Lions, Towers & Shields #12 August 2, 2020
Sullivan’s Travels: Class Tourism, with a Little Sex

Chekhov’s ID Card

Preston Sturgess was in top form in 1941 for this comedy starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake - in one of her first films. McCrea is a movie director, looking for a way to make a “socially relevant” film, instead of the comedies he’s been making. McCrea travels as a hobo, trying to “know trouble” in a way he can’t while living his life as a Hollywood director. Like Orson Welles, Sturges used a stock company of character actors, and many of them are along for the ride.

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Show Notes

Old Movies, New Things: discs, books and other physical objects

Sightings: classics on TV, streaming, and (someday) the festival circuit * TCM Summer Under the Stars: some picks from Once Upon a Screen. 14 TCM premiers, 12 previously not featured stars, including Sylvia Sidney, Nina Foch, Delores Del Rio, Diana Dors, Paul Henreid. Some premieres: The Golden Blade (1953), You and Me (Fritz Lang w/Sylvia Sidney), Night Club Scandal (1937), The Senator was Indiscreet (William Powell, 1947), The Weak and the Wicked (Dors, 1954), For Men Only (Henreid, 1952)

The Movie: review/commentary on a single classic film

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