Lions, Towers & Shields #24 February 16, 2021
A Random Harvest of Memories

Mistimed Sobs

We go full-on romance classic with Random Harvest (1942), starring the luminous Greer Garson and the handsome and very English Ronald Colman (she’s Irish.) It’s a golden age, big studio production, and it’s great. There’s love, there’s war (or the aftermath of war), there’s loss of memory… I’ve said too much already. I unreservedly love this one, and not for any knowing precode touches or hard-boiled characters. I love it because Garson and Colman are great together and it made me cry and stuff.

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The Movie: review/commentary on a single classic film *Random Harvest (1942), trailer * Available to stream, rent or buy digitally * On disc: DVD

Next time, we’ll watch The Mind Reader (1933)

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