The Incomparable Mothership #359 June 24, 2017
Hugo and Nebula novels 2017

I Tried to Quit This Book Twice

Looking for a good science fiction or fantasy book to read? Have we got a list for you. Our intrepid panel read all the novels nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards this year—eight in total—and has returned with the results. No spoilers, but we’ll share our feelings about all eight books. With any luck, you’ll come out with one, or four, or eight books to add to your reading list.

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Show Notes

Our panel’s consensus, best liked to least liked:

  1. The Obelisk Gate (Average rank 2.25)
  2. A Closed and Common Orbit (2.75)
  3. Death’s End (3)
  4. Borderline (3.25)
  5. Ninefox Gambit (3.5)
  6. Too Like the Lightning (6)
  7. All the Birds in the Sky (6.25)
  8. Everfair (6.5)

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