, when a society swell arrives and offers him a few dollars to help her win a scavenger hunt. Before you know it, Powell is buttling in the house of a dysfunctional wealthy family. Hilarity, and the politics of class follow. Carole Lombard, William Powell, Alice Brady and Gail Patrick are all marvelous, as is the rest of the supporting cast. “My Man Godfrey” was nominated for six Oscars, including the first two supporting actor statues ever awarded, but won none.

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  • TCM Late May Features: Memorial Day marathon (May 23-25), vote for Summer Under the Stars (Backlot members)
  • [Hulu Cannes Film Festival theme[( Many including All About Eve, Detective Story, The 400 Blows, Home from the Hill

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