The Incomparable Mothership #288 February 20, 2016
Album Draft, part 1

I Wish I Was Back in Norway

And now for something completely different: A draft of our favorite albums. Live from that metaphorical desert island, we select some favorite collections of music for you to listen to again and again—or to discover for the very first time. (Part 1 of 2.)

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Show Notes

  1. Antony: Draconian Times / Paradise Lost (Amazon) (Apple)

  2. Erika: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars / David Bowie (Amazon) (Apple)

  3. Andy: Abbey Road / The Beatles (Amazon) (Apple)

  4. David: Anything Goes (1987) (Amazon) (Apple)

  5. Steve: The Beatles / The Beatles (Amazon) (Apple)

  6. Jason: The Joshua Tree / U2 (Amazon) Apple

  7. Antony: The Reptile House / Sisters of Mercy (Amazon) (Apple)

  8. Erika: Court and Spark / Joni Mitchell (Amazon) (Apple)

  9. Andy: Together Again / Tony Bennett and Bill Evans (Amazon) (Apple)

  10. David: Concert in Central Park / Simon & Garfunkel (Amazon) (Apple)

  11. Steve: Loveless / My Bloody Valentine (Amazon) (Apple)

  12. Jason: Welcome Interstate Managers / Fountains of Wayne (Amazon) (Apple)

  13. Antony: Scoundrel Days / a-ha (Amazon) (Apple)

  14. Erika: Harvest / Neil Young (Amazon) (Apple)

  15. Andy: The Spine / They Might Be Giants (Amazon) (Apple)

  16. David: Something Fierce / Marian Call (Amazon) (Apple)

  17. Steve: Meddle / Pink Floyd (Amazon) (Apple)

  18. Jason: The Bends / Radiohead (Amazon) (Apple)