The Incomparable Mothership #412 June 23, 2018
Hugo Award nominees 2018

His Books Are Like Popcorn

The Incomparable’s Book Club reaches the finish line of our annual SF/Fantasy award read, as we discuss the six nominees for the Hugo Award for best novel. From new series to concluded trilogies to standalone epics, this year’s list had a lot of variety. And for good measure, we throw in a few of the short-fiction nominees that we really liked.

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Show Notes

Our consensus rankings:

  1. “The Stone Sky” by N.K. Jemisin
  2. “Provenance” by Ann Leckie
  3. “Raven Stratagem” by Yoon Ha Lee
  4. “The Collapsing Empire” by John Scalzi
  5. “New York 2140” by Kim Stanley Robinson
  6. “Six Wakes” by Mur Lafferty

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