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TeeVee #322 October 20, 2017
The Prisoner - “Free For All”

In The Village: “Free For All”

Steven and Erika provide a PSA on the importance of checking your microphone input fully and thoroughly before recording. Just because you’re hearing your voices through headphones that are plugged into the mic, it doesn’t mean that mic is the one picking up the voices.

But we stayed on brand (lazy) and didn’t re-record — just switched to the proper mic as soon as the problem became apparent. It required slightly less laziness to piece those bits together and make them usable, but as fancy professional podcasters, this didn’t take a terribly unreasonable effort.

Please feel free to call an election for alternative podcast hosts if you’d like. We here In The Village are all about fostering democratic choice. Just be careful about whom you choose to run against us. Some candidates have ideas of their own and are distressingly hard to control.

Be seeing you!

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